How to make your small business seem attractive to customers?

To make your small business thrive, existing and potential customers must find it more attractive and rewarding than competitor businesses. This can help you retain and acquire new customers.

So, if your business is facing a stand-still situation, here are a few ways to keep it going!

1. Offer something unique

If you offer the same products or services as your competitors, customers won’t be attracted to your business. So, ensure your products and services are unique from your competitors.

You can add new twists to timeless products or come up with completely new ideas. Market the new offers effectively to ensure your customers know how different your business is from the rest.

2. Use social media platforms

Social media is a great way to connect with a large customer base effectively. You only need to invest a bit on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to connect with them.

However, you must follow a proper strategy. Your first job is to create a business page and regularly post relevant updates. Inform about new products, offers, and promotions. Perform Q&A and problem-solving sessions.

You can also go live and interact with your customers in real-time. If your customers leave messages and comments, reply promptly.

If your social media page doesn’t grow fast, partner with influencers who have followers with similar interests. For instance, collaborate with makeup or fashion influencers if you have a makeup or accessory brand.

3. Make an impeccable brand identity

Your business must reflect your values and mission. It helps you emotionally connect with your target audience. So, create a brand message with your slogan, visual identity, color scheme, and logo.

Use your brand identity in marketing and products. Make your business recognizable through this and connect your customers through it.

4. Focus on networking

To seem attractive to your customers, you must boost brand awareness. So, join the local chamber of commerce, trade association, and other industry-specific networking events.

Ensure you carry an appealing virtual business card during these events to connect with other business owners. This will increase your chances of collaborating with bigger names and attracting more customers.

5. Collaborate with relevant business

To reach more customers, partner with complementary businesses – like local organizations or other businesses for a joint promotion.

Ensure you choose a business partner whose customers can relate to your business. For instance, if you’re selling acrylic paint, create a joint promotion with a canvas company.

6. Create a business website

Another way to boost your reputation and connect with a bigger customer base is to build a user-friendly business website. Ensure it provides all relevant information about your business offerings, email and contact/customer service number, and business hours.

To make it more attractive, optimize it for mobile users and add call-to-action buttons for signing up and buying.

7. Utilize email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to inform your customers about what’s new in your business. Around 64% of small businesses use this to connect with customers.

Curate a list of subscribers and offer special discounts and promotions. Regularly send them targeted email campaigns. Tailor different messages to different customer groups so they find it relevant.

8. Prioritize quality customer service

Focus on providing good customer service. Keep your workforce trained to treat your customers respectfully and provide them with custom service. Ensure they have all the necessary resources to help out the customers fast.

If a customer lodges a complaint or shares feedback, respond to them promptly to show that they’re valuable for your business. This way, you become a memorable business to them. They feel encouraged to refer your business to loved ones.

9. Seek referrals

You can also attract newer customers by seeking referrals from your existing customers. For this, offer rewards and discounts to the existing customer base in return for successful signing up for your business products or services.

Make sure this doesn’t include investing a lot of money. This way, your existing customers will be more eager to participate and get referrals.

10. Use SEO wisely

Optimize the business website so it tops the search engine results. Thus, your potential customers will have an easier time finding you online.

Use meta descriptions, useful keywords, and other strategies to work on the search ranks. Learn about the latest SEO trends and practices to optimize it effectively.

Create a Google Business Profile to rank better in your local area search. Include the business location on your website and marketing tools. Add it to maps and local directories. Double-check that all information is consistent throughout all platforms.

11. Give a shot to PPC advertising

To reach a larger audience:

  1. Use pay-per-click advertising.
  2. Use the right keywords and target audience demographics to drive more traffic to your website.
  3. Track your campaign results and optimize the results further.

It’s best to seek a marketing agency if you’re not certain.

12. Plan special events and promotions

Hold promotional and other special events like contests, giveaways, and sales. Plan these based on the interest of your target audience. With the help of email and social media marketing, spread the word about the promotions to reach more people.

13. Contact existing but inactive customers

Look up customers who haven’t made purchases for a long time – about 6 months. Connect with them through email, texts, or phone calls with a “We miss you” and share a lucrative offer to urge them to buy again.

If they don’t respond or make new transactions, send such messages quarterly.

14. Link positive reviews to your website

Whenever a customer makes a transaction, ask them for a review with a nudge through email with a link to the review page.

If they mention any complaint or share constructive feedback, respond promptly. Link the positive reviews to the website.

Most new consumers check reviews, ratings, and business responses to decide whether to make a transaction. This will make your business seem way more attractive!


With these strategies, your business will stand out to old and newer customers. So, don’t wait any longer and embrace them now!

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