Instagram Music Not Available? Fix it Now


Placing up some fresh music besides your story is the new cool by Instagram, and really, it gives various vibes to the person looking at your story. Imagine driving with the beachline and posting the story of the same. Now add a beautiful song with it, like something from The Beach Boys. It is going to increase the whole Instagram story.

Except for some of us, we make find it hard using this cool feature. In case Instagram story sound is not working for you, then don’t worry! We realize the situation is pretty annoying, but we can try fixing the problem with some solutions. Let’s try to figure out when music is not working. Also try referring to Task Ant, as they have a ton of useful tools.

Instagram Music Not Available – Fix it Now

Fix 1: Install The Updates

Occasionally, our phones don’t install the updates on its own, and this music feature might not have come through. It’s better to go for the updates on the Google Play Store or App Store. There Find Instagram and update it. This new feature will multiple likely come to the application.

Fix 2: Try Signing In and Out Of The Application

While the music on the Instagram story is not working, log out from the app, and reload it. Go to your profile picture, tick on three horizontal lines from upper-right, and then go to Settings. There is an option to log out. Then click on it, and you are out.
After this, log in utilizing the credentials once again. Mark, if you can see the Instagram music story now.

Fix 3: Connect WIth Your wi-fi.

Sometimes updates are not feasible without connecting to the wi-fi. Open your Settings, now click on wi-fi, and find the network to get connected. Enter the password, become connected to the wi-fi, and try updating your app.

Fix 4: Delete and Reinstall

Analyze deleting the app from your phone. After this, try to install it once again. Go to App Store or Google Play Store for reinstallation. Usually, this method helps in removing bugs that are already in the line and choking the story. In case the Instagram music sticker is not working, it may work immediately after that.

Fix 5: Wait For Sometime

There could be some internal or external problems with Instagram for now. Try to be tolerant, until Instagram fixes all problems. Therefore, relax for some time and enjoy making amazing Instagram stories with music on.


How To Add Music To Instagram Stories?

We will get a quick look at how to place music on Instagram stories if you are not clear.
Touch your profile photo from the top of the profile icon, add your photo or video to it and click on the sticker icon from the top.
As it opens, you will be able to find ‘Music.’ Click on it, find your favorite or best proper music, and ‘Share.’ And it is all done!

Instagram Story Sound Not Working?

In case your Instagram music feature is not working, we have recommended ways to get it on your profile.

Also, Check :
1. Putlocker Alternatives
2. Picasa Alternatives

Final Words :

Discuss it to us and let us know if any of the techniques worked for you in the comment section below. Additionally, keep following us on Facebook and Youtube for the coolest tech-updates as well.


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