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Are you looking for Indian apps for chatting? Then you are the RIGHT audience for this content. Here’s a list of the best Chat Apps in India for free in India that you can use without worrying about your privacy or safety, which are completely legal.

The exponential rise of chatting apps in India is notable. There are already more than 500 million active users of chatting apps in a country with a population of over 1.3 billion. This astounding number is anticipated to continue to climb in the following years. Numerous factors contribute to the popularity of chatting apps in India.

First, they are quite practical. Using a chat app, you can connect with anyone, anywhere in world, at any time of day or night. It is ideal for a country like India, where people are frequently on the move and may need more time for a regular telephone discussion.

Secondly, chat apps are sometimes free or inexpensive. In a country such as India, where many individuals are on a restricted budget, this is another significant benefit. Thirdly, many individuals like the anonymity that chat apps provide. In countries where arranged marriages are still prevalent, meeting new individuals and beginning a relationship might be challenging. Chatting apps give a judgment-free area for individuals to explore their alternatives and converse with potential mates.

Finally, chat apps are enjoyable. They are a terrific method to remain in touch with buddies and family and meet new people. Unquestionably, chat apps are here to stay in India. They offer a convenient, inexpensive, and enjoyable way for individuals to connect, and their appeal shows no sign of decreasing.

With the ever-increasing demand for constant texting, India has many messaging services; in this post, we’ll examine the best free chatting apps in India. The list identifies the best players and how they achieved their places.

Best Chatting Apps or Messaging Apps in India

Chatting App List: We will cover the best Indian Chat Apps, including their features, what differentiates them, their customer base, and the platforms they serve. In addition, we’ve included other messaging systems popular with various audiences in the country. While WhatsApp typically tops the list, there are a growing number of competitors with newer features, improved security, and a simpler user interface.

So, without further ado, shall we examine these best Indian apps for Chatting in greater detail?

1. WeChat

WeChat is a popular Indian chat and calling app in India. You can converse via voice calls, video calls, and text messages such as SMS and MMS. In addition, you can share games, live movies, and photographs with your loved ones using this app. WeChat is the best option if you frequently travel to areas where 4G coverage may not be accessible.

Moreover, WeChat functions exceptionally well on both 2G and 3G networks. WeChat is one of the most trusted apps since it offers high-quality voice and video even when the network is unstable. A Chinese business developed this cross-platform instant messaging app.

2. Messenger

Facebook Inc. has created Messenger. In addition to audio, video, and text messaging, the all-inclusive contact app features community video chat. The service became accessible in August 2011. Messenger can be used independently of a Facebook account. Messenger is accessible on your computer and as an iOS and Android mobile app. This app facilitates the transmission of high-quality photos and movies.

Included are several emoticons, stickers, and GIFs. In addition, Facebook has upgraded Messenger’s privacy settings to give an additional layer of protection. It is possible to access the Messenger app using facial or fingerprint recognition. Messenger, one of the best chatting apps in India, replaced Facebook Messenger.

3. JioChat

JioChat is a Reliance Industries Ltd. enterprise. It is one of the fastest-growing best Chat Room Apps in India You Can Download in 2023. It is available in numerous languages. Users can send text messages, audio files, and motion pictures. The instant messaging service also gives customers news, movie, and sports updates.

This best free chatting app with strangers also supports emoticons, emojis, and audio and video conferencing. If you are connected to the Jio 4G Volte network, it functions exceptionally well for you. Its features and speed are much superior to those of the majority of available international chat apps. It is the default messaging software that comes with a Jio sim card, and it also offers exceptionally high-quality voice and video calling capabilities.

4. WhatsApp

This choice is obvious! WhatsApp is the top online chat app in India. Using the internet connection on your phone enables you to send and receive text messages, photographs, videos, documents, and voice calls. WhatsApp was created as an instant messaging service and now supports voice and video calls.

Around 200 million individuals in India use it. This best online chat app links to your phone number and addresses book. It very recently introduced the ability to send money to your contact list. All WhatsApp conversations are encrypted for security purposes.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most distinctive Chat Apps available in India. It offers voice conversations, video chatting, photo messaging, and text messaging, among other functions. After a recipient has viewed a sent text or image, the service deletes the communications. It means there is no history to speak of other than a streak counter.

Snapchat offers Stories as well. It allows users to present their followers with figurative status updates. They expire in 24 hours. The program also permits international money transactions in other locations. It is trendy among younger generations and features a function called Snap Streak, in which you submit a photo to your pals daily and earn points.

6. Skype

Skype is one of the most well-known instant messaging apps in India. It allows text conversations, voice calls, and video calls. Even conventional phone numbers can be called for a little fee. In addition, it supports the vast majority of file formats, such as documents, GIFs, and others, and has excellent cross-platform support, multiple chat support, and file-type support.

You can use the Lite edition if you enjoy Skype but only need some of its functions. This free live chat app is a Microsoft-owned service. The software also includes email and business messaging, and its layout makes it a common method for conducting interviews. In addition, using the app, you can engage in group chats and read and respond to SMS messages sent to your phone.

7. Viber 

Next in our list of the top-rated Free Chat Apps for Messaging on Your Phone or Computer is Viber, which is used by over a billion people worldwide and is one of the best chatting apps in India, contains every feature you could desire from a messaging app. It allows you to make audio and video calls and send text messages. Viber is a VoIP and instant messaging app developed by Viber Media.

This online chatting app is available on all mobile platforms, but to use it on a desktop computer, it must first be downloaded on a mobile device. Viber gained popularity due to its faster access to friends and contacts than Skype and its speedy telephony. Its performance is independent of the speed of the mobile Internet, which is still another distinguishing characteristic.

8. Telegram

Telegram enables you to create huge chat groups with up to 100,000 individuals nearby or globally. It permits sharing of massive movies and documents in any format (.DOC,.MP3,.ZIP, etc.) and configures bots to perform certain tasks. It is the best instrument for managing teamwork and facilitating online communities.

This free chat app download sends messages with the smallest feasible number of bytes. In addition, it features RSA encryption with 2048 bits, symmetrical AES encryption with 256 bits, and more. Consequently, it is regarded as one of the safest and best Indian apps for chatting and calling.

9. Hike

Hike, one of the best Indian Messaging Apps that are Made in India, is accessible in forty different languages. There are about two thousand stickers on it. Additionally, you will receive sticker recommendations to reduce your keyboard usage. Besides being a discussion app, The Hike is a news, stock market, and live cricket score app. HikeMoji, which allows users to express themselves through customizable emojis, is one of the app’s many unique and innovative features.

Hike employs 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit AES encryption to protect the security and privacy of its users. Hike claims to have over 100 million users in India alone. Using the polls area, you may find the best place to eat or shop, as it is based on reviews from different hike users.

10. Signal

Another full-featured one of the best best free live chat apps for Android in India is Signal Messenger, which is popular in India. In addition to text and image chatting, the program allows voice and video calls. A straightforward image editor, a dark theme, and additional capabilities are available. After WhatsApp’s privacy policy snafus in 2021, Viber’s user base increased, and if you require privacy, it’s a decent alternative.

Encrypting the content of your emails is merely one component of your privacy. For example, you can configure messages to vanish after programmed time intervals. Additionally, Signal collects minimal user data. Your phone number is the only information you supply to the app, and the creators are even working to isolate it from Signal usage by using encrypted contact.

11. Google Hangouts

Google developed Hangouts Chat. It is arguably one of India’s most excellent Chat Apps and a clever and secure team-oriented communication tool. Google Hangouts enables messaging, voice and video conferencing, group discussions, and more. In addition, you may exchange photographs, movies, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, and maps. In shared discussions, the app permits up to 150 people. It is the most popular business texting service in India.

This only chatting app was designed for teams to provide a dynamic platform for straightforward and trustworthy communication. There is no requirement for a phone number. Instead, join in with your Gmail account to use Hangouts, an integrated platform that simplifies and enhances team collaboration.

By the end of 2022, Google Chat will replace Google Hangouts.

12. ShareChat

Are you still seeking the popular and best Chat Apps in 2023? The most popular chatting app in India is ShareChat, which allows users to express their ideas, keep a journal of their lives, and meet new people in their native language. ShareChat is now available for free download, but its next development phase will focus on enhancing the service’s revenue generation to benefit both users and investors.

Currently, the app generates revenue from adverts to fund its development. In addition, the company connects content creators and brands to construct regional language marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it helps you to create friends through the use of chat rooms. In addition to uploading, you may also download various enjoyable media files.

13. Glide

The Glide chatting app is a real-time video walkie-talkie that enables users to converse. To share a video with their friends, users need not necessarily upload it to a chat app. Instead, the Glide program makes real video conversations possible, which sends the video to the messenger as it is being captured.

At any time, video recordings created by the individual in the video may be sent. At the same time, users can see and remark whenever it is convenient for them. The Glide app allows users to maximize the possibilities of video conferencing. No amount of text messages or emoticons can ever replace the value of face-to-face contact.

14. Kik

Kik is an instant messaging tool developed in Canada and is compatible with a range of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Using the mobile’s internet connection; it delivers messages in the form of images, movies, web pages, drawings, etc.

Users can sign up on Kik without providing their cell phone numbers, safeguarding their anonymity. Kik is among the most popular chat apps in India. It also has a browser that may be used for numerous purposes. Additionally, you can concurrently speak with up to 50 individuals and remain anonymous.

15. Line

Line is compatible with cellphones, tablets, and PCs for sending messages. In addition, users of Line can text, exchange photos and videos, and even engage in free online video conferences, including effects and filters for usage during the conversation.

It is one of India’s most popular instant messaging and social messaging apps. You can communicate with up to 200 people simultaneously online. Using the app’s Poll feature, you can decide where to hang out or eat with family and friends. In addition, it provides sports and news updates.


Which chat app is most used in India?

In India, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app.

Which is the best messaging app?

Over 1.6 billion monthly active users make WhatsApp the most popular messaging app.

Is there any free chat app in India?

There are free chat apps in India, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and others.

Which is the best free chatting app in India?

There are other free Chat Apps in India, but WhatsApp is the best. It has a large user base in the country and various features that make it the ideal chat app for anyone looking for one.

What are the Indian WhatsApp alternatives?

There are numerous free alternatives to WhatsApp in India, including Messenger, Telegram, Hike, Skype, Google Chat, and Signal.

Last Words – Best Indian Chat Apps

This list includes nearly all of India’s most popular Chat Apps; it is dynamic and subject to change. However, certain apps would remain on the list and persist for a considerable time due to high user reliance and the constant addition of new features to maintain a fluid user interface.

Whatsapp, for example, has topped the list for some time and appears to have a long way to go. However, despite the daily emergence of new services, the popularity and user experience are always evolving and improving.

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