Top 9 Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

Do you know what you will do if you lose your phone? What if your favorite person leaves the home without informing you where they are going? Google Maps lets you track the location of your mobile device. These apps are unlikely to be familiar to you. Google Maps offers a service for tracking the location of any phone number, but you must use a third-party app for this. Therefore, the Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps is listed below.

How To Track A Mobile Number On Google Maps?

These are three easy methods to track any device without relying on third-party apps.

1. Find My Device

When you lose your phone, this feature is one of the best ways to find and erase any important data. This may not seem like you are being rude, but your data might be used against you, which is why it is important to erase data from your phone. However, the most important thing to remember is that you can only use this feature if your phone is switched on, there is an active internet connection, and your Google account is logged in (usually required for surfing) on the tracking device. It may also need the Location and Find My Device services. You may track your phone using the “Find My Device” app via the internet by following these instructions.

  • Sign in to your device’s Google Account after opening com/find in the browser.
  • You must choose which phone you want to track if you’re using several devices with the same account. By selecting the device, you will learn where it was last known (just the location accessible to Google), but it may inform the phone.
  • Remember that erasing data will immediately deactivate the Google account, and your device will no longer be available via Find My Device. You may now lock your device or erase the data on your mobile device.

This service is useful for someone who has just lost their phone and may assist the user in protecting their data from theft or misuse.

2. Google Maps App

You may be unaware, but Google Maps can easily determine a user’s location as well as other information about a cell phone. The location services part must be enabled, and the phone service must be switched on for this strategy to operate properly. If you wish to trace the mobile using Google Maps.

  • Launch the Google Maps app on the device you want to track.
  • Select the icon on the window’s top right to begin your account.
  • Pick ‘Add another Account’ from the list of options.
  • Select Google Accounts and sign in using the email address of the person whose phone you want to trace. When used in another person’s app, the email address must be in Google Maps.
  • The next step is to restart the app and select the ‘Account’ sign. Select the account that you just added.
  • Choose “Your Timeline” from the menu. The device’s location may now be shown instantly on the phone.

3. Location Sharing

This is the simplest and most delightful method to know where your loved ones are (with their permission or knowledge). By opening “Location Sharing” on Google Maps, you may easily track anyone’s phone. How? Here are the steps.

  • To start, launch the app on the phone of the person you wish to track, then slap the ‘Hamburger’ symbol (located in the upper left corner), or in previous versions of the app, click the profile icon on the right side.
  • Choose ‘Location Sharing’ from the menu.
  • When the pop-up appears on your screen, click ‘Get Started’.
  • Remember that this service only works for a limited period, so choose when you enable it, and the link will be delivered as a text message afterward.
  • You must select the contact you want to text. Always remember that it will request permission via a dialogue window in which you must click OK.
  • Finally, click ‘Send’ to get the link to the other phone number and track it using Google Maps.

Top 9 Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

1. Neet spy

Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

It’s one of the best tracking apps that works with Google Maps. Additionally, this app works with both iPhones and Android phones easily. Because of its exceptional usability, anyone who wants to use this app may do so easily without technical knowledge or abilities. This app works online, and you only have to click to use it. Another important aspect of the app is that if someone has a problem, you can easily contact their support staff thanks to Neet Spy’s user-friendly layout.

2. mSpy

Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

mSpy is among the best apps to track down anyone’s phone. It is a web tool that allows you to access any Android or iPhone phone from a distance using any online browser. Another advantage of the app is that it functions as a tracking system without informing the phone’s user that it has been tracked. Even if you’re not near your phone and want to track it, you may use the app from anywhere in the world. This app is great for people who want to know where their friends and family are and whether or not they are lying about their locations, but we still urge that you use it with caution and responsibility. This app only works under GPS locations and can track anything on the app, allowing you to know where and how your loved one is doing. You may also check their location on Google Maps with a single click and approach them anywhere you wish.

3. Find My iPhone

Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

Well, someone who has already lost their phone should use the app without fear since it does not need to be installed on the stolen device because it works via “GPS.” This app works on GPS, so it easily tracks any phone anywhere in the world (it must be in a network region); you can get it free from the Play Store. It is easy to use since it is primarily designed for lost or stolen devices.

4. Spyier

Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

This Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps app works online, allowing you to find your phone secretly using Google Maps, making it one of the best apps. The individual’s live location and their previous (not too old) locations may be shown using the Google Maps feature. This app is quite easy to use, and with only a few settings, you can track a phone for the rest of your life while still hiding it from the user.

5. Truecaller

Truecaller is among the most popular Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps apps. Most people use it, and just opening an account on the app allows you to track who is contacting you and the caller’s location and/or the owner of the phone number in the app.

6. Phone Tracker by Number

Like the genuine caller, it is one of the most popular Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps apps on the internet, with over 50 million people using it worldwide. This app works seamlessly with Google Maps and includes 44 neighboring languages for user convenience.

7. Handy Tools Phone Number Locator

Handy Tools Phone Number Locator is an app that can assist you in finding the user’s location on Google Maps by just inputting their number. This tool works as the network sign, which may help you find where someone lives (mainly current locations), and if the other person has identical tools, you can find them on Google Maps as well.

8. iSharing

isharing is an excellent Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps service app for people connected to mobile phones because it sends you a notification when a person leaves and/or arrives at the location or nearby places of the destination you have marked for them.

9. MobiStealth

Mobistealth is the best service tracking phone app since it can be used even when GPS services fail, making it more helpful than other Mobile tracking phone apps. It also offers additional mobile phone monitoring options, allowing you to monitor what your children or employees do during business hours. It is very easy to use; all you have to do is install the phone tracking program, and it will start tracking the device; it sends you all the information on the Mobistealth account, allowing you to check all of the calls, messages, or even email records of the phone.


Using these Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps apps to track someone else’s phone without their permission is a non-ethical act. These tools are designed to aid people who are really in need of these tools, so use them only for the correct purpose.

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