How To Download And Install KineMaster For PC For Free?


KineMaster is a professional video editor program. To edit your videos without affecting the original file, the easy-to-use program allows you to create multiple layers over them. Other features include precisely trimming and cutting the clip’s length, adding multiple audio tracks, inserting 3D transitions, and much more. While KineMaster is primarily a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad, you can download and run it on your Windows PC if you’ve an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks.

How To Download And Install KineMaster For PC For Free?

  • Click the Download button in the sidebar to launch the KineMaster Pro for PC download page.
  • Please scroll down the screen until you click the Download for PC button. This will instantly download the APK file to your computer.
  • Please do not press the huge Start buttons since they are advertising and will download other programs to your computer.
  • Download it today if you do not have an Android Emulator, such as BlueStacks.
  • Once the APK download finishes, double-click on the file, and it will install on your emulator.
  • A KineMaster symbol will appear on your desktop. Click it to start the program.

How To Install KineMaster On Android Device For Free?

This KineMaster app is classified as a modified or mod app and is not accessible on the Play Store. A mod app allows you free access to all the premium features. Because it works best on mobile devices, I suggest following these easy instructions so you may edit your videos like an expert on your mobile device.

  • Click the download button on the sidebar, and a new tab will open to the KineMaster download page.
  • Scroll down the screen until you see the Download Now option. Click it, and the APK file will instantly download to your computer.
  • Transfer the file to your phone. This may be done by connecting your phone to the computer with a USB cord, uploading it to your Google Drive, or using a sharing app like ShareIt.
  • Open the settings on your Android smartphone and go to the privacy section.
  • Allow installation from untrustworthy sources.
  • Locate and press on the KineMaster file you transferred to your phone.
  • The app will install in the same manner as any other Android app.

How To Uninstall KineMaster For PC?

If KineMaster for PC isn’t your video editing software, look at the free KineMaster alternatives listed below. Because KineMaster for PC is delivered as an APK file, the removal procedure varies from that of a standard program. You’ll need to use the Android emulator to remove it. Let’s use BlueStacks as an example. However, the process is generally the same across all emulators.

  • Click on the My Games tab in BlueStacks.
  • Locate the KineMaster logo and right-click over it.
  • Select the Uninstall option.


  • BlueStacks will remove the app from your computer if you confirm that you wish to delete it.

KineMaster For PC Overview

KineMaster video editing software comes preloaded with a slew of easy-to-use features. Even if you’ve never edited or applied filters, effects, or stickers to a video, KineMaster should be simple to learn. It also offers a YouTube channel with lesson videos that thoroughly explain all the features and demonstrate fantastic tactics and ideas to help you convert your ordinary videos into masterpieces. The benefit of downloading the modified app, whether on your PC or your phone, is that it not only removes the KineMaster watermark but also gives you access to all of the premium video effects, photos, and stickers.


KineMaster provides the ability to capture images and record videos using your webcam. You can also import videos straight from your Google Drive or upload videos and photographs to your BlueStacks media manager. Once uploaded, these media assets will work perfectly with KineMaster. After you’ve completed your video editing, you may save and export your projects in QHD 14400P to a lesser resolution 360p, with most possibilities in between. You may also choose the frame rate for your video. KineMaster also has a share option, allowing you to broadcast your video instantly across all your social media accounts.

KineMaster Features

  • Layers are used to add video, text, music, and effects. This makes it easy to adjust each part without destroying your efforts or the original file.
  • You can always stop editing and go over your work again.
  • A broad range of animated transitions for a flawless production.
  • Splice, chop, crop, and trim any video frame.
  • Different sections of the video may be slowed or sped up.
  • Clip graphics, color filters, and color modification are all available.
  • The volume envelope allows you to adjust the loudness at any time throughout the footage.
  • Mirror and rotate video snippets and images.
  • Quickly share it on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, and other services.

Free KineMaster Alternatives

The main disadvantage of KineMaster for PC is that it is a mobile app that can only be accessed on your computer via an emulator. Here are a few video editing programs developed for PCs.

  • NCH Software – With the free NCH Software video editor, you can add gorgeous images, dynamic transitions, and many effects to your videos. The program has over 50 distinct visual effects to make your work look professional.
  • Lightworks – Lightworks is an amazing, entirely free video editor with all the tools required to make high-quality videos. You may add various video and soundtracks and edit your work using a non-linear editor, which helps keep the quality of your video even after the standard decrease that occurs when a file is processed.


Is KineMaster For PC Free?

Not only is KineMaster for PC free, but I’ll teach you how to download a hacked version so you can remove the KineMaster watermark and use all of the premium filters and videos for free if you follow the steps above.

Is KineMaster For PC Safe?

I ran the file through VirusTotal, and just one of the six antivirus engines said it, and that was because it was an ad-supported app.

What Is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a free program that turns your computer into a mobile device environment. It may then open mobile apps (APK files) on your computer in this manner.

Do I Need VPN When Using Modded Apps?

While downloading modified apps is not the same as torrenting pirated movies and TV shows, using a secure VPN to be anonymous online is always a smart idea.

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