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Twitch Videos

The destination for streaming video game streams online is Twitch. It is a forum for gamers to demonstrate their abilities, their love for games of various genres. A video clip on Twitch often catches your attention. It’s so funny that you want your gaming buddies to share it with you. It’s easier to share a video of the post, and let’s be honest, sometimes opening a connection feels hectic. Best Ways to Download Twitch Videos.


Download your VODS on Twitch

Twitch auto deletes your videos in 14-60 days (depending on the membership of Standard, Prime, or Partners) according to platform policies if you are a Streamer on the platform. Your VODS (Videos on Demand) can be saved and downloaded as follows:

  • Allow Auto-Archive Broadcasting by heading to Creator Dashboard > Channel settings > Hamburger menu?) (> Preferences > Channel. Alternatively, visit your main website profile icon located at the top right of the website > Settings > Channel & Videos > Stream Key & Preference > Toggle Archive settings
  • Videos Download-Main Drop Down Menu > Video Manager. 

Download Third-party Twitch VODs

You can visit now one of the sites below, enter your video’s URL, and download Twitch clips.

Twitch Leecher

Twitch Videos

Behold the veteran of Twitch video downloads. It is an open-source, free way of streaming videos from Twitch.

Before going on a download spree, you’ll have to install it. In one go, users can download several Twitch videos.

The app itself has a search box inside. It can search for videos from Twitch by channel name, video ID, direct URL.

By setting filters such as Publish Date, Last 10 VODS, Today Only, you can also limit your search results.

Note: This program includes the installation of .NET System 4.8 or above on Windows 7 SP1 or later.


Twitch Videos

The first tool to download Twitch videos via your URL is UnTwitch. You can use all available resolutions for downloading videos, as originally reported on Twitch.

In addition to uploading complete videos, shorter videos can also be cut and downloaded.

It can work with the function of cutting down the video for uploading as a Twitch clip downloader.

In addition, users can download the Twitch VOD’s audio-only version as well.

Ads on the web are limited, and when attempting to download Twitch images, they won’t intrude on the users. 


Twitch Videos

Clipr is a fairly quick downloader of Twitch VOD. With one click, you can backup your Twitch images.

A maximum of 1 hour of clips can be downloaded at once. Therefore, consider plunging the video into smaller sections of an hour or less for longer length images.

To save the Twitch clip, users need to paste the link, just like any other downloader.

KeepVid Twitch VOD Downloader

Twitch Videos

KeepVid has to be another downloader of Twitch VOD on the list. The user interface, though the features are identical, is on the more open side than others.

This one does not have the purpose of trimming down a Twitch clip, unlike the previously described Twitch video downloaders.

In addition, it allows users to import Twitch videos directly to the phone without requiring any special smartphone software.

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Final Words:

These are some of the easiest ways to download free videos from Twitch. Any Twitch VOD downloader alluded to above can be used to download any clips that the streamer sets to the public on the website. 

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