10 Best Free Calendar Apps for Mac in 2023

Calendar Apps

This article discusses the top paid and free calendar apps for Mac that will assist you in arranging your days.

With adequate preparation and structure, navigating through the day is smooth. First, however, you must plan and prepare your day to complete your to-do list and avoid laboring and juggling many activities during the day. The best calendar app for Mac can greatly assist when making plans for the day.

You may now question why you need a third-party Mac calendar when the device already has one. The Mac’s built-in calendar needs extra functionality to facilitate better planning and scheduling.

Consequently, this post presents a well-researched selection of the top paid and free calendar apps for Mac.

However, before reading this list, you should know what to look for in a calendar app. Knowing it enables you to select the ideal solution for your needs. Consequently, let’s first examine these crucial characteristics.

Essential Features of Best Calendar Apps for Mac

The best calendar apps for Mac should have all or the majority of the following features.

User-friendly native macOS interface

The user interface of the best Mac calendar app should adhere to Apple’s design and connect seamlessly with the operating system. In addition, it should have features such as menu bar icons, notifications, native keyboard shortcuts, & Today widgets. Overall, this program should be both user-friendly and feature-rich.

Quick appointment addition

One of the primary reasons a person requires a calendar app is to add and recall events/appointments. However, these apps are only useful if appointments can be added fast.

Therefore, the best calendar app should allow users to set appointments with minimal effort. In addition, these apps receive bonus points if they feature natural language processing.

Quick appointment viewing

In addition to allowing users to make appointments easily, the ideal Mac calendar app should allow users to view appointments swiftly. You should be able to view your appointments in the format of your choice, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Syncing to mobile and other devices

The calendar app should support synchronization. It is usually advisable to sync your calendar via iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, or all three so it is always accessible.

Let’s move on to the apps that offer all or the bulk of those above and numerous additional capabilities.

List of the Best Calendar Apps for macOS [Free & Paid]

Best Online Calendars & Apps for 2023: This year, the following are the best calendar apps for macOS.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Now, let’s discuss Microsoft Outlook, a more professional-looking free calendar app for Mac. It is a well-known app for its email capabilities.

Regarding the calendar, Microsoft Outlook spares no effort to impress consumers with its functionality. For example, this calendar establishes events based on location, meeting notes, Skype conversations, and similar features.

Additionally, Microsoft Outlook permits the import and addition of popular TV channel schedules. In addition, this calendar is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s To-Do service and Sticky Notes, which is a welcome feature.

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2. Fantastical

Let’s start by introducing you to Fantastical, the best calendar app for Mac. At first glance, this calendar’s design piqued our interest.

In addition to being well-designed, it offers numerous additional features, such as rapid event creation via the “+” menu, construction of a template from the new event, event composition with a single click, and support for third-party calendars.

In addition, you will appreciate Fantastical’s fluid animations and speedy, highly-responsive experience.

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3. Calendars

This list of the top free calendar apps for Mac includes Calendars. It is the ideal program for anyone satisfied with Apple Calendar yet who wants a menu bar extension.

This calendar app for Mac free resides in the menu bar and provides access to the Calendar’s calendars. It makes seeing your agenda and timetable simple. In addition, you can subscribe to Calendars if you desire more capabilities, such as adding backgrounds.

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4. Any.Do

If we talk about the popular and free Calendar Apps for Mac, Any.Do, primarily a task management program, is also the best calendar app for macOS. This app’s most appealing feature is adding pertinent information, such as notes, location, URL, etc., to the event details.

Moreover, another incredible advantage of Any.Do is its excellent integration with third-party apps. It supports over 1500 apps, including Trello, OneNote, Evernote, and Slack.

In terms of personalization, the program can be personalized with engaging themes and background backgrounds.

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5. WeekCal

Next on this list of the best free calendar apps for Mac is WeekCal. It claims to facilitate effortless life organization. And perhaps its qualities do contribute to an orderly lifestyle.

The most intriguing aspects of WeekCal are the schedule representation using colors and emojis and the year/month/week/day-based summary. In addition, it synchronizes flawlessly with other apps, including iCloud, Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, ICS subscription calendars, and CalDAV.

In addition, this best calendar app free allows you to plan appointments by dragging, copying, and pasting easily. Even event templates and recurrent events can be created. You may also assign emojis and colors to events based on rules. And events can be shared using messaging programs.

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6. Google Calendar

Those searching for the best Google calendar app for Mac now have an excellent solution. Google Calendar is technically not a downloadable app but rather a web-based app. However, if you’re an avid user of Google goods, you can use this app as an alternative to Apple Calendar because it synchronizes all your activities flawlessly.

In addition to its superior synchronization features, Google Calendar efficiently organizes all your information. You need to maintain the Google Calendar window in your browser to use it.

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7. BusyCal

When you view BusyCal, you are reminded of the Apple Calendar. However, these two are entirely dissimilar in terms of their characteristics. BusyCal is significantly more adaptable than Apple or any other calendar on our list.

It’s the best calendar app for macOS since you can display only the necessary information, customize the calendar’s color scheme, alter the fonts, and add another timezone.

In addition to advanced customization features, BusyCal has an availability panel. You can use this panel to discover your schedule’s next available time slot. Additionally, events might be categorized annually, monthly, weekly, or daily.

In addition, this best calendar app for Mac reddit supports synchronization via Yahoo, iCloud, Fruux, Google, Office 365, iCloud, Fastmail, Exchange, and CalDAV.

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8. Calendar 366 II

Are you still seeking the popular and top-notch Calendar Apps for Mac 2023? If you dislike the Windows view, choose Calendar 366 II, a Mac app with a menu bar. The best feature of this calendar is that it does not require you to switch to another window, thereby preserving your focus.

Regarding features, Calendar 366 II has Spotlight search capabilities for locating calendar entries quickly. In addition, there is support for Touch Bar, simple appointment addition and viewing, natural language inputs, and seamless data synchronization across several devices.

In addition, you can use Calendar 366 II as a clock on your Mac; this is an additional feature that makes it one of the best calendar apps for Mac.

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9. Informant

The following is an introduction to Informant. Not only is it the best calendar app for macOS, but it is also the best task manager and note-taking app.

In addition, it allows a selection of viewing modes and simple modification of the appearance of particular events. Additionally, it contains a menubar for adding events to the calendar.

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10. Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar concludes our list of the best free calendar apps for Mac. The calendar can be accessed in three ways: via the desktop, the menu bar, or the Dock.

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Additionally, Mini Calendar is a lightweight and customizable app. For example, you can change its color and shortcut keys. Additionally, you may view the sunset and dawn periods.

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Concluding the Best Calendar Apps for Mac

Now, we have concluded the best Calendar Apps for Mac free and paid. You may select a calendar from the preceding selection based on your choices and needs. Also, please indicate in the comments area whether you enjoyed our content.

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