HongKongDoll: Bio, Age, Net Worth, & Face Reveal


HongKongDoll is well-known in both her own countries, China and America. Her mother is Chinese, while her father is Native American. As a result, the consequence and product are the duos of two magnificent individuals and countries, such as China and America.

HongKongDoll Introduction


She is a Chinese-American actress and model. She is well-known and well-liked for her famous photographs and videos. Furthermore, she is a well-known star and has a social media presence. She is an influencer who has worked as an adult model and star. HongKongDoll has worked with a variety of studios. Her pictures and videos went viral on the internet, bringing her to the attention of the media and other social networks.

The Doll is one of the most popular stars in the adult world and the adult movie industry. She has worked with a variety of leading adult brands and studios. Also, She is regarded as an adult star and icon. She has collaborated with several adult male celebrities to film her videos and photographs for distribution on the internet. All of her videos became viral on the internet. This essay will discuss her wiki, biography, age, height, birthday, profile, films, videos, physique, and many weird images and movies. We will also discuss her most recent and ex-rumors boyfriends and scandals.

HongKongDoll Early Life And Education

She is a highly talented model and Instagrammer, as we all know. Also, she is regarded as an influencer. She works with many top-tier adult men, actors, and models. HongKongDoll was also born in Shanghai, China, on August 1, 1994. She’s only 27 years old and is a model and actress. Gemini is her zodiac and birth sign. She left China when she was quite young and came to America with her parents for a better age. She is a model who works hard. HongKongDoll completed her education by earning an excellent job at a local high school in Shanghai, China, and then graduating from the University of Washington in America.

HongKongDoll aspired to be a professional model and actress in the American film industry. Still, she couldn’t find her real worth there, so she decided to become a social media star and expert. She made many accounts on various social media sites and subsequently acquired a large following as her pictures and videos went viral. She was also put in the adult industry before finding success in AV Movies & Shows.

HongKongDoll Parents And Siblings

Her parents gave birth to her and reared her. We explain that her mother is Chinese and her father is American. But she spent a long time in China with her mother. Her mother then relocated to America with her children to be with her husband. Mr. Hong Kong is her father’s name, and Mrs. Hong Kong is her mother’s. HongKongDoll has three siblings, but we needed to know their names or occupations. And is a star with a private identity. She, too, did not share any information about her parents.

As a result, we didn’t know their names either. Hong treasured her early memories with her parents and siblings. Her mother has encouraged her to pursue all of her ambitions. She did not share any details about her personal life with the media. We have no information or records on her partner, husband, or previous relationships. The Doll is an unmarried female. She is not having an affair or is in a relationship. She is well-recognized for her work as an AV actress. Hong Kong tries to keep her family life apart from any media outlets.

HongKongDoll Modeling & Profession Career

She began her job with numerous production firms and her modeling career as a Hub or an AV actress. The Doll appeared in several photoshoots wearing bikinis and lingeries. She has worked with many of the finest adult actors and actresses in the AV industry over her modeling and professional career. Her numerous admirers and followers like her acting and modeling abilities. She can, however, play practically any character or role. She is also incredibly intelligent and slim.

And the Doll’s body is malleable. Hongkong has been in several romantic and adult movie scenes and numerous horrific sequences. She adjusts her acting and modeling to the scenario. Doll has played various important roles, including student, teacher, girlfriend, friend, step-family, and several other family members. She is a powerful and confident prospect for AV movies and videos. She has seen a lot of acting and performed numerous scenarios full of passion and love. Dolls are willing to take any risk to make every session spectacular.

HongKongDoll Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Her height is unknown; however, she might be 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her weight is 48 kg. The Doll has light blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her dress size is 4 in the United States, and her shoe size is 7 in the United States. The body measurements of the Doll are 32B-24-34. She has a cute grin, a lovely figure, and a very flirtatious voice. She produces flirting and romantic videos for my films and videos, and all of her videos make all of my films more interesting to watch.

HongKongDoll Net Worth & Income Details

Her net worth is estimated to reach $100,000 in 2022. Her primary source of income is from the adult industry. She also appears in several films and web series, both adult and pornographic. In addition, she appears in several web scenes, movies, and photoshoots for various forbidden and adult websites. Doll also hosts webcam series for her premium members and followers on Onlyfans and other dating sites.

HongKongDoll Fandom

Nobody knows what her real name is. She is, nevertheless, recognized as a HongKongDoll. Du Maal is her account name. Hong Kong Doll is another nickname for her. Her birth is August 1, 1994. Shanghai, China, is the Doll’s birth. Her age is 27. Her nationality is dual, and she is both Chinese and American. She works as an actress and model. Her astrological sign is Gemini. When did she make her debut? Her Debut Studio, on the other hand, is also known as Model Hub. She owns a plethora of film studios. She has a slew of co-stars in adult movies and forbidden websites.

HongKongDoll performs several unlawful actions while working with her numerous coworkers and models. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Her weight is 48 kg. So the body dimensions of the Doll are 32B-24-34. The Doll’s hair is black, and her eyes are brown with a lustrous finish. And her dress size is four according to (the US), and 35 according to 8. The face of the Doll is oval. Her nose is also pointed. She is gorgeous, cute, and appealing, with a beautiful, fit curved structure and a cute face.

Some HongKongDoll Rumors Facts


Her school’s name has yet to be confirmed; however, she attends a local high school in Shanghai, China. As well as her college and the University of Shanghai in China. Mr. Hong Kong is her father’s name. Hong Kong is the name of her mother. She has three siblings. And we do not know any connections she has had. She does not have an ex-boyfriend or a husband. Hong Kong’s favorite pastimes are photoshoots, make-up, shopping, and beach leisure.

Her net worth is estimated to be $100,000. Her sources of income are as an actress and model. However, we could not confirm her brand endorsements and were unaware of her compensation packages. Hong prefers the colors black, pink, blue, and red. Tom Cruise is her favorite actor. Angela Jolie is her favorite female actress. Her favorite places to visit are Paris and New York.

HongKongDoll Social Media, Contact Info, And Profiles Address

Her hometown is Shanghai, China, as we all know. Her home address is unknown. The website for Doll is www.HongKongDoll.com. And her email address isn’t shown here. She may be reached at 208 543 00991.

What Do You Know About HongKongDoll Face Reveal?

When we look at her face and movements, we can see her cute and appealing attitude. She is great in all aspects of her conduct. Also, she has three younger sisters. She has a Doll sister and has the potential to become a highly famous and successful actress and model. She is also an adult actor. Hong wanted to show off her beautiful beauty; therefore, she posted photos on Instagram and Twitter sites and accounts.

HongKongDoll Facts

Some facts and figures regarding her lovely personality are listed below:

1 – She got famous at a very young age.

2 – HongKongDoll started her modeling and acting careers on social media, specifically on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts.

3 – The Doll is well recognized and famous throughout the United States of America, China, and Hong Kong.

4 – She is a dual citizen of China and the United States of America. @HongKongwow is her Instagram handle.

5 – She was born in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

6 – She is a beautiful model.

7 – Hong Kong may also be found on her OnlyFans account. Her Onlyfans account membership is also free for all her users and customers. The Doll is famous and popular due to her adult modeling videos and images on Instagram, OnlyFans, and other social media platforms.

8 – Hong Kong has a fit body and figures accurately.

9 – Her breathtaking and adult photographs and videos may be seen on her social media handles.

10 – HongKongDoll enjoys creating incredible reels and videos for her social media accounts and handles. Her performance is highly accessible.

11 – Her most viral videos may also be seen on her social media accounts.

12 – HongKongDoll enjoys creating Tiktok videos. You can also quickly assess her performance and availability.

13 – The Doll is a fashionista and a celebrity. Her Instagram is also full of adult photographs and videos.

14 – She has a personal Instagram account with over 3.9 million followers.


Does HongKongDoll Consume Alcohol?

Yes, she does drink.

Does HongKongDoll Smokes A Cigarette?

Yes, she does enjoy smoking.

Who Exactly Is HongKongDoll?

She’s a Chinese and American adult celebrity, model, and actor. She has a huge personality as well.

What Is The Doll’s Age?

Her age as of 2022 is 27.

When Is The Birthday Of HongKongDoll?

Her birthday is August 1, 1994.

Where Was HongKongDoll Born?

HongKongDoll was born in Shanghai, China.

What Is Her Exact Height?

She’s 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

What Is Her Body Type?

She has gorgeous, curvy, and fantastic body features; her measurements are 32B-24-34.

What Is The Net Worth Of HongKongDoll In 2022?

HongKongDoll net worth is estimated to reach $100,000 in 2022.

What Is Her Weight?

Her weight is merely 48 kg.

What Does HongKongDoll Do For A Living?

Doll is a well-known and well-liked Porn Star.

What’s The Name Of Her Twitter Account?

Her Twitter account may be found by searching for @HongKongDoll00.

What Is The Name Of Her Instagram Account?

She has an Instagram account called @HongKongDolloficial.


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The Final Words:

HongKongDoll is a well-known model and Instagram user. She is a well-known celebrity and personality. At an early age, the Doll becomes an adult star.

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