How to Change Your Reddit Username

Want to know how to Change Your Reddit Username? Great! You are in the right place. Reddit is a quite popular platform for sharing posts, text, links, and images meant for discussion threads and community conversations. It allows users to comment, upvote, downvote, or subscribe to a particular channel and get timely notifications.

It also incorporates the concept of Karma points, which get added to the user’s profile whenever someone comments on their posts or upvotes them for easy use. Reddit is known as the front page of the Internet. There are subreddits dedicated to a particular area of interest. For example- r/india is a subreddit devoted to posts related to India. Each subreddit has some rules & regulations, and humans or bots moderate them.

Unlike social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit is moderated well for its quality content and prevent spam. This article discusses how you can control or change your username on this platform.  Want to Know to Delete Your Reddit Account? You can read from our blog section.


Can you Change Your Reddit Username?

The username of your account is not easily available for change. It is important to know that Reddit accounts are available for use only once. Users can make the process simple by changing their display name.

It is easy and doesn’t require you to create a new account. Existing usernames cannot be changed using the settings on Reddit. We are, therefore, offering you alternative solutions to this problem.

How to Change Your Reddit Username Detailed Guide

Users can create a new account on Reddit to change their username. There is no other option available to users. Here are the steps to Change Your Reddit Username by basically creating a new account:

  1. Navigate to Reddit through browser or its app available on the play store or apple store. New users can click on the signup button. Users with an existing account can log out by clicking an arrow by the icon at the top-right of Reddit’s home screen in the browser.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button on Reddit. Users have to enter a valid email address. You could still use the email associated with an existing Reddit account. Then enter an appropriate new username and password, and click on ‘Sign Up.’ The platform also offers suggestions that you could incorporate while choosing a username. It is highly recommended to verify your email address during sign-up. It will be helpful in case you forget your password.

That’s it. You get a new username for your newly created Reddit account. There are, however, a few drawbacks to creating a new account with Reddit. You will have to build your profile from scratch again.

Steps to Change Reddit Display Name

The display name is something that shows on your profile. You can change it to improve your Reddit appeal. Here are the easy steps to change the Reddit display name:

  1. Open up Reddit on your device using the following link. Users have to log in, go to the Settings tab at the bottom left of their profile screen.
  2. You have to click on the Customize Profile button. The page now allows you to edit your Reddit display name. It will enable you to change the current name, which everyone can see online.

These are the steps to change the display name on your profile easily.

The Drawbacks of Creating a New Account:

Over time, the users may want to change their username to make their profile more trending and better suited to their content. Thus, it would help if you were more careful while selecting a username for your profile.

The only possible solution by Reddit to change the username is deactivating the current account and signing up with a new username.

Disadvantage of the approach is that you lose your earned Karma points and the connections, and you will have to start afresh with a new account. You can no longer log in with the same email address and username as your older version.

Change Your Reddit Username

Legit Tips for choosing Reddit usernames:

By now, it is clear that it is extremely crucial to choose an appropriate and catchy username for your Reddit profile since you can’t change it without deactivation. Here are some of the suggestions or tools you could use while entering the username:

  1.     Suitable for the purpose – Your username must indicate your intention on the platform. For instance, you must use your corporation name in case you want to promote your business. If you are going to make a profile specific to a particular area of interest like sports, music, etc., dedicate a catchy username that signifies the same.
  2.     Making use of name generator tools –  You could make use of many automatic name generator tools available on the Internet. One of them is Spin-XO that utilizes some information from your side, like name, hobbies, likes, keywords, and numbers, etc., and constructs around 50 potential usernames that you could use. Another site is We recommend – for the users. Try it out for easy access.

It comes up with several Alternative usernames which you could randomize.

Reddit Karma – An interesting feature

The platform provides a feature of Reddit Karmas, which are points associated with each user profile. The feature helps to serve the best content to its users since most Karma points are highly upvoted and appear on the front page of the user’s feed.

The posts that are highly downvoted appear at the bottom or eventually get hidden. These imaginary points help provide credibility to a user’s account, and also, few subreddits require users to have certain Karma points to be eligible for comments and posts. However, heavily posting things or spam content for more Karma points may have negative results and lead to a ban in certain subreddits.

The Best Subreddits You Must Explore

Reddit is a huge community of users, consisting of several topics and discussion threads you might want to explore. When you sign up on the site, you can choose among several subreddits on various topics like movies, sports, technology, etc.

You can type your hobby or area of interest in, and in most cases, you will be able to find your favorite subreddit on the topic. As a newbie, You could have a look at some of these most popular subreddits:

1. TodayILearned

Change Your Reddit Username

It is a popular subreddit dedicated to exchanging knowledge with updated information from time to time. You can enjoy it a lot on the platform using this website.

2. AskReddit

Change Your Reddit Username

It is quite a helpful subreddit to get your questions answered by the large community. You can ask the subreddit about any doubts and queries. The people are very helpful.

3. IAmA

Change Your Reddit Username

AMAs are a good way to know new people. It is one of the most popular subreddits, and here you would come across celebrities and renowned personalities of different fields sharing their experiences and interacting with the masses.

4. Aww

Change Your Reddit Username

This subreddit will bring a smile to your face. It brings some cute dog pictures as well as some fun stuff. The Aww subreddit is great for people who want to witness some amazing pictures.

5. Wholesome Memes

Change Your Reddit Username

The meme lovers out there bring out the trending memes getting viral on the Internet in one place. The memes are going to be quite exciting for viewers who enjoy sharing these with friends.

6. Listen to this

Change Your Reddit Username

The subreddit introduces you to some great music from across the world. It is a must for people who enjoy exploring new sounds. You can try this out to find out new content.

7. FoodPorn

Change Your Reddit Username

If you enjoy cooking & exploring new recipes, then this is the right place for you. FoodPorn is the subreddit for those who want to get hold of some great recipes. And so on. There are subreddits for everything you might want to discover.

Final Thought About Change Your Reddit Username:

I hope this article gave a fair idea of changing display names and usernames on the Reddit platform. And the importance of choosing a wise username for your account and some useful tips for the same. Reddit is a great platform to explore and contribute to a huge community sharing ideas on multiple topics.

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