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One thing on which we will never get bored is watching cartoons. From nine to ninety, everyone loves watching animated movies, shows, and reading comics. So, how would it feel to find all the cartoon shows and movies under a single roof? Wouldn’t it feel good? Yes, KimCartoon is one such site where you can find all genres of cartoon shows and movies. It renders its services for free. Kim Cartoon has a simple interface for easy access.

In KimCartoon, the cartoons are listed by genre, top-rated, and year. It provides the latest high-quality cartoon shows and movies. If you don’t find any of your favorite cartoon shows, you can even place a request.



Best Sites Like KimCartoon to Watch Cartoons Online

The government banned KimCartoon as it published unauthorized and pirated content in it. So, it can’t be able to access in some region. Yet, it continues to upload illegal and pirate content. In this article, we will explore the 9 best alternatives to KimCartoon.



KissCartoon is a free online website that contains all the movies, TV shows, and cartoons. As the name resembles KimCartoon, its activities are also a resemblance to KimCartoon. It provides cartoons and animes on-demand for free. You and your kids can enjoy watching animated movies for free.

It renders high-quality videos. Here, you simply need to register and log in. On this website, you can even get connected to KissAnime and KissAsian directly. You will find the movies and the cartoon shows under various categories. Importantly, this helps to simplify your searching process. You can get the latest updates under each genre.



As the name suggests, WatchCartoonsOnline is especially meant for only cartoon movies and cartoon shows. It doesn’t ask you for any registration or subscriptions. Moreover, it is exclusively free for all. Not only, it provides cartoon videos, but it also allows you to read anime and manga comics. The videos ad comics are listed by the release year, genres, or famous characters.

Amazon Prime Video


I hope everyone is aware of Amazon Prime Video. Undoubtedly, it is a popular website. Amazon developed it for video streaming services. Moreover, only prime members can access this website. For a prime subscription, you need to pay according to your plan. In Amazon Prime Video, you can find various TV shows, series, movies, and cartoons.

Also, it can be accessed at any time from anywhere around the world. Here, you can Amazon Originals videos also. It is a video-on-demand service with a huge database of series, movies, and cartoons. If you are a prime member, you can enjoy your prime time there.



Putlocker renders its service for free. This has a huge database of movies, TV shows, and cartoons. This website is not exclusive to cartoons. But you can access all the animes and cartoon videos through a shortcut bar.

It has the fastest streaming rate. Putlockers contains a wide genre of movies like romance, war, thriller, and so on. You may get annoyed with some disruptions like pop-ups and ads. Furthermore, this may even stop your video streaming. But, on the whole, it is one website with huge sources.



As everyone knows, iTunes is an Apple Inc, application. Importantly, this is compatible only with iPhones and MAC devices. iTunes can be found in in-app purchases in-app store. If you are an iPhone user, you can access it easily. Moreover, it is a multifunctional app where you can find media player, radio broadcaster, a huge library of media, and so on.

You can access everything for free. There are even a few exceptions where you need to pay and buy some media players. If you are an iPhone user, you can find cartoons and animes on iTunes and enjoy your time.



First of all, Hulu is a streaming site that streams videos, movies, TV shows, anime, etc. to their user. Moreover, it doesn’t provide its service for free. Moreover, Hulu is not a streaming site, only anime and cartoons, here you can find movies, TV shows, lives, etc. It is a video-on-demand service.

Also, it has limited its access to the USA and Japan. Initially, it was a free service website. After that, only the subscribed users can avail of the offers. Furthermore, it has various subscription plans which are framed according to the accessible time limit (in months).

Undoubtedly, Hulu is famous for its massive range of TV shows and movies. It provides high-quality videos. It contains a huge database of cartoon TV shows and movies. Also, it renders its service to its subscribed users without any limitations.



Stevenuniver has earned huge popularity among anime lovers because it provides free access to a wide range of cartoons and animes under a single roof. Here, you can access the website without any obstacles. Also, there is no need for registration or log in to access the content on it.

It consists of all genres of cartoon shows and movies. Furthermore, it is popularly known as the Steven Universe. Undoubtedly, it provides high-quality videos for its users. People consider it as a perfect alternative to KimCartoon.



Secondly, there is Vudu, similar to Hulu. Moreover, it offers video-on-demand services to its users. Vudu can be accessed on iOS as well as on android for free. If you need to access the Vudu website, you need to subscribe to it. Also, it contains all the TV shows, movies, and cartoons.

It consists of a massive collection of movies. This site is extremely safe to use. It provides ad-less videos for premium subscribers. It is compatible with both MAC and windows. You can access this website at any time from anywhere.

Final Words:

The above mentioned are the top few alternatives for KimCartoon. We have explained to them its features and availabilities. Watching cartoons and animated movies uplift many moods and act as a stress buster. It is mandatory to know some similarities and alternatives to KimCartoons.

It helps you to switch between the websites according to your comfort and the safety measures. You may find some sites blocked as illegal and unsecured, and you can switch on to other sites. I hope this article helps you to lift your mood. Now, happy time travel to your childhood days.

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