DWG to PDF – Everything You Need to Know About It!

The DWG vector format is a basic extension that was created to support programs such as AutoCAD. It is proprietary to Autodesk, which significantly limits competition on the market. This format is improved as new versions of AutoCAD are released. Importantly, the DWG format allows you to design two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings.

About DWG file

The name of the format is an abbreviation of the English word “Drawing”. The DWG format is a binary file format used to store 2D and 3D graphics CAD design data. DWG files contain CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings consisting of vector data and metadata saved and compiled using binary encoding.

The DWG format is the native format of most CAD software, especially AutoCAD and its alternative applications such as IntelliCAD (ActCAD, ZwCAD, ProgeCAD, CMS IntelliCAD), gstarcad and Draftsight.

This format was developed in the 1970s by AutoDesk for AutoCAD software. DWG is a closed format and its use in the Autodesk version requires a license. It is widely available through a version developed by the Open Design Alliance and used by almost all alternative CAD software.

The DWG format has become a CAD standard and is widely used by architects, designers, constructors, engineers and surveyors for many different design purposes. DWG files are fully compatible with ActCAD software.

How to open DWG files

Open a DWG files to directly view, print, or measure data in ActCAD, or when you want to transform (copy/paste) data selectively into an Inventor sketch. The big advantage of files in the DWG format is the fact that to view the content of such a file, you can use a free DWG viewer – e.g. ActCAD. Then no program is needed.

How to open DWG files

  • Launch any ActCAD application.
  • From the menu, select File > Open.
  • Search for the DWG file you want to open.
  • Select a DWG file or files with the DWG extension.
  • You can view, edit and save the results of your work in a DWG file.
  • You can choose any other CAD file format supported by ActCAD, e.g.: DXF, DGN, DWT, DWS, DWF, STEP, STL, IGES, DSF to save the results of your work.
  • You can also save your DWG file in an older version to share it with those with older CAD applications.

Additional information about DWG files

Many open source implementation libraries are being created, but none have achieved 100% compatibility with the proprietary format. This format, in addition to the native programs that use it, is also supported in many other computer-aided design programs, and can also be displayed in online DWG viewers.



Files in DWG format can be transferred to any device and system platform, but not everywhere will be able to open them correctly.

There may be many reasons why you have problems opening DWG files. What is important, is that all common problems with files with the DWG extension can be solved by yourself. We can do it quickly and without the help of an IT expert.

DWG/DXF files are often too complex and heavy, and the number of programs used to create them is too large. And here another problem arises for us, i.e. compatibility. As already mentioned, there are a lot of CAD programs.

Each of them is specific and unique due to some feature, so it is clear that we do not have all such programs and cannot be an expert in all of them. AutoCAD from Autodesk is certainly the most widespread. It is also the most expensive. Therefore, we decided to choose the cheaper and relatively compatible program. It is normal that we are unable to determine in which program the source file was created.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned conditions, we cannot avoid modifying and dividing documents during their development in order to reach the necessary text and obtain the expected result. CAD documents cannot always be processed in the desired way.

In such cases, an alternative is to convert a DWG file to PDF format, provided that such a format is acceptable to the client. This also assumes that the client does not need to further develop and modify the file.

Look for easy navigation and reliable DWG conversion options

Look for easy navigation and reliable DWG conversion options

Choose the right DWG to PDF converter software for your needs. SwifDoo PDF is such a program with a friendly user interface and intuitive conversion options that are reliable and accurate. Easy navigation makes it simpler to use, no matter how tech-savvy you are. The reliable conversion options of the best CAD to PDF converter will help ensure you get accurate results every time you need it.

Most of the converter tools also offer features such as batch conversion options to save time if you have multiple files to convert. In addition, SwifDoo PDF software offers additional features such as password protection, watermarking and the ability to edit PDF files after conversion.

In our case, the SwifDoo PDF converter program is an excellent PDF converter tool that is standard in the ActCAD Prime, ActCAD BIM, ActCAD Professional and ActCAD Standard programs.

The program’s CAD to PDF converter tool converts data from vector CAD files into editable PDF objects, which are then available for editing in any universal PDF tools both online and offline.

OCR capability

The application’s OCR feature recognizes, among others, elements such as: text descriptions and images.

We invite everyone to test SwifDoo PDF, which are characterized by increased interoperability compared to other competing PDF software, thanks to the built-in tools such as the DWG to PDF converter and saving the results of converting PDF files in any CAD format using applications from the ActCAD family. ActCAD makes this possible at no additional cost.

How to convert a PDF file to DWG

1. Navigate to “Convert” tag and choose “More to PDF” and select “CAD to PDF” option from the list.

How to convert a PDF file to DWG

2. Then click “Open or drag files here” to opening a CAD file in your local drive. It only takes a few seconds.

How to convert a PDF file to DWG

3. Select the Output Patch and then confirm everything is set up, and simply hit the “Start” button.

How to convert a PDF file to DWG

4. Done! Your DWG file has been converted to PDF.

Free online DWG to PDF converter option

Free online DWG to PDF converter option

Free conversion of DWG to PDF is possible in the free SwifDoo PDF Online Converter. You can still download the trial version of the desktop program if you have more PDF needs other than a PDF to Word or DWG file conversion.

Find out what online PDF converter for SwifDoo PDF is and how it works

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter is a free tool for converting DWG files to PDF files as well PDF to DWG online, and other formats. It converts PDF files using an advanced conversion engine that is optimized to quickly and accurately convert PDF files to the desired output file type.

Without the need to install additional external software, file conversion in the online converter is child’s play and intuitive. After converting a PDF file, you can save the conversion results not only in the DWG format, but in one of the many formats supported by all types of programs, which supports a wide range of file types, including DWG, DXF, Office, EPUB, XPS, and many others.


DWG is one of the mostly used file formats in many applications and has a hug file structure. Since DWG is a binary file format, it is not human readable like a regular PDF file format, but there are methods to convert between them without any hassle.

DWG files typically contain information about the image’s coordinates and any metadata associated with it. The format must constantly evolve to meet new needs.

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