5+ Best Document Management Software To Try

Document Management Software

Document Management Software: A document management system saves you time by organizing documents neatly and allowing for quick file searches. Companies with fewer workforces often find to manage a large number of documents and business records. It would be simpler for them to keep the documents organized if they use a strong document management system (DMS). In addition, these tools improve team productivity by allowing them to easily access the data they need.

What Exactly Is Document Management?

Document management manages, stores, and tracks digital documents (word documents, PDFs, or any other format). Companies may use this system to store documents securely and organize the whole process.

Document Management Systems Benefits

Increased Productivity

The Productivity is critical to the success of any business. A document management system manages the company’s files effectively and securely. As a consequence, the team may concentrate on things that are more important than document maintenance. However, when you know that all of your files are safely kept, the peace of mind serves as fuel for production.

Enhanced Security

Every company wants to preserve its essential and mission-critical data. Therefore, you may keep sensitive documents in a document management system and control who has access to them. As a result, document management becomes extremely traceable, and audit trails may be used in the future if required.

Reduced Storage Space

You no longer need to maintain file cabinets, storage bins, and boxes. DMS allows you to become paperless and manage your documents digitally without taking up any physical space.

Rapid Document Retrieval

Searching for documents and retrieving files may be time-consuming. However, you may save time by easily finding the file you need using a document management system. A DMS lets you search for files by name, metadata, and content using cutting-edge technology.

Optimum Team Collaboration

Most document management solutions allow you to collaborate with your colleagues. For example, it can store files gathered from different files, and people may access them from various places. Some tools additionally let external users through permitted access.

Continue reading to learn about the best document management apps for small businesses.

5+ Best Document Management Software To Try

Document Management Software to try in 2022.

1. Box

Document Management Software

Companies may use Box to securely store, manage, and collaborate on content regardless of device type. Well, its document lifecycle management tool guarantees that the content management process conforms with legislation, data retention rules, and discovery requirements. You may restrict access to each document by assigning appropriate user rights. It helps you in auditing user activities to ensure comprehensive visibility and control. Box may interface with open APIs and enterprise apps. Collaboration among team members is made simple by features like version history, sharing links, and comments. It categorizes and organizes documents using customizable metadata.

2. iManage

Document Management Software

Well, it is a document management system that helps documents to help you turn data into high-value knowledge. iManage stores all documents in a single folder and organizes them by project or customer. On iManage, users can quickly and easily create, search for, and share data. In addition, it makes it easier to find any document, increasing efficiency. This tool may be connected with other productivity tools like Office 365 and Google Workspace for faster document management.

3. OpenKM

Document Management Software

It is a business document management solution that enables you to control digital document creation, storage, and dissemination. You may get greater control over document flow and increase the efficacy of your team’s efforts using OpenKM. This app includes administration tools such as user role definition, advanced search, access control, document security level, detail usage log, automation configuration, and user quota. You may use this section to develop content respiratory for rapid decision-making and knowledge generation. You may use this DMS to gather data from any digital source and collaborate with coworkers.

4. Folderit

Are you seeking a document management solution that provides a reasonably long-term storage and management system for digital documents? Choose Folderit in such a situation. Well, it is a cloud-based document management system that helps it simply become paperless. It securely retains metadata and previous revisions of a file or document. Users may search for files by filename, metadata, keyword, and document content. It includes features such as the approval process, file linking, automatic retention, reminders, document numbering, audit trail, and local backup. In addition, you can control access to digital documents with various permissions in real time. With this tool, you may combine Office 365 apps with DocuSign.

5. DocuWare

DocuWare is a platform that allows you to digitize and safeguard your documents from any device at any time. It helps with invoice processing and personnel management. It is especially beneficial for companies that depend on remote teams or have a spread workforce. DocuWare provides a safe storage location for your key business documents, such as contracts, personnel information, and financial records. After storing a file on DocuWare, you or your colleagues may easily edit or annotate that document on the same platform. It includes clever productivity tools that allow users to search, monitor, and collaborate. This app uses index data to arrange all of your documents elegantly.

6. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is a robust document management system that small and medium-sized businesses may use for online data organization, regardless of the number of documents they have. Upload a file to this platform to save it. Users may use the filename or folder template to find any file. EFileCabinet enables you to access commonly used documents rapidly. While encouraging team communication, this tool lets you create several security levels for regulated access. It integrates with third-party tools like Microsoft Office, DocuSign, and Salesforce. Automated workflow, encrypted file sharing, two-factor authentication, location or IP-based authentication, and role-based permissions are among its other features.

7. Alfresco

Alfresco is a platform that streamlines organizational workflow by providing document management, online content management, record and image management, and a content repository. This open-source tool works with both Windows and Unix operating systems. Even though it is readily adaptable, new users will need time to learn how to use it.

Conclusion: Document Management Software

There would be no need to search through innumerable cabinets for the essential file if an effective document management solution is in place. This post examined some of the best tools for creating a document management system for your firm. These tools are designed to meet the demands of various industries.

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