34 Top Dice Bots for Discord in 2024

Discord Dice Bots

Why don’t we sprinkle some energy and fun on your server? Gone are the days of tossing a coin during an intense gaming night to determine who would dish out. We’ve put together a list of the top dice bots for Discord out of the many naughty little ones available.

Best Discord Dice Bots List

Dice bots are more than dice rolls in Discord games. With their various features, these virtual friends can help players in various tabletop games and provide an extra level of enjoyment. Let’s review the most effective. Get ready to roll the dice and find out what happens to you.

1) Dice Bot

The first on the list of Discord Dice Bots is, Dice Bot is a very simple discard dice bot. It does not have advanced features like other similar bots. That way, you can just roll the dice with it and save yourself from learning too many commands and dealing with different configurations.

2) Discspire

A Discord dice bot called Discspire was created to make it simple for players to generate dice rolls for the online role-playing game TalesSpire. Macro dice are predetermined sets of instructions or rules that, in order to expedite games and save time, can be carried out with a single command. Users can construct macros that can be called later and rolling commands with this bot.

3) Dice Maiden

One of the greatest dice roller bots for Discord is Dice Madden; it’s ideal for tabletop roleplaying games. It is capable of rolling several dice, special dice, modifier dice, alias rolls, and more.

4) Scrap

You may roll dice, remove characters, send private messages to a single user, manage stats, define fields, and more using Scrap, an RPG discard bot. During role-playing games, this bot allows users to send custom embeds with character names and photos over chat. Because of its many uses, Discord users find it to be a highly favored solution.

5) Dicer

Dicer is a fantastic choice for anything from engaging in thrilling adventures in Dungeons & Dragons to playing tabletop games. There is only one command available for rolling dice with simple math formulas in this Discord bot: /roll. The syntax is simple to comprehend, making it suitable for beginners.

6) Raleigh

If you don’t like strategy-based games, you might enjoy D&D and other dice games on Discord, which are chance-based games. You may quickly solve math problems, roll virtual dice, and take healing potions to fight in Dungeons & Dragons by using the Raleigh bot. Some users, however, are not fond of its sporadic, undesired, and unexpected crash issue.

7) Dicecord

A multipurpose discard dice bot called Dicecord was created to help with a range of random jobs. To fully utilize the platform, you can ask him to roll the dice and draw a card. It can assist you and your pals in having fun with various games since it is a free bot alternative.

8) Ficus’s Lucky Dice

For those who utilize Discord, Ficus’s Lucky Dice is a well-liked dice bot that assists in rolling the dice for many tabletop games, such Dungeons & Dragons. It is capable of rolling dice in a variety of ways, including numerous dice, special dice, and modifiers.

9) Fate Dice

Fat Dice is another good option to go for if you are looking for a discard dice bot. As cool as it sounds, Fat Dice allows players to roll dice for role-playing games; for this, players can either roll the dice in DMs or any Discord channel.

10) Mr. Dice

Mr. Dice is perfect if you enjoy dungeons and dragons. There are several functions on this discard bot dice, including the ability to roll dice, cast spells, and wield weapons. It also has a large following and great evaluations because of its useful features. Discord users find the whole experience annoying since occasionally it just stops operating.

11) Fireball

You can carry out various actions based on your specific requirements by using the Fireball bot in your Discord server. It might, for instance, select random numbers, roll several dice, or conduct a lottery for server members. Furthermore, Fireball is ideal for role-playing games and is simple to use.

12) dBotRPG

The amazing Discord bot dBotPRG handles rolling dice for random outcomes in your games. It can roll multiple dice at once with just one instruction. In addition, the bot keeps track of previous dice rolls’ outcomes and permits the installation of additional dice.

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13) Whitea

Vita is an amazing Discord bot with many interesting features, new functions, and new mini-games.

  • Make visuals such as wallpaper, animation, avatars, and so forth.
  • Give me a random number between 1 and 6 on a dice GIF.
  • Create an Instagram profile and send TikTok videos.

14) DiceMaster

Whether you’re playing games for fun or have something at stake, Dice Master can multiply the fun like you’ve never seen before. It is packed with various features that are perfect for role-playing games, RPG sessions, and, of course, DnD. It takes the responsibility of rolling the dice so you can focus on the game.

15) Fiadh

Fiadh is a great option for those who indulge in role-playing games like The Forests of Faera. It can roll different dice depending on the interactive bot game or need.

16) Tyche

Tyche is another popular dice-rolling discard bot that can also see spells and provide definitions for various words. It can roll any type of dice and provide random numbers to help you progress in the game. Moreover, Tyche can also take care of gains and losses using appropriate flags.

17) RollBot

If you’re someone who often plays tabletop games on Discord with friends, you’ll need a RollBot dice roller on the server. Instead of making the process painful and complicated, it rolls the dice for you within the chat. Also, you can set multiple dice, special dice, and modifiers to make it useful for different types of games.

18) FU Dice Bot

FU Dicebot is a dice roller for Discord. Interestingly, it supports several standard dice types and does not invade your privacy. Moreover, this bot is relatively simple compared to many other similar options.

19) PixxieBot

If you want to increase member engagement, boost overall interaction, and bring value to your server, PixxieBot is the all-purpose tool you need. It can enhance the experience and provide hours of fun to your community with its various features and games. It promises 99.99% uptime and offers a variety of activities, including hangry activities, guessing the number, making a sentence, and truth or dare.

20) Bogsy’s Dice Bot

Bogsy’s Dice Bot simplifies the gameplay of tabletop games played on Discord by helping users roll dice with cool name modifiers and fast rolls. If you want to add some fun to your regular gaming sessions keeping an eye on the dice rolls is the one to choose. The bot is easy to integrate and operate with slash instructions.

21) Ghosty

Ghosty is the prettiest and most functional dice-rolling bot for Discord, perfect for promoting fun and interaction on the server. It has many features and games, including Minesweeper, Cards Against Humanity, Hangman, and Truth or Dare. It is accessible in multiple languages, including Portuguese, German, and English.

22) BobTheBot

By offering features that promote member interaction and engagement, BobTheBot strives to increase your community’s activity and engagement. With its Random Number Generator (RNG) capability, users can generate random numbers for a variety of uses. It offers fresh fonts for use in messages sent on Discord.

23) Alfred

Alfred is a versatile and helpful bot that helps improve server engagement by providing you with a range of entertainment options, including voice and music commands. Use utility commands to create random graphics, search for music on YouTube, and find lyrics.

24) Dice Roller

Dice Roller Discord Bot is ideal for server members who enjoy tabletop role-playing games or other activities that rely on chance and luck, as its name suggests. Roll special dice, modifier dice, and multiple dice. Slash commands make it easy to use.

25) Goomba’s 8-Ball

Goomba’s 8 Ball is as fun and engaging as it sounds. When you want to roll dice, flip coins, ask clever questions, or get entertaining answers, this Discord Dice Roller Bot is ideal. It just has to be invited to your server, that’s all. Offers thought-provoking, entertaining, or inspirational quotes that you can share with other members. The /insults command randomly selects an insult that you can use to make lighthearted jokes about your friends.

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26) Dice Witch

Dicewitch is a well-liked and sophisticated bot option that makes your rolls more interesting than dull and repetitive. To create a more authentic experience, it displays a graphic representation of the TRPG die on screen. Although four-, six-, eight-, ten-, twelve-, or twenty-sided dice may be represented, you can roll any number of dice.

27) Button Dice Roller

Button Dice Roller is a visual bot that works especially well with smartphones that use touch-response buttons instead of slash commands to initiate rolls. After using the command to set it up on any Discord channel, the bot will send you a message with several options. For the bot to report results, players must tap and select any option. It works with Discord threads that let users roll the dice within a particular topic or conversation.

28) Dice Golem

Dice Golem is a straightforward and user-friendly bot that can roll popular RPG and TRPG dice expressions on your Discord channel, including 2d6+1. It also supports modifiers like reroll, drop/cap, and more. With private rules, you may send direct messages to the bot and receive results in direct messages. You can even roll dice using secret rules without switching windows.

29) Hector

Hector Top is one of the most multifunctional, easy-to-use, round-the-clock online discard dice bots. Designed with ease of use and practicality in mind, it has the potential to be a wonderful addition to your server. One of Hector’s strongest features is his ability to work in English, Portuguese, Polish, Greek and Spanish. A predefined set of characters from which users are free to choose. Advanced free with features like automatic sending, rerolling, and graphic attachments.

30) Feyre

Feyre is intended for use with the Discord gaming platform, specifically for D&D and other role-playing games. It strives to offer a smooth and intuitive gameplay experience, and you can use several advanced features while playing. Dice of any size can be rolled with combined advantage and skill checks. To reroll previous rolls, use the Reroll button. The tracker records the characters’ turns and wallets.

31) Wizbot

Wizbot can be an ideal dicebot option in Discord servers where there are frequent instances of indecisiveness. All it takes is a few quick spins of the wheel to make the difficult decision easier. It’s a great way to leave things to chance instead of going over something over and over again. Allows dice rolling, deal blackjack, magic 8-ball answers, and coin flips. Uses AI to generate images and generate and present information using random images.

32) Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness is a multifunctional program that makes it easier for Discord users to play several games, such as Hunder: the Recoking 5th Edition and Vampire: the Masquerade. You can instruct it to roll the dice, manage webpages, or track characters. Additionally, you can inspect the character list and set or remove characters using a variety of commands.

33) AnyDice

The AnyDice Discord bot is an adaptable tool with a variety of features. Among other things, it offers the ability to roll dice and flip coins for you. The a! help command provides access to numerous commands and instructions on how to use them.

34) Kobold

The last on the list of Discord Dice Bots is, Koblod is a clever dice roller bot that uses Discord to import, integrate, and manage numerous characters from Pathbuilder 2E and Wanderer’s Guide. Kobold handles handling numerous characters at once with ease, something that often be overwhelming for gamers. Using the character’s stats, you can roll dice and make your own personalized dice expressions.

That’s it for the list of Best Free Discord Dice Bots.

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This is it, guys! We hope you enjoyed our compiled list of the best dice bots for Discord. Now is the time to pick one up today, add them to the server, and let them add a never-ending fun factor to interactive sessions. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to Seventech.org for more such tips.

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