How To Start A Profitable Blog

How To Start A Profitable Blog

Blogging nowadays isn’t exactly unusual and you no longer raise your eyebrows when someone says they do this for a living.

The main reason why a person starts blogging is that they want to share something that is close to their heart. It can be about exercise, diet, parenting, etc. With the help of a blog, a person gets an opportunity to be heard, share their opinion, help someone else or convey important knowledge to other people in society. In addition, blogging can also yield a profit.

It’s never too late to start a blog if you have the right idea and passion and in this article, we’ll look at how you can start one and earn some cash along the way.

Choose Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is the first major step when creating a blog and establishing a recognizable brand. Choosing a name gives visitors a picture of your blog before reading a single post.

Since your URL is the first thing potential visitors and clients will see, it can immediately affect their impression of your blog. Make sure that your domain name is carefully chosen, let the name remain simple yet descriptive. Remember that less is more and users will be more likely to find you if you avoid long complicated names, abbreviations, or numbers.

After choosing your domain name, check its availability within a database of newly registered domains, and check copyrights to ensure it’s not an already protected name.

Choose Your Niche

How To Start A Profitable Blog

A niche is about the same as an in-depth study of a subject or area. Having a clear focus is a must when you’re blogging. To find your blog niche means to focus on one or more similar topics. It makes it easier for your readers to understand and take in what you want to convey, without creating so much confusion and lose readers.

Once you’ve figured out which niche you want, it can be good to summarize it in a few words, so-called keywords. These words can help you when you lack inspiration for blogging, but also make it easier for the search engines to find you if you use these words as tags.

Connect to Social Media and Optimize Content

A good way to drive traffic to your blog is to link it to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever you’re currently using. If you have written a post, you should immediately copy the link and post it on all your social media.

Without Google, your blog is invisible. So it’s important to learn a little bit about keyword optimization.

Make Money

How To Start A Profitable Blog

No matter how big your blog is and how much traffic it draws, there are different ways to make money. You don’t have to have millions of visitors to make money on your website, but it can be a good idea to have a steady increase in traffic and an active website that is updated regularly before you start making money. Below we go through the most popular options to get that cash.

Find A Portal

If you have a good blog with interesting content, contact various blog portals and ask what it takes to blog with them. An advantage of being on a blog portal is that you get a fixed income every month – plus the portal’s sales department can help you find collaborations that suit you.


Contact companies you like and offer them a collaboration. The important thing here is that it should be a company that fits well with the content of your blog and with your own brand. As a blogger, you can write a post that advertises a product and at the same time offer your readers a discount. How much you earn depends on how many readers you have, how committed they are and how good a collaboration you have with the company.

Affiliate Links

Something that has become very popular over the years, especially if you have an active and well-visited blog, is to make money by becoming a so-called affiliate. This means that you place a special link on a blog post, and when someone clicks on that link and buys the product or service to which it links, you earn a certain percentage of the product’s price.

Final Thoughts

To level up your blogging skills and earn money, you must first choose a proper domain name and a niche but also keep your blog active and updated frequently so you ensure that your readers can expect something new and exciting each time they return.

This will increase the traffic to a blog and ultimately increase your chances of making money. Remember that enjoying the overall process is a must if you want to create a successful blog.

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