Best Gadgets Under $100

Do you think you need to spend top dollar to enjoy the comforts of modern life? Think again. Technology evolves fast these days. Not only can we buy the top-notch gadgets of yesterday, there are also some pretty cool gadgets that were made easily available by advancements in communication, computer sciences and more.

So, if you’re looking for a piece of technology that will make your life easier without costing an arm and a leg, you’ve landed on the right page. Find awesome gifts for yourself and your dear ones here.

The Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller

Have you ever got that burning feeling of having forgotten the garage door open? In worst cases, maybe you even drove back a few miles to double-check it. The Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller can help you leave those days in the past. This simple and incredibly helpful smart gadget allows you to control your garage door at a distance for about USD 40.

The package consists of a camera, a controller, and a free app. The exclusive Wyze Cam’s AI can check whether your door is closed and will let you know if it’s not. You have live access to the camera on your garage door at any moment via the app. The Wyze Cam also allows you to keep track of when the door was opened or closed. Additionally, it has motion and sound detection and the option to preset schedules.

This gadget works along with most garage door openers and has a quite uncomplicated installation process. Even so, it’s widely compatible with door openers; check if yours is compatible first. You can also buy it with a replacement kit for about USD 20.

The Nomad 65W Power Adapter


The new Nomad charger is the most powerful so far. It’s a dual-port USB adapter, which is powerful enough to recharge two phones at once with 45W. While charging only one gadget, it goes to full power: 65W. It’s a particularly handy item for Apple users. For instance, the bottom port can charge an iPhone 13 and MacBook Air simultaneously. It also comes with Kevlar-coated cables for extra resistance. You can find this gadget for about USD 70.

The VAVA 2K Webcam

Typically, webcams aren’t as good as regular digital cameras, but VAVA 2K Webcam exceeds a few expectations. It’s perfect for live captions and works very well with Adobe Premiere Pro. It has a resolution of 2K FHD, light correction, autofocus, and even a mic equipped with a noise filter. It’s time to say goodbye to square graphics and robotic voices.

Its autofocus system is based on smart sensors, and focal lenses provide a nitid image with no blurs or pixelation. The CMOS 4MP sensor ensures a clear image during the entire phone call. The final result is a full HD image with a resolution of 2560 x 1400. Motions are captured without a single blur at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This webcam also has a powerful AI, which adjusts light and contrast automatically, according to the surroundings.

The dual mic was designed to focus on your voice only while silencing most of the noise within a 5-metre radius. These features make this gadget perfect for conference calls, classes, presentations, and online business events in general.

Compatibility is a strong point of the VAVA 2K Webcam. It can work with multiple Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and Mac OS versions. It’s a plug-and-play device that connects via USB with pretty much whatever device you want. Its design allows for 360 degrees rotation. It comes with a 2m cable, which makes its installation even easier and an open/close cover to protect the lens. This webcam can be found on the shelves for around USD 70.

The Blink Drink Smart Bottles

Your bottle of water will never be the same again. Its sleek design counts on an LCD and an incredibly long-lasting battery. It comes with three modes: N2 Smart Bottle, MIT with APP, and UVC Sterilisation Bottle. Blink&Drink can support any of the three modes for 30 days straight.

The MIT with APP allows you to preset an alarm clock to remind you to drink more water. It will also keep it at the right temperature when the alarm goes off. Both temperature and alarm can be regulated through the LCD screen. This device is perfect for that healthy reminder for drinking water. It has a dedicated app which helps track your drinking habits and adjust your drinking schedule.

The UVC Sterilisation function eliminates bacteria and viruses in your drink. The whole process takes 180 seconds and works with a 99.9% of success rate. One can’t be too safe these days. You can keep your beverage at the right temperature and free of viruses and bacteria for about USD 85.

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