Fix [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] Outlook Error


When sending emails, millions of users all over the world are encountering the [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] outlook error message. Because so many people now rely on Microsoft Outlook as their primary email inbox, it is critical that all issues are resolved as soon as possible. When it comes to receiving emails from a variety of other websites and applications that you have linked to it, Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic tool. Despite this, people are reporting the issue [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] on a consistent basis through email transmissions.


Cause of [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] Error

When they try to send an email, a pop-up dialogue box with the message [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] appears on the screen continuously. Following are several common causes for why the error message appears on a consistent time while sending emails.

  1. The common reason for this error to occur is that you are using an older version of Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Cache and cookies are two things that can cause error messages.
  3. The record’s settings were incorrect.
  4. One of the most common causes of this error is a conflict with the STMP server.
  5. The most common reason for this can be due to an incorrect installation of the software fondness.

Furthermore, if the error message appears, you will be unable to send or even receive emails from individuals or websites. However, there is no need to be concerned. Some brilliant hacks can assist you in overcoming this error in a short period of time. In the article, we will look at the solutions to the problems that people are experiencing as a result of the error [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558].

Fix the Issue via Control Panel 

The errors that occur during the Office installation process may require some attention at times. It’s possible that this is one of the reasons you receive an error [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] message every time you try to send an email. Follow these steps outlined below to fix the installation error.

  1. Go to your taskbar and click on the start button to get started.
  2. In the search bar, type “control panel” and press “enter.” The control panel will appear.
  3. Click the Programs and Features option from the drop-down menu.
  4. You’ll find the option to Uninstall a Program in the drop-down menu. Simply click on it.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Microsoft Office 365.
  6. Now, left-click and select the Change option from the drop-down menu.
  7. You will be able to fix the issue if you follow the on-screen instructions.

Following completion of these steps, restart your computer and launch Microsoft Office. Check for the issue and work again; most likely, your Microsoft Office will be working properly this time.

Try Changing Server Port Number 

It is possible that the error [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] will try to appear and frustrate you during peak working hours if you do not change the server port numbers. It is common for Outlook users to experience difficulties sending emails around because the server port numbers do not match. Here’re some simple steps you can take to change the port number of your server.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Click the Files option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the Account Setting button.
  4. The Email tab allows you to select the email account for which you want to change the port number.
  5. Then click the Change option from the drop-down menu.
  6. A dialogue box with the option to change your account will appear. Select the More Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  7. In the Internet Email Settings dialogue box, click the Advanced tab from the drop-down menu.
  8. Change the port number in the box next to Outgoing server (STMP) in the STMP configuration. To proceed, click Ok.

After completing these steps, the new settings are saved with a different server port number. You can now restart your computer and continue working with Microsoft Outlook without being frustrated by the error [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558].

Remove Duplicate Accounts from Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can be configured to remove duplicate accounts. If you are still experiencing the error issue in Microsoft Outlook, you must delete or remove any duplicate accounts from your computer’s computer. Multi-account time is possible with Microsoft Outlook thanks to its multi-account management feature. When you try to send an email, this feature may be the cause of the error [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] message that you see on your screen. You might work that this step is helpful.

You can remove duplicate accounts by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Click the Files option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the Account Setting button.
  4. Remove the duplicate email account that you want to be removed from the Email section.
  5. Remove the item from your shopping cart by clicking on the Remove button.
  6. A final confirmation dialogue box will appear. Click OK to dismiss it. To proceed, click on the Ok button.

In Microsoft Office, your duplicate account is no longer active. You can now try with sending emails. If this problem [pii_email_f3e1c1a4c72c0521b558] still persists, you can try the contact the Microsoft support team for further assistance. 

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