What is Gimkit, How Teachers use Gimkit Live?


Gimkit is a live-learning game show that is suitable for both group and individual education.

Gimkit is an app-based online quizzes game platform that teachers and students may use to study. This is applicable to both classroom and at-home learning environments.

A high school student conceived up Gimkit while working on a school assignment. Since he found game-based learning to be very engaging, he created an app that he imagined using in class.

This project’s current extremely polished and well-presented version is an app that provides quiz-based learning in a variety of ways, with additional games planned to bring further engagement options. It is undoubtedly a fun method of learning, but will it be effective for you?

So continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Gimkit in education.

What Exactly is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an online quiz game that combines questions and answers to facilitate student learning. The platform is compatible with a variety of devices, and students may utilize it on their own cellphones, tablets, or computers.

Gimkit is a system designed and maintained by students that is extremely simple and straightforward to use. As a result, it is particularly user-friendly for children in grades K-12, with straightforward controls.


Gimkit Live can be seen in the image above, the questions are organized using multiple-choice response alternatives in boxes that make extensive use of color. Students are allowed to submit questions for consideration by the teacher for inclusion in the game.

This provides class-wide, live, or individual games at the student’s speed, so it may be utilized both in the classroom and for homework. A incentives system encourages students to return for more by maintaining their interest.

How Does Gimkit Work?

After registering with Gimkit, a teacher can begin immediately. Either an email address or a Google account may be used to sign up, the latter of which is convenient for schools already using that platform. This is especially true when importing rosters. After importing a class roster, instructors can administer both individual and live class-wide quizzes.

gimkit live

Students can join a class game via the Gimkit website or by receiving an email invitation. Or, they can utilize a code that is shared via the LMS platform of the instructor’s choosing. All of this is managed through a single class account administered by the teacher. This enables for game controls as well as evaluation and data analytics, but more on that later.

Gimkit/live games can be played in which students submit questions that are moderated by the instructor and answered by others. This can be effective if the quiz is displayed on the main screen for the entire class to complete together. It is possible to either work with others or compete against them. Since the free edition is limited to five students, the huge screen and group options work nicely.

What Are Gimkit Live Best Features?

Gimkit has a KitCollab mode that allows students to collaborate with the teacher in creating the quiz before the Gimkit/play game begins. This is especially good when the class is divided into groups because the task of coming up with truly difficult but relevant questions benefits everyone.

As the quiz games are known as Kits, they may be developed from start, imported from Quizlet (opens in a new tab), imported as a CSV file, or selected from the platform’s gallery and modified.

Credits earned in-game are a terrific method to keep kids interested. This virtual cash is granted for every right response. But an incorrect response will physically cost you. These credits may be spent on score-enhancing power-ups and other enhancements.

Millions of possible permutations enable pupils to work to their strengths and develop a unique profile. Power-ups offer a second chance or an increase in possible earnings per right response.

gimkit live

More than 10 games are available on Gemkit, and more are under development, to enhance the quizzes’ immersion. Humans vs Zombies, The Floor is Lava, and Trust No One are examples (a detective-style game).

While live games are wonderful for the classroom, the option to assign work at the student’s speed is ideal for homework. A deadline can still be established, but it is up to the student to choose when the assignment is completed. These are known as Assignments and are automatically graded.

Teachers may utilize their dashboards to evaluate student progress, earnings, and other helpful formative data when determining what to concentrate on next. The fact that the evaluation of a student’s performance in a game is distinct from their academic proficiency in the job is an excellent aspect. Ideal for people who may know the answers but have difficulty with the Gmkit Gameplay.

What Are Gimkit Costs?

Gimkit is free to use initially, with a maximum of five students each game.

Gimkit Pro costs $9.99 per month or $59.98 per year. This grants you full access to all Gimkit Live modes, as well as the ability to make assignments (play asynchronously) and contribute audio and graphics to your kits.


Gimkit Live Top Tips And Techniques

KitCollaborate with the class

Have the class create a quiz using the KitCollab tool, but have each student submit a question for which they do not know the answer. This will ensure that each student learns something new.

Examine the class

Utilize Gimkit as a tool for formative evaluation. Create pre-tests to determine how well or poorly students know a subject before deciding how to teach the class.

Get gratis groupings

By having students share a device in groups or using the whiteboard to show the game for a class-wide effort, you may circumvent the pay limitation constraints.

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