How To Find Someone Birthday Online? (Free And Paid Ways)

Find Someone Birthday

If you’ve known your friends, family members, colleagues, or housemates for a long time, suddenly inquiring about their birthday is impolite. You are uninterested in connecting with them. Or it doesn’t matter if they are a part of your life or not. And never take the risk of asking your wife or girlfriend whose birthday you don’t remember. You may have to stroll about the city for a few days while covered in plaster and bandages. If you don’t want to hurt someone emotions, it’s best to find the date of birth of a person anonymously. You may be wondering how to find someone birthday without directly asking them. Don’t worry; there are several free hacks available to assist you in finding someone birthday online. In this essay, I will explain all of the tricks that you can use to find someone birthday without directly asking them so that you may surprise them on their big day.

How To Find Someone Birthday For Free?

Find Someone Birthday Without Asking Them For Free

If the person whose birthday you wish to know is a social butterfly, you will have no trouble finding their birthday on numerous social media accounts. Let’s look at how to find someone birthday using their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Linkedin accounts.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Instagram?

There needs to be a precise approach to spy on Instagram in order to find someone birthday. However, there are several tricks you may use on Instagram to know someone birthday.

Checking Out Bio

Some people prefer to include their DOB in their Instagram bio. The person whose birthday you’d want to find on Instagram has done the same. It’s also quite simple to check the Instagram bio.

  • To find their Instagram profile, use the search option and enter their proper Instagram username. If you need to know their username, just put their name on Instagram and search for the suggested usernames. If you or they follow you, look for them in your follower or following list.

Find Someone Birthday

  • When you find someone on Instagram, go to their profile. On the profile page, you can view their bio and see whether they have stated anything about their birthday.

Find Someone Birthday

The nicest part about this method is that to find out someone birthday on Instagram, you do not have to follow them. Even if they have opted to make their profile private, their bio may still be seen.

Use Tagged Posts To Check Someone Birthday On Instagram

Compared to the previous method, this one increases the chances of knowing someone birthday. People often tag the birth tagged boy/girl on their big day, and all you need to do is scroll down the posts where they were tagged. However, this hack is only useful if you follow that person on Instagram. Continue reading this hack if you do follow them.

  • Navigate to the profile page of the person whose birthday you’d want to know.
  • Tap the tag symbol on their profile to view all the posts others have tagged the person.

Find Someone Birthday

  • Now, you need to scroll down and find the post about their birthday. To be sure the photo was tagged on that occasion, check the caption.

Find Someone Birthday

Other Methods To Check Friend Birthday On Instagram

Check the previous Instagram posts of your friends to know their birthdays on Instagram, similar to the tagged posts hack. Don’t forget to check the stories as well since it’s typical for stories to be uploaded on a birthday.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Facebook?

For exposing personal information, such as their education, graduation, relationship status, or birthday, Facebook is a better option than any other social networking platform. And there are extremely few chances that the person still needs to add their birthday on Facebook.

  • Open the profile of the person whose birthday you want to know.
  • Check the person’s birthday by tapping the See “user’s name” About Info button.
  • Inside Basic Facts, you may easily search for that person’s birth date.

Some people must share fundamental information on Facebook, such as their school, birthplace, or birthdate. In such a situation, you may go through their photos on Facebook to find Someone birthday. On their birthday, they must have posted a photo on Facebook. By reading the caption, you can easily determine that the photo was uploaded on the birthday. This may be done manually, without a Facebook monitoring app. If they have yet to make their account private or close it, you may find Someone birthday on Facebook without being friends by looking at the photos.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Snapchat?

You can find Someone birthday on Snapchat, but only after the day of the occasion. However, you may see their birthday month anytime you like. Let’s look at the ways for both situations, beginning with the method to determine whether or not someone has a birthday to know.

  • The person whose birth date you wish to check on Snapchat should be added as a friend. If they have been added to your friend list, all you need to do is run Snapchat on the device and swipe left to open the chat list.
  • Now, you need to scroll down till you find the individual whose birthday you want to check on Snapchat.
  • If today is their big day, you’ll notice a cake symbol next to their name.

On Snapchat, this is how you find someone birthday. If your friend’s birthday is today, send them a Snapchat message or call them directly. Consider the chance that you know your wife/girlfriend’s date of birth but not the month in which they were born. Snapchat, on the other hand, is more than happy to offer you with such information.

  • Open the profile of the person whose birthday you want to know.

  • Simply swipe up to view that person’s Birthstone beneath the Charms.

Snapchat is a great option to find Someone birthday without having to question them. You cannot rely on Snapchat for someone like your closest friend, child, or lover. You’ll need to prepare a surprise party or presents for them beforehand. And you can’t do that if you find out it’s their birthday today. If this fails, you may spy on their Snapchat account by accessing their password.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Linkedin?

It is feasible to check Someone birthday on LinkedIn, but this should be your last choice. The reason for this is that LinkedIn informs the other user whenever someone checks their profile. As a result, you must explain why you were checking their profile. Follow the procedures below to get information about the chosen person’s birthday if they have already been added to your networks.

  • Tap the My Network option when you launch the LinkedIn app.
  • In the next step, choose the Manage My Network option.
  • Then, tap the Connections button.

  • Choose the profile of the person whose birthday you wish to know.
  • Scroll down till you find the Contact section, where you may find their birthday.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll find Someone birthday on LinkedIn since some people prefer to keep that information private. You can check someone LinkedIn profile anonymously using a trick. So, if you don’t want to risk letting that person know you checked their profile, it’s better to do it secretly.

How To Find Someone Birthday On WhatsApp?

There is no place on WhatsApp where you can go and find Someone birthday. However, if you often communicate with that person on WhatsApp, you may find their birthday on WhatsApp. There’s a good chance you wished them the prior year. If you remember doing so, scroll to that specific conversation part. There’s a date stamp on the conversation so you know when it’s their birthday. WhatsApp may, therefore, be used as a DOB finder.

Call A Mutual Friend For Birthday Lookup

Why do you need to be afraid when you have friends? If you find yourself in a scenario where you can’t remember someone special’s birthday, why not call a common friend? You only need to ask, “Do you remember which date Karen’s or Paul’s birthday is?” And if they are more mindful than you, there are excellent chances they’ll remember the date. I’m joking. Make sure the buddy you’ll call isn’t a blunt-spoken man, or you’ll have a difficult time.

How To Trick Someone Into Telling You Their Birthday?

You don’t need anything or anybody to know about a person’s birthday if you know how to play with words correctly. You may easily convince that person to tell you their birthday indirectly using basic conversation skills while they are fully oblivious to your genuine objective. Let’s pretend you and that person are having a typical conversation. Ask them whether they share their birthday with a renowned person as you gradually move the conversation to a topic related to birthdays. If there is a renowned app that is their birthday buddy, they will be more than happy to tell you about it. Now you only need to search for the celebrity’s birthday while they aren’t present. There are several ways to initiate a birthday-related conversation and trick someone into revealing their birthday without them becoming suspicious.

Extracting Documents By Excuse

Almost all individually issued cards, such as voter IDs, driver’s licenses, and college IDs, have age verification. So, if you can glimpse their documents, BOOM, job done; it is simple to accomplish if you go to their home and find any such card on the table or in a drawer. Simply take the card and read the birthday information. If you can’t find any documents in their home, you may take them somewhere that requires proof of age. It might be a booze shop, a bar, or a nightclub. Just glance at the date of birth column when they pull out the card. You may also purposefully grab the card that says, “You look great in your college ID photo.” They have no idea that your purpose was to know about their birthday without asking them, not to compliment their attractiveness. If they are a sober person who does not like to party and go to bars and clubs, obtaining the documents will be a challenge. Try asking for their resume. Tell them that your firm may be hiring new people and that you want them to take advantage of this chance.

The sole reason for supplying you with various free options was to save you money on searching for someone birthday. But if all free hacks fail, you’re still in options. It’s time to move on to some paid ways to find the birthdays of your loved ones.

Use Birthday Lookup Database

Several fantastic websites provide birthday searches by name and phone number.

1. Golookup

Golookup is one such birthday lookup service with access to a wealth of publicly accessible information on ordinary folks. Goolookup is a nice birthday finder tool; however, it has the constraint of just allowing you to search for someone birth date by inputting their name. However, if you want to find someone birthday by phone number, name, address, or other means, you may do so.

2. Spy Apps

On public records, there are millions of people with the same name. As a result, there’s no assurance you’ll find the right person there. Another technique to attempt to find Someone birthday is to use spy apps. Spyic is an app designed to collect information from the target’s phone and show it on their customized site. If the person whose birth date is important to you has a Google Calendar on an Android device or an iPhone, acquiring their birthday information is simple. After purchasing the spy app and installing it on their device, all you need to do is go to the Calendar area on your own (targeted) device and check for the birthday. You may easily recognize their app birth date since it will say “HAPPY DAY” beneath the Description. However, if you truly want to know the birthday of your loved ones, ensure to respect their privacy and use the spy app option. With the spy app, your sole goal is to know their birth date. Please not attempt to see their conversation, photos, or other personal information.


How To Know Someone Birthday For Free?

You may go through their social media profiles for free to find someone birthday.

How To Find Out Someone Birthday By Phone Number?

A reverse phone search website, such as Spokeo, may help you find someone birthday by phone number.

Can I Look Up Someone Birthday?

Yes, if you know their name, phone number, or address, you may use people search engine sites to check up on their birthday.

Consider The Following:


I have left no stone unturned for you to find Someone birthday without asking them. You may find someone birthday using both free and paid techniques. Try free techniques first since it is not good to pay money to check someone birthday. However, if the free techniques fail to reveal the person’s birthdate, you may use the expensive ways. However, for the most part, free approaches are sufficient for online birthday searches.

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