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Welcome to the official website for all Lowe’s employees. First introduced in 2009, the MyLowesLife website is here for all current and past employees who wish to access any information related to the company or their work. Clear all your doubts in one place, accessible 24 hours a day. The website also allows for employees to change shifts or apply for a promotion on the portal itself.


About Lowe’s Store

The Lowe’s store was first founded in Mooresville, North Carolina, in the year 1946 to provide accessible home improvement services to people. Running 75 years strong, they now operate all over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. With more than 2390 stores in North America alone, Lowe’s store stands tall with over 310,000 employees who always put the customer first. 

Lowe’s store strives to help its customers use environment-friendly products and services to make their homes beautiful and the planet with the changing times.

What can I Get from the MyLowesLife portal?

Lowe’s store understands its employees’ value, so they have put together the MyLowesLife portal to ease their work life. The portal is a one-click fix for all job-related issues like changing or trading shifts, handling emails from work, and paychecks. The portal also has all the necessary information regarding an employee’s job or the company. Moreover, all employees can use the portal to access all their employee benefits and plans. 

MyLowesLife Employee Login

As mentioned above, the MyLowesLife portal is accessible for all current and ex-employees of Lowe’s stores. The portal identifies them and provides the correct details once a user logs in by using their correct credentials. Login credentials consist of three things:

  1. Your User ID or Sales Number
  2. Your Password
  3. The correct answer to the security question.

These credentials are vital and will be provided to you by your HR Department. After you get them, with any display device with an Internet connection, you can access the portal from anywhere and anytime. 

In the MyLowesLife website portal, there are two different login methods for employees. One is for current employees, and the other one is for former employees.

MyLowesLife login for Current Employees

For current employees of Lowe’s stores, the following steps will help you log into your Lowes employee account:

  1.     Use a device with an active Internet connection and open the web browser. 
  2.   Open the MyLowesLife website at
  3. Type your Username ID in the box requiring your Sales Number and the password in the Password box.
  4. Press the Login button to open your account.
  5. Now you will have to select an option from the two options provided: Part-Time and Full-Time options. Choose the 1 that applies to your case.
  6. Now you have successfully reached your Dashboard.

MyLowesLife Former Employees Login 

For former employees, follow the following steps to log into your MyLowesLife account:

  1. First, access the employee portal website online.
  2. You will see a red box beside the login options. Select the Click
  3. Here link located in that box to take you to the former-employees section. 
  4. Next, enter the type of relationship you had with Lowe’s Store and proceed. 
  5. You will now see multiple links that will take you to the page describing the benefits you can still acquire from Lowe’s Store.

MyLowes Password Reset

At Lowe’s store, it is understandable if employees forget their passwords. Make a new MyLowesLife password through these steps: 

  1. First, access the website as usual. Here, click on the Forgot Password option below the Password box.
  2. To verify your identity without your password, your security question will be asked. Reply with the correct answer. 
  3. Now, further instructions will be given on how to access your account.
  4. If the problem doesn’t get resolved, contact your HR department.

Is your MyLowesLife login not working?

If your MyLowesLife employee login is not working, it might be because you’re entering your credentials wrong. If your portal still cannot be accessed, we recommend closing the website or clearing its cookies before you try again. You can also try logging in through a different web browser or another device. If the issue persists, your HR Department will be able to help you through the problem.

MyLowesLife benefit

The MyLowesLife portal allows you to access a bunch of options with the click of a button. These benefits are:

In the case of current employees-

  1.     You can view your current working schedule.
  2. You can handle the trading/changing of your current shifts.
  3. You can apply for promotions.
  4. You can access your work emails.
  5. You can manage your paychecks and employee benefits.
  6. You can also find any information related to your work and the company. 

In the case of former employees-

  • You can know about the benefits that you can continue to get from Lowe’s Store.
  • You can view the details of your past employment at Lowe’s store. 

MyLowesLife contact details

To connect with Lowe’s Benefits Center, employees can reach the United States office. You can call employees outside the States Also.

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Final Thought:

MyLowesLife website is designed to help our valued employees manage their work-life like a pro. The employee portal allows them to stay up to date with their work schedule, change shifts, and access all the benefits they get at Lowe’s. The portal remains to provide you with all the benefits you continue to have for your time at Lowe’s store for the former employees. For Lowe’s store, too, this portal allows them to efficiently regulate and assist employees’ day-to-day workload so that everyone can give their best at the job.

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