Fixing Errors that Prevents your Website from being Indexed Properly by Search Engine

Fixing Errors that Prevents your Website from being Indexed properly by Search Engine

There are technical issues associated with SEO, which leads to the failure of business over a network. Failure of business means losing customers. To prevent the loss, technical issues must be fixed to sustain business growth. Here we shall discuss a few of the common technical problems and ways to solve them.

Website Speed:

The ranking of websites depends on the speed of the website. If the website has a good speed, users’ experience will be great. The average loading time of the website must be 2 seconds; otherwise, users will get annoyed and will not visit the website again. This will reduce the ranking of the website on google. If the server response time is low, google assesses the scenario and sends a few crawlers to the website.

On-Page SEO:

If the text to HTML ratio of your website is low, it determines that your website has a serious technical problem. Low ratios indicate the following issues:

Slow Loading:

Websites load slowly because of the extravagant code. Often codes are implied without the requirement.

Hidden Texts:

Hidden texts serve as a red flag for search bots leading to the low text to HTML ratio.


Excessive and unnecessary inline styling, flash, and JavaScript lead to the low text to HTML ratio.

Broken Links:

One or two broken links do not make an issue if your website has hundreds of pages. But if your website is having dozens of broken links cause to question the credibility of the website. We shall discuss here a few of the negative impacts of broken links on the website.

User’s Perception:

Your website loses quality in the eyes of the user.

The Budget of Website:

The attention of search bots readily gets diverted to other websites because of the broken links on your website. Search bot does not get deep into your website and leaves many pages unvisited and un-crawled.


The authority of your website gets impacted negatively due to the broken links. In this way, the credibility of your website gets damaged.

Language Declaration:

Errors in language declaration pose a serious concern when you have a global audience of your website. In the case of a worldwide audience, search engines detect the language. Language declaration is significant in text-to-speech conversion because it enables the translators to read the content in the accurate dialect of the native language. In this way, errors in the language declaration is a technical issue.


Duplicate content negatively affects the ranking of a website. Make sure that your website does not contain copied content. It affects the credibility of the website. If plagiarized content is found on the website, Google often punishes the website.

Broken Images:

Broken images and missing alt tags are the most common problems of the website. Broken images do not make much issue unless your website is solely reliant on the images. They can be fixed later. Alt tags describe the content of the picture. If the image does not load, then alt tags help in identifying the image through the description and function written on it.

Title Tags:

The title tag issue is prevalent in different forms. Following are the most commonly found duplicate tags:

Duplicate Tags:

The website contains title tags more than once, which depicts the inefficiency and non-serious of the developing team.

Length of Tags:

Length of tags is a significant concern because it is observed that websites often contain too long title tags and usually too short. Title tags must be balanced and precise.

Missing Tags:

This is the worst form that websites often do not have the title tags. They miss the title tags, which is a great mistake, and viewers can quickly get the error.

Messy URLs:

It is highly recommended not to put URLs on your website. They mean nothing to the website. Still, websites often include URLs which are not user friendly and intuitive.

Mobile Experience:

Websites having poor mobile experiences lead to a reduction of viewers because many people deal all day on mobile.

Contact Forms:

Static contact forms become the reason for the poor experience of the user leading to less traffic on the website. If you want to collect the user’s information or receive feedback, then you must fix the problem on an immediate basis. You can attract the users to the contact form of your website by making it short and straightforward. It is recommended to collect only the information you need, not what you want. It is also suggested not to have more than five fields in the form.

The errors that are mentioned-above are often present in the websites of the best medical billing companies, even which must be fixed. Otherwise, these errors lead to the failure of companies eventually.

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