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Minecraft is one of the internet’s most popular games. This wonderful game is played by millions of internet users. There may be some problems with the remote connection feature. If you face login problems, try our solution. We will discuss the https / issue of Microsoft Minecraft in detail. If a login error occurs, the error link comes to your screen.

It is a common problem that has been faced at least once by everyone. In this guide, we discuss the service in detail.

What is https // Error?

When trying your Microsoft account, the “https & aka-ms/remoteconnect” error is common. Recently, Minecraft has moved to the Microsoft platform. Tons of incredible services are on the platform. It is a great game for people who like building things.

The error usually occurs on PS4, Nintendo and other consoles. You can also deal with this problem on your computer. We will try to fix it with different solutions in this guide.

What Can Cause The Problem?

There is a few possible reasons why you are going to face this problem. The following are some of the most common reasons.

1. Devices Change

Minecraft offers its users cross-play services. This means that users can use a single account on all platforms. It’s a simple yet effective way to play on your devices. It can be ineffective when you change the device. Users can face login problems. The software may fail and cause problems. The main reason behind this common problem is device change.

2. Corrupt Game Data

For many users, game files play a major role. A corrupt game data will cause tonnes of problems for you. On all platforms, it can be a problem.

You can check your device for the type of data problems. It is quite easy for PC users to fix this problem. Re-installation can be a quick fix but not long-term. The save files can sometimes get corrupted too. This will cause some problems when you open your progress maps. It is recommended that you take regular backups.

How to Fix https //

These is the two main reasons why users are confronted with Microsoft Minecraft. It can be a long-term problem if you don’t correct it immediately. For users, the process is very easy.

1. Crossplay Issue

The fix for crossplay problems is quite straightforward. You can follow the steps below. It will help you bring an incredible gaming experience. Here are the steps to begin crossplay on your devices easily.

XBOX Crossplay:

Users of Minecraft can download it from their official store on their Xbox devices. It is an important step to start playing games on various devices. Users need to have the Xbox One or the Xbox 360 Minecraft game to play remotely.

  • Users must visit the following link – https:/ to get the remote play code. It can be checked from your browser Xbox. The site displays the code for the remote playback function. Users need to run and run the Microsoft account. Users must log on to this website with their free Microsoft account. It’s a must on your Xbox.
  • Remote playback is easy to start on your device. Users should visit the link below – https:/ Visit this link from the device to try the remote playback function. To work on this amazing feature, you must have a Microsoft account. Login or create a new account via the free account.
  • The remote playing code available on your Xbox screen must be entered by users. Once you enter this code, the Website will load the Minecraft game directly.

Amazing! These are the working steps to upgrade and run the remote function. We hope this fixes the problem you face on the website. It works for Microsoft Minecraft perfectly.

2. PS4

The steps for the PS4 are very similar to the XBOX device. Here are the steps to fix any platform errors.

The first step for users is to visit the PS4 shop. You can click here and start using the download option. Download your device for the Minecraft game. Users must have a paid game version, at least on one device. Only then can you try the features of remote play.

The PS4 version of the game allows you to log into your account with Microsoft. Click this option and log in via email and password. Once the process is over, the remote data can be obtained.

Users can save PS4 code easily. The remote play feature must be executed. We recommend that you play on multiple devices to anyone. Try it on your mobile or computer. To resolve the problem, visit the remote connect website.

3. Save File Problem

Saving file problems are a common problem for console users. This problem can be solved easily on your device. Here are the guidelines to try.

  • The storage settings on your device will give you the information you need. It’s pretty easy for users of PS4. You must go to the gear icon and choose storage. There are save files available. It’s also very similar to XBOX users.
  • Corrupt save files are a huge problem for people who want to play remotely. These files can be deleted and started from scratch. We recommend that you have a backup ready for users who have ready content.

You can try using the remote connection function again after the save files have been removed. It’s ideal for your everyday needs.



For many users, the https // error is quite common. We hope that our article could answer all your questions. A common problem has different answers.

Now from anywhere you can easily enjoy the Minecraft game. The fix works with the bedrock edition of Minecraft.

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