iTunes Can’t Verify the Identity of the Server – Fixed


You People Stuck with “iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server” error on Mac? And Unable to connect to the iTunes store? iTunes happens to be an essential part of Apple devices. This acts as a primary control center that helps you in getting many tasks done. Like downloading and organizing media to backing up and restoring your device, iTunes is the heart of all Apple devices.

Therefore, when you are unable to use iTunes due to any reason, the sounds nothing less than bad news. Hence, why do you keep getting these messages while connecting to iTunes? And Why is iTunes unable to verify or authenticate server details?

In this Guide, we will clear all your difficulties on “iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server” issue at with a few quick troubleshooting tips that will help you to fix this error.


Something does it mean when iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server?

*Once you try to launch iTunes on your Mac, you may encounter this error of unidentified server. Once you experience this error on iTunes, then you Are left with two choices. 1st, you either click the “Continue” button where you connect to the server anyway. Yet along with this, Apple provides you a pre-warning that it might put your confidential information at risk. Also, the next option is “Cancel” that will close the error window and won’t set it.

Accordingly, what to do next?

If you update iTunes or install a security update, the “iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server” error may occur on your Mac device. Then Tech experts say that one of the most common reasons you are not ready to connect to iTunes through a verified server is the presence of malicious applications on your device that may put your system at risk.

How to Fix the “Can’t Verify Server Identity” Error on iTunes?

Now Follow these below-mentioned active steps that will help you troubleshoot the “iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server” error on your Mac Device.

1st, Terminate the iTunes application on your device if in case it is already active. Also, Close the App Store window as well, to be sure.

Now Navigate to Applications> Utilities, and next choose “Keychain Access.”


Click on the “System Roots” option from the left menu pane. And next, right under the Category section, click on “Certificates.”


You will see a lengthy list of all the certificate services used on your device, Now double-click on each certificate to open up the details.

Just now, this may require a little hard work. You require to go through this entire list, double-tap on every certificate to check info. Where you see a blue-dot with a plus sign on a document, now follow these next set of steps.


Into the certificate window where you see the blue-dot plus icon, click on it to make sure you fulfill the following criteria.

Following the “Trust” section, set “When using this certificate” value as “Use System Defaults and then set the “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” value to the “No Value Specified” option.


So, Close the certificate window and then re-open it to check whether the blue-dot plus icon disappeared from the certificate. Doing so will secure that your updated changes were successfully stored.

Then, you need to follow this process with all the certificates where you see a blue dot embedded with a plus symbol. This method’s ultimate objective is to make sure that there is no certificate left on the list with a blue-dot plus icon.

While you have thoroughly scanned the entire list of certificates, then close the Keychain Access window and re-launch iTune to check whether it fixed the issue. Granted, it may take up a little time and work, but it will help you to troubleshoot the “iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server” error.

Contact iTunes Support


Many users reported that they were unable to spot any certificate with a blue-dot plus icon. Therefore, they failed to do anything further. In case you are also experiencing the same issue, you can try contacting the iTunes Support team as a last resort. Now, Reach out to the experts so that they can guide you through an effective solution.

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Final Words :

We believe our Quick Guide on how to fix “iTunes can’t Verify the Server” Error on Mac. In most cases, the steps discussed above will help you troubleshoot this issue so that you recover access to iTunes again on your device. For any other queries or doubts, feel free to write to us.


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