Expanding Website Visits Using TikTok

Expanding Website Visits Using TikTok

TikTok is among the fastest-growing platforms, and many brands are joining its wave today. It has over a billion users globally, explaining why most organizations use it to drive traffic to their websites. However, you must have a huge audience reach to be successful on this platform.

TikTok is no longer a dancing application for teenagers. TikTok has been used as a vital asset for anyone aiming to promote themselves online and advance their online presence. Of course, the base of your online presence shouldn’t rely only on your social media followers but rather  be based off of your website. You can create your website with a website builder like Wix which applies drag and drop features that make it intuitive for anyone starting to build their professional brand. but sometimes getting traffic to your website can be hard. Here are a few tips on how tiktok can help you get more website visits. With the help of your website, you can amplify your social media influence even more by redirecting site visitors to your social media platform and vise versa – to lead your loyal TikTok fans towards your site in order to learn more about your brand.
Here are a few tips that can help not only boost your TikTok profile reach, but also help lead more users towards your blog or website:

  • Have a Profile Makeover

It is advisable to give your profile a makeover before you start getting traffic from the platform. Your bio must show your audience and whether you have a community value. Ensure you make it clear who your content aims at and that your link supports your TikTok aim.

It will also help to use links to create brand stickiness. This move allows people to click the link, and it ensures you get the right traffic from people interested in your services. You can add a bio link in the following ways;

  • Change to a business profile
  • Click the Me tab and press the three-dot menu
  • Choose Manage Account > Pro Account > Business
  • Follow the guidelines to create a business profile.
  • Have a Call-To-Action 

The last piece when editing your profile is to have a strong call to action. This action should be summarized with a single sentence, and it should talk about what the link promotes. The call-to-action allows users to buy products, automatically increasing sales and website traffic.

You can also try mentioning freebies in your bio to increase site traffic. People who go through your bio and find relevant content will want to sign up. Your website traffic will grow if you state what is in store for the audience.

  • Have Creative Content 

The best way to have increased traffic on your site is by having quality content. Try pairing your products with a certain TikTok trend, and you will notice increased views, traffic, and followers. For example, money coaches can give their audience tips to save money or certain investment modes.

These options have value and will attract many clients. It will also help to experiment with trends. Remember, more views mean your content will go viral, increasing traffic.

  • Use Paid Ads

TikTok ads are an excellent way to drive traffic and build traction. This service lets users put external links in their content, which is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Paid ads are the best solution for your organization; suppose you want to pull more traffic.

  • Show Website Content Bits in Your Videos

It is advisable to brainstorm ideas to tease your audience in videos to increase website traffic. For example, you can;

  • Share tips on finding cheap flights and conclude with a call-to-action
  • Direct your audience to download your strategies by sharing your profile link
  • Encourage your viewers to sign up by showing certain video bits.

The best way to entice people to leave the platform to visit your website is by giving something irresistible and valuable.

  • Publish Your Content at The Correct Time

Time is an important factor when it comes to putting your content on TikTok. This platform has an algorithm that markets new content when it receives adequate engagement within a certain time frame.

Publishing your content at the right time is essential in expanding your website’s reach since most of your audience will be online.

  • Build Your Following 

You are more likely to have bigger website traffic if you have more followers. Ensure your following is genuinely interested in your brand to increase your sales and traffic. All brands can have a bigger following if they acknowledge the content loved by their audience the most.

Also, make sure you target potential clients when increasing your following, and avoid adding numbers for the sake of it.

  • Have a Performance Analysis 

It will help to conduct a performance analysis after completing all the above steps to check the site traffic. Follow the following steps to conclude the analysis;

  • Launch TikTok
  • Press the Me icon beneath the screen
  • Click the horizontal lines on the screen top
  • Navigate the Privacy and Settings options
  • Tap analytics under the Account option.

These steps will show you the total playtime, watched videos, and watch time, among others. The overview section entails information on the profile views, likes, comments, and shares.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is among the fastest-rising applications today, and it is hard not to see why. Brands are joining its wave, and the above article has discussed how to improve site traffic using this application. Some steps include using paid ads, posting creative content, and including a call-to-action.

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