How To Activate A MetroPCS Phone For Free

How To Activate MetroPCS Phone

Metro Personal Communication Service, also known as MetroPCS, is a wireless service provider in the United States that sells prepaid cell phones. A company called T-Mobile US owns it, and with it, customers in the metro area can use T-Mobile’s 5G network across the whole country. The name was changed to Metro by T-Mobile, and now it is called that. There are dependable and cheap services on a big network that you can trust. If you only want to use the unlimited network, you’ll pay $50 a month for a single line. If you add more lines to your account, the price will go down. There is always a need to activate the phone for the first time, no matter what network or Sim card it is on. The article sums up “how to activate MetroPCS on the phone for free?”

How To Activate MetroPCS For Free On Phone

There are 2 cases in which you have to activate MetroPCS on your phone.

1 – When you buy a new SIM and don’t have an account 

2 – When you already have an account and SIM but bought a new device

Create A New Account & Activate MetroPCS For Free 

If you want to activate MetroPCS and create a new account, there are four ways to do it. But you’d need to require your phone and a new SIM card. The website, another phone, or a computer can all be used to activate your new account. You can choose any of the following ways to do this. There are some methods to keep in mind if you are bringing over the number from your old service provider. But then you’d need to require about your old carrier and other things.

Call 1-888-8Metro8 (188-863-8768) 

1 – Make a call to 1-888-8Metro8 (188-863-8768) from another mobile. Not from the mobile you want to activate. 

2 – An agent will attend and get all the mandatory information, including your name address. 

3 – You should also provide them the ESN or MEID number of your phone, which you want to activate. (Note: You can find ESN or MEID underneath the phone battery). 

4 – Now, the customer support executive will guide you through reactivating and programming. Follow the instructions carefully and do as such to complete the process.

Dial 228 

1 – From the phone in which you are activating, dial the number 228. 

2 – You have to provide an Eight digit code of your choice, name, and address when prompted by the system. 

3 – Now, your mobile will be programmed, and it will set up an account. 

4 – The account activates only after paying your first bill.

Visit MetroPCS Website 

1 – Go to the MetroPCS website. You can get glimpses of how to activate over there. 

2 – Then click on the Online Activation Tools option under New Accounts only. 

3 – Click on Activate. 

4 – On-screen instructions will be there. Follow along and provide the necessary info like name, address, security info, etc. 

5 – Along with them, you also have to provide the info about your phone in which you want to activate, like serial or model number.

How To Activate MetroPCS Phone

Visit The Service Center 

The last way to create and activate MetroPCS for free is to visit the service center. There are stores and service centers near where you live. You should go there for help. There will be an employee who will help you with all the steps.

When You Already Have An Account Activated 

What if we already have an account set up and running? There is nothing else we need to do. We just need to change the SIM card. Do not take any other steps or do any other things in order to activate. As a bonus, your service provider can update an eye on you and make sure that the info about your new device is correct.

1 – Remove your SIM card from the old device. 

2 – Open the SIM tray on your new device. 

3 – Insert the SIM card. 

4 – Wait for your phone to establish the network.

That’s easy and simple.

So, these are the few ways you can activate MetroPCS on your phone for free. It’s possible that the methods might change at any time. You should keep an eye on this post for new information. Please let us update if there are changes. As we said, we hope that this article will be useful to you! What do you think?

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