Best 15 Multiplayer Survival Games You Can Play

Multiplayer Survival Games

The time and money we invest in good survival games are always worth it. Indeed, surviving alone is enjoyable, but the game becomes much more enjoyable when other players join in, whether as your comrade or your opponent. But, so many survival games are available that one may need clarification about which game to play initially. That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a selection of multiplayer survival games you may like playing with your friends. So, get a friend and start playing.

Best 15 Multiplayer Survival Games

To assist you in selecting the best Multiplayer Survival Games, we’ve assembled a selection of the most popular and best options.

1. Rust

Multiplayer Survival Games

Rust never fails to disappoint when it comes to multiplayer survival games. You may play the game with a couple of friends and an enormous number of individuals online daily. Join one of the servers and begin to craft while being online. You begin your survival journey when you wake up on a beach regarding gameplay. To survive, you can hunt, build, and battle. And there’s more. Playing with your friends makes surviving a little bit more bearable.

The game has average graphics so it can run on a low-spec gaming setup, but a mid-range gaming setup or higher will give you a much better thrill. However, the Steam website for Rust suggests installing the game on an SSD to avoid long load times. The game also requires at least 10 GB of Memory, which may not be available on a normal setup.

2. Day R Survival

Multiplayer Survival Games

Day R Survival is a free-to-play text-based visual game set in post-apocalyptic Russia. The goal is to explore a large region, craft, fight, and survive as much radiation as possible. The game has an online co-op mode in addition to being free. You may talk, swap stuff, and even fight alongside one another. The game also has realistic chemistry, which makes it worth a try.

3. The Forest

Multiplayer Survival Games

You find yourself on an island populated by mutant cannibals after being the only survivor of an aircraft disaster. You may cut down trees, craft dwellings, and hunt more in this survival (horror) game as you go. How this game makes you explore the plains and tunnels keeps you eager for the next fright. The game’s multiplayer component makes survival much more intriguing. Unfortunately, Cross-platform multiplayer is not available in The Forest.


Multiplayer Survival Games

GTFO, a tough co-op shooter game, puts you in an environment full of monsters. You are a prisoner whom The Warden ordered to enter a subterranean facility. You must explore, find resources, get what you came for, and go. GTFO, which works best with a squad of four, combines thrill and anxiety in its first-person shooting with stunning visuals. So continue pushing, don’t make a mistake, and make it out alive. Remember that GTFO is currently in early access, which means the game still needs to be finished. According to the makers, the whole game will be available by the end of 2021. When you play the game, you don’t notice that it’s still in development because it’s already smooth and immersive.

5. Conan: Exiles

Multiplayer Survival Games

Conan: Exiles immerses you in a vast open-world sandbox, allowing you to build, fight, and advance the story. The game begins with Conan himself setting you free in the world of Conan the Barbarian. The game offers immersive gameplay: explore, hunt, build, and fight. However, the graphics could be more impressive, so don’t expect a realistic experience. In addition, even though it is a multiplayer game, cross-play is not supported.

6. Minecraft

Multiplayer Survival Games

It is one of the oldest survival games and has always retained its appeal. Minecraft has blocky 3D visuals with the fewest System requirements. You can build whatever you wish using its unique blocks, such as Redstone. But make sure to use its simplicity. Throughout the night, you must fight zombies and monsters. Assemble your friends from any platform and mine, build, fight, and finish the story. Or, you may create your nation and battle against others. The options are infinite.

7. Terraria

Multiplayer Survival Games

You may collect materials, mine, and fight monsters in a 2D survival game. Terraria is an adventure-packed game that allows you to build in a sandbox-like environment for free. So let your imagination go wild. While the game does not support cross-platform gameplay, you may play with friends on comparable systems.

8. Dead By Daylight

A 1v5 competitive horror game in which one player is a murderer, and the others must escape. More than 50,000 people play Dead by Daylight daily, making it one of Steam‘s most popular survival multiplayer games. The constantly shifting terrain, doubt-filled gameplay, and gory aesthetics excite adrenaline. Work together to find the murderer, or disbelieve and betray everyone. Do whatever it takes to survive. Ensure your friends are on the same platform before purchasing this game since there is no cross-play functionality.

9. Valheim

Valheim, set in the Viking world, allows you and your friends to experience what it’s like to be a Viking. You are the chosen valkyrie warrior, dispatched to the tenth world to slay creatures threatening the world tree. You get a lot of bang for your money with the classics of survival combined with the story and open world. Even though Valheim is currently in early access, it offers immersive gameplay. You may play this game with up to ten others or create persistent servers.

10. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together makes you acquire resources, explore, and build in this brutal multiplayer game. Immerse yourself in its distinctive art style and play with your friends to survive the night. You will always have things to do, whether playing this game with friends or strangers online. So gather, craft, and, most importantly, survive with others. However, bear in mind that this game does not support cross-play.

11. 7 Days To Die

Have you ever considered what you would do if you and your friends survived a zombie apocalypse? If you answered yes, then 7 Days To Die offers you what you want. A survival game that puts you in a deserted open world with nothing. You will have to wander about collecting materials and crafts throughout the day. Then as night falls, you seal yourself in and survive the zombies till daylight. Even though the game’s Steam website claims cross-platform play, you should expect to avoid playing this with your console-playing friends. Only PlayStation and Xbox users may participate in cross-play.

12. Among Us

Although published in 2018, Among Us rose to prominence in 2020 while everyone was still at home. Virtually all the broadcasters were also playing this game, which helped it gain popularity. You play as a 3D astronaut trying to repair a spacecraft (or other maps). What’s the catch? There is an imposter among us! Continue with your chores, converse at meetings, expel the imposter, and survive to beat the game. The best thing is that you can always play with your friends no matter what platform you play Among Us on.

13. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved, one of the best survival games, allows you to interact with your surroundings, nurture dinosaurs, survive, and build. You aim to create an Island with various species of animals and become the dominant one or escape the island. While the game is accessible on practically every platform, cross-play is only possible with Xbox, Windows, or mobile. Another crucial point is that ARK is free to play on iOS and Android, although there are in-app purchases.

14. Satisfactory

Collect your friends and industrialize the strange world. You find yourself in an exotic country with weird monsters alongside your friends. The world is abundant in materials that may be used to build. In first-person mode, build your factory and explore. Create vehicles, jump pads, and everything you imagine to automate your factory completely. Oh, and remember that certain aliens may be hostile to you!

15. Crashlands

Crashlands is an adventure-survival RPG game with a superb story and lovely music, making the gameplay even more immersive. Befriend the villagers, create great weapons, fight, and explore. You may even tame animals inside the game while you travel with one of the game’s protagonists. The game also supports co-op, which is a nice touch. Therefore, whether on your sofa with friends or on other platforms, you can enjoy Crashlands to your heart’s content with amazing cross-platform play.


These are the best Multiplayer Survival Games. Please let us know if you know of any more Multiplayer Survival Games like this one. I’d be delighted if you found this information useful! Please forward this to your friends as well.

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