How To Check If Someone On Discord Blocked You

Check If Someone On Discord Blocked You

Check Someone On Discord Blocked You: Many users who use Discord aren’t visible to you or can’t be reached even though you’ve had a conversation with them before. Even though you might have problems with the Internet, you might have been blocked by them at some point. A blocked account can’t be used to get in touch with anyone. It’s easy to find out if you’re blocked because you can use one of several ways. Unfortunately, the person has chosen not to talk to you, so you can’t do anything. Find out how this works by reading on.

How To Check If Someone On Discord Blocked You

The simplest way to check if someone has blocked you, send them a private message. Most of the time, if you can send them a message, they haven’t blocked you yet, and you can breathe a little easier. However, when you look at your chat logs with this person, you’ll know you’ve blocked. It will be Clyde, Discord’s official bot. It will show you an error message. It’d say that your message couldn’t be delivered because it was for one of the following:

1 – You do not share servers with the recipient. 

2 – The shared servers you’re both in have direct messages disabled. 

3 – The recipient will only read messages from people they’re friends with.

If you’re blocked, Clyde will also send you a link to a full list of all the possible reasons for it. However, he won’t say why you can’t send the person a message. In that case, though, if you were recently talking to this person and now you can’t send them any messages, you were probably blocked at some point in the past. Check if you added the person as a friend; check your friend’s list. If they didn’t show up on it, that’s another sign that they may have blocked you.

How To Check If Someone On Discord Blocked You Without Messaging Them

The good news is that there’s another way to check if someone has blocked you. To avoid finding to type a long message, don’t. Emotes can be used anywhere on Discord. If you think you were blocked, try reacting to one of their messages on a server you both share. The emote will show if they haven’t blocked you. It’s also true that the screen will vibrate a little if you’re on a PC. However, mobile users have more of a sign. An alert with the words “Reaction Blocked” will show up on their screen. This is when you’ll know that someone has blocked you. There’s also a method to check if someone has blocked you without sending them a message. However, it does require that you send them something else. You’re sending them a friend request instead of a letter this time. Do this:

1 – On Discord, go to the Home menu. Then, go to the Friends menu.

2 – Select Add Friend from here. 

3 – Type the person’s Discord username and tag, then click Send Friend Request. 

4 – It won’t work if you’re blocked.

That’s another thing to check for. If you know that the person shares a server with you, you can also click Add Friend from their profile. This method is less time-consuming.

How To Check If Your Blocked Using Discord Message Reactions

Well, given Discord’s design, you can use their message reactions to check if someone blocks you.

1 – Open up Discord and go to a message from the person you think blocked you.

2 – Now, respond to their message and see if it shows up. If it does, you haven’t been blocked by them, but bad luck if it doesn’t.

What To Do If Someone Blocks Me?

Because you don’t have a way to contact the other person, you can do nothing about it. It’s possible to make a new Discord account and contact them, but you’re out of a job if they don’t allow messages from people who aren’t their friends. So the next best thing is to ask some of your friends to help. Those of your friends who haven’t been blocked yet can still get in touch with the other person and try to contact out things out.


When You Block Someone On Discord, What Happens? 

In Discord, you don’t see their messages anymore when you block someone. However, if you and your friend still use the same server, you might see “1 Blocked Message” twice. That’s a clear sign that you have blocked the person. If you want to know what the message says, you can choose to read it. Otherwise, you can keep looking at the channels and see what else they have to show you.

 If I’m Blocked, Why Doesn’t Discord Tell Me? 

The Discord employs a “no evidence and no alertness” policy when it comes to blocking other users. The procedure is meant to keep users from finding out and making a big deal about it, so it’s important to follow it. But, unfortunately, there’s no way for you to find out whether someone has blocked you.

Final Thoughts:

Discord doesn’t look like it will change its “no alertness and no evidence” policy any time soon. Because of this, these tricks for finding out if you were blocked are here to stay! These tricks will help you decide if someone doesn’t want to talk to you. Have you been blocked from Discord? Many users have you blocked. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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