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Here are sufficient sites like 123Movies online that promise free movies of high quality but deliver nothing except for advertising and malware. For some years now, 123Movies has been a welcome exception, providing an ever-growing collection of movies to visitors around the universe. However, is 123Movies the top streaming site on the internet? As well, Wondering to answer this question, we tested many Sites like 123Movies that are obtainable from Dec 2019 and ended up with the list of the best ten substitutes to 123Movies to Watch Online Movies and TV shows the 123Movies server is down.

Let’s see now what 123Movies is and what makes it such a great and popular Streaming Site before we get to them.


What Is 123Movies?

123Movies First launched in 2015, & it had about 100 million active users during its peak time. Sadly, the site was undertaken by (MPAA) the Motion Picture Association of America in March 2018, which sent wavelets through the entire online streaming community for its owners and visitors.

This original and authentic domain name of 123Movies ( doesn’t function anymore, and the same for 123Movies is, which was a substitute domain name. Although this original website is no longer active, the spirit of 123Movies lives on through different clone sites and mirrors (mentioned below). This central issue with 123Movies clones and mirrors is that their quality tends to hit or miss but mostly miss. You will face very interrupting ads, links leading to malicious sites, movies that reject to load, and so on.


Is 123Movies Legal and Safe?

Some admissibility of 123Movies and sites like 123Movies, guided by local laws, and each country is different in this regard. While some states, streaming is entirely legal and not regulated, although few countries, such as the United States or Germany, are not authorized. So, If you want to be cent% sure that you do not violate any laws, make sure to ask and consult a legal professional in your country or make a sensible decision using available resources.

It would be best if you reminded the purpose of watching movies on 123Movies or similar sites in your home’s comfort for your amusement, and it’s ultimately something different from using a website like 123Movies for commercial aims. Some former might get you to a slap on the wrist, but the latter can send you to jail.

123Movies Proxy and Mirrors

Under the list of 123Movies Proxy and Mirrors. Full Proxy and Mirrors listed were obtainable at the time of writing this post.

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Need to use a mirror that established an encrypted SSL connection so that your internet service provider can not observe your activity.

Best Sites Like 123Movies

As this and other causes, many former users of 123Movies have to head over on other sites, and we recommend you at least explore the available 123Movies Alternatives and determine if sticking with 123Movies is worth it.



Our list of the excellent 123Movies Alternatives would not be complete without FMovies, one of them up in years and the most admired streaming sites out there. Concentrating on films released since 2009, FMovies is a perfect place for finding fresh releases in the best quality. As well, We most like about FMovies because the site’s movie player can control using keyboard shortcuts. For example, now you can press the space to stop your movie, enter or exit fullscreen by pressing the F key, or seek back by 60 seconds by using the J key to watch a thrilling scene again.



Suppose there was a medal for the most polished streaming site, we are sure SolarMovie would get it. Never doubt, SolarMovies feels like a premium site even though it doesn’t need even a simple registration. You insert the name of the movie you want to watch, click on its thumbnail, and click play. All movie page has a brief synopsis, IMDb rating, duration, and other information to assist you in deciding if you have made the right choice. The SolarMovies also recommend similar Content based on what you are currently watching, making it almost too easy to end up on some hours long binge. The Very best 123Movies Alternatives.



Gomovies is one of the famous places online to watch movies and TV shows without any registration. This site contains everything from action movies to horror flicks, and registered members can demand content to be added on the site. Suppose you have always wonder to watch the top 100 most famous movies on IMDb, you will be glad to know that movies on GOmovies can sort according to their IMDb rating. Within this way, you can start from the best-rated and most liked movie of all time. Now, You can also do as same with TV shows. It is similar to 123Movies.



Putlocker is with the foremost Alternatives to 123Movies, and the two sites share many similar features. Both Putlocker and 123Movies can recognize by their green and gray color strategy and minimalist design. More important, both sites don’t contain too many ads that might otherwise ruin the user experience. People contain are thousands of movies and TV shows; all are obtainable with the click of a button and from any place in the world. We also admire that Putlocker places a very prominent search bar right in the middle of the page, making it very uncomplicated to search for interesting content to watch.



Primewire takes the Fifth place on our list because the site could miserably use a redesign. So, When compared with many other streaming sites, it looks quite dated and unsophisticated. Some users like the reality that Primewire is still using its original design instead of changing it every few years. This Content is what matters most, and Primewire doesn’t discourage in this regard. This site has even curated playlists featuring everything from space movies to westerns movies about slavery and many more. In case if you want, you can also create your playlist and share it with your buddies. Well, Old website, but also consider 123Movies Alternatives.



Suppose you always say “Yes” to the best movie, Yesmovies will feel you like a new home. This site permits users to rate movies, and ratings are also displayed right on the front page, so you can easily watch which movies are worth checking out and which are most rated just a massive waste of precious time. Most maximum Content is obtainable in HD, but you can bump into the occasional CAM rip or SD quality release. Essentially all Content on Yesmovies is obtainable from multiple sources, which is handy because it doesn’t host anything on its servers. Here is also very similar to 123Movies.



So, Are you tired and get rid of seeing annoying ads on streaming sites? If yes, this 123Movies Alternative is best for you. Believe it or not, but GoStream lets you watch movies for free charge and without traditional ads. Yeah, few links lead to sponsored sites, but those are very simple to avoid, even without an AdBlock. While it comes to Content, GoStream contains everything from the current Hollywood blockbusters to childhood classics. Plus, all you need to do is find something interesting is to browse the continually updated selection of currently released movies or use the search bar to search for something specific.



WatchFree is not as well-known as most other streaming sites featured in this article, but it’s still an outstanding 123Movies Alternative. As well, Because this site runs fast and characteristics a broad selection of movies of all genres. So, Movies are every so often available on WatchFree even before they appear on more popular sites, showing that its admins are dedicated to making the site better. We do not like about WatchFree, the irritating pop-up windows that display when you click on a movie. Fortunately, there is nothing trouble-free than installing a pop-up blocker.



The Popcornflix is all about videos entertainment, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or viral videos. This site characteristics Content from FailArmy, The Pet Collective, and People Are Amazing gives you something amusing to watch when you don’t have time even for a single TV show episode, let alone a feature-length movie. The Popcornflix updates its Content regularly and categorizes everything according to the genre. As well, New arrivals have their category, so you can check what’s new and pick something sensational to watch without visiting IMDb first. It’s a Legal website like 123Movies.



Well, Vimeo‘s homepage may be straightforward, but the unassuming front hides one of the vast collections of movies on the internet. Plenty of people have already discovered this excellent source of Content, and traffic statistics recommend that most keep coming back for more. Numerous people like Vumoo, except for its ample selection of movies and TV shows, are trustworthy. While you tap on a movie, you can confirm that it will start playing without lengthy buffering and repeated interruptions. This site itself is immensely snappy and loads fast, even on mobile devices. Some people behind Vumoo better know what they are doing. So, there are also good sites like 123Movies.

Enjoy Now 123Movies Alternatives:

Presently that you are familiar with available 123Movies Alternatives, it’s time to kick back and discover the latest movies and TV shows. Well, Remain aware that streaming sites come and go, so don’t feel obliged to remain loyal to just one place. Alternatively, we suggest you keep several streaming sites in your bookmarks and switch between them as necessary.

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