With Jackbox Party Games Kick Your Quarantine Boredom

Jackbox Party Games

Coronavirus outbreak is nothing just a nightmare voyage. Not only me and you, but the entire world is fighting against the pandemic disease. Every government of each country is taking intensive lockdown measures to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading. Also, believe it or not, but this battle can only be won by safely staying at home.

To break this chain of the virus from spreading, we want to follow social distancing, stay healthy to strengthen your immune system, and make the most of the phase by doing something productive. Amongst each other leisure activities, playing games is one thing that most of us enjoy doing (Even before Coronavirus was a thing).

To prepare your Quarantine better, here is a quick guide on how to Play Jackbox Party Games remotely. Into the latter section of this post, we have also covered how you can play Jackbox party pack games on Zoom and through Steam Remote Play.

What are Jackbox Party Games

Jackbox Party Games

Some history of Jackbox games goes way back in decades. We have mostly heard about Jackbox games, where we could play these games on a person-to-person basis with your friends or family. We have all been a fan of “You Don’t Know a Jack” video game series during the genre of party games.

Therefore, now hold your breath as we’re about to drop a piece of exciting news for all gaming fanatics.
Thou can now enjoy playing Jackbox Party Games with your friends and family remotely. Good, that is right. You can play Jackbox Party Games online with your friends and Buddies to keep yourself entertained in Quarantine.

Jackbox Party Pack: Getting Started

Jackbox Party Games

Then, just like how it worked earlier in parties or gatherings, one person must own the Jackbox party game subscription. Once this host owns the Jackbox party game pack, they can connect other players to start playing games online.

So, Jackbox Party Games are available in various versions starting from 6 player pack to a party pack with a minimum of 2 players that will cost you around 12.49 $. Now You can buy the party pack on Steam or Twitch to get started. To start, the host needs to launch the Jackbox party pack on a PC or laptop where they can allow screen sharing for connecting with your friends.

Jackbox Party Games

The method of how one can play Jackbox party games with their friends remotely is pretty simple and straight forward. Initially, you will need a video calling app like Zoom, Discord, or Google Hangouts. After that, your friends can connect via smartphone or laptop by visiting the “Jackbox TV” webpage. Apart from this, Jackbox party games can also be enjoyed with Steam Remote Play if your friends are not up for video conferencing apps.
So, Let’s discuss both these above-mentioned ways of playing Jackbox games in detail.

How to Play Jackbox Party Games on Zoom

Once a single host has started the Jackbox party game on a PC, the next step is to log in to your Zoom account and then tap on the “New Meeting” button. Being a host, you will send an invite to all your friends with whom you wish to play Jackbox Party Games remotely.

Jackbox Party Games

Once, everyone, your friends are connected on Zoom, enable screen sharing option to begin the fun. On the other hand, your friends will receive your invite and need to communicate on zoom and visit Jackbox. Now Tv page on any browser, enter the 4-digit room code for authentication, and that is it!

Jackbox Party Games

How to Play Jackbox Party Games via Steam Remote Play

Now Steam Remote Play Together is another way to enjoy playing Jackbox Party Games with your friends. So, Open Steam, log in to your account and then launch the Jackbox party game that you wish to play, send an invite to your friends by right-clicking on their names in friends list. Click the “Remote Play Together” option, and you are good to go!

Jackbox Party Games

However, the only limitation associated with playing on Steam Remote Play is that you will only be able to connect a maximum of 4 players at once. On the other hand, in case you choose to play on Zoom, then up to 6 players can join in one session.

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The Jackbox Party  pack can show out to be an ideal time-killing Quarantine activity to stay engaged with your friends situated remotely.

Here wraps our quick guide on how to play Jackbox games with your friends and family. So, You can also sign up for the Systweak newsletter to get all tech-related stories delivered straight to your inbox.


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