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We all wanted to find the Best PC Games from the Microsoft Store that are free to download and then play. We did lots of research and rounded up a list of free games that you can get in their full versions for Windows 10. Our catalog covers a wide range of genres, suited to various types of players and preferences, from racing games to puzzles, games for children, and simulators. In case you want to know which of the Best Free PC Games you can download for free (full versions) on your Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet, read on:

Introduction :

All the PC Games on our list are free, and you can download their full versions. So, They are the Best Games for Windows 10 that we have found, tried, and played. Keep in mind that various of these games, including Microsoft’s Free PC Games, also come with ads or paid features that can enhance your gaming experience through in-app purchases.

Additionally, note that any criteria don’t order our list. Depending on your taste into games, you might discover your next favorite: the beginning, the end of the list, or the middle.


Best Free PC Games Download From Microsoft – Windows 10

Asphalt 9: Legends

PC Games

Asphalt 9: Legends does one of the most famous racing games in the Microsoft Store. This PC Game welcomes you with a long list of real cars made by manufacturers such as Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari. Asphalt 9: Legends features over 70 different racing tracks in various real-world locations from America to the Himalayas, so it is hard to get bored. You can play in Career mode and complete over 60 seasons and 800 races, or you can compete toward up to 7 players in real-time in the World Series Multiplayer mode.

This PC Games offers a soft arcade racing experience with correct controls and manages to keep you Stick to the screen for quite some time. So, In-app purchases are available, which is OK, although the ads can become a little bit annoying after a while.

World of Warships

PC Games

World of Warships comes from the same Wargaming company. While related to World of Tanks, this game is focused on the naval military. You receive to control various battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and even carrier squadrons. Collectively with your teammates, you are entering naval combat to conquer the enemy. The graphics are great and customizable so that you can run it even on lower specced devices through ultra graphics settings that can demand quite a lot of hardware power.

Although you start at a low level at first, the game lets you expand your skills tree and improve your ships and guns without ever needing real money. However, this PC Games also offers in-game purchases that made you buy new ships. It would be best if you still played the game to get experience, as you cannot buy it. It is a grand tactical game that we recommend to everyone.

Sniper Fury

PC Games

Sniper Fury is a PC Games in which you become, surprisingly, a sniper. So, Your missions start with you in a location, from which you must sharpshoot enemies. You become an essential arsenal power at the beginning. As you progress through the tasks, you can grow your arsenal and customize your weapons, bullets, and gear.

There are over 600 missions in which you can shoot enemy soldiers, armored vehicles, air units, and more. Sniper Fury also allows multiplayer challenges and lets you do things like build your squad or steal from other players. Unfortunately, this game contains a lot of microtransactions, and that can annoy many players.

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

PC Games

The Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is a fast-paced game with a focus on zombies. It would be best if you fought to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. You can customize your character, build shelter, craft weapons, upgrade your skills, and so on. This PC Game lets you play in teams with others or fight against them in player versus player battles. You can spend real money on in-game purchases while you can play it without paying a dime.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

PC Games

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is an entirely free collection of card games based on the original Solitaire. This Solitaire has been present in Windows for over 25 years now, and it continues one of the most loved PC games ever. Microsoft Solitaire Collection contains Klondike (the classic Solitaire), Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.

Dungeon Hunter 5

PC Games

Dungeon Hunter 5 remains a well-built action-RPG game that is both addictive and challenging. It is a new interest to Gameloft’s dungeon crawler series that continues the interestingly crafted hack-and-slash adventure of the first PC Games, this time with a quicker and more fluid combat system. The gameplay is smooth, as you have to guide your hero, a bounty hunter, in a fantasy world: the Kingdom of Valenthia.

You do not have the choice to pick between different character classes, but you can develop your character fights with the help of the 47 armor types and 151 weapons. Players can customize the two spell slots and choose a belt item that could give them additional advantages. However, the single-player missions, you can also participate in daily and weekly events, where you can win different materials that help fuse and evolve your gear. You can also use your friends or other players as partners in the cooperative gameplay to support you throughout the journeys.

So, This is a highly addictive game for those of you who enjoy role-playing games, which features high-quality graphics, a lot of NPC character interaction, and a substantial amount of hacking and slashing. Do analyze that Dungeon Hunter 5 also comes with in-app purchases to make your life more convenient in the game, but that should be used carefully.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

PC Games

The Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is a classic hidden object type of game in which you must help the people of Darkwood. So, A curse has been sent to them, and they cannot find their missing things. You do not reminisce how you got into Darkwood and why you are there, but it looks like you can recover lost items, to help the city lift the curse.

This PC Game needs you to spend energy points to play scenes and puzzles, and some of them can be quite challenging. As for the visuals, the views in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery are beautiful, and the hidden objects are well hidden. Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is going to make you happy if you enjoy this type of game.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

PC Games

We desired to include a free first-person shooter on this list, and, after searching through the Microsoft Store, we finally settled on Modern Combat 5. This is a game that should interest all the Call of Duty or Battlefield aficionados, as it closely relates their gameplay and structure. It holds two different areas: an action-packed single-player campaign, a fantasy storyline, and a multiplayer mode with a fast-paced environment and a well-developed progression system. The multiplayer also features five unusual soldier classes (assault, sniper, heavy, recon, and support) that allow you to unlock a specific set of weapons and to evolve within separate ability trees.

Though, you should know that Modern Combat 5 makes it mandatory for you to be connected to the internet, even if you want to play the single-player campaign. The graphics of this game are very significant, and they help give a pleasant gaming experience.

Cut The Rope

PC Games

Cut The Rope is an adorable little action puzzle-physics game. It is highly entertaining, as it does not impose complicated rules, and it can challenge your neurons a bit. The main idea is to cut ropes at the right moment to feed a little monster called Om Nom with Candy. You can play it in short bursts or marathon gaming sessions. Each level of the game is designed to make it difficult for you to deliver the Candy to the little monster.

You must use the ropes, bubbles, or whoopee cushions to move the Candy in different directions and avoid the pegs, spikes, or electricity. The game’s difficulty increases with each level, and it throws you quite a few head-scratchers along the way. Still, do remember that this is a trial version, and only the first two levels are free. To gain access to the rest of them, you have to make in-app purchases.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

PC Games

Everybody remembers Candy Crush Soda Saga, and most of us have played this game or a comparable one at least once in our lives. It is a free-to-play puzzle adventure game that looks colorful and fun. The story is about joining Kimmy on her journey to find Tiffi by switching bottles and candies. There mean Candy Bears to be saved, honey, to give, and frost to break to set the Candy Bears free.

Candy Crush Soda Saga has excellent graphics and is easy to play, although the problem increases significantly on the higher levels. Growing past, more complex levels can be tough and sometimes frustrating. Although, if you do not have sufficient patience to finish such a degree, you can buy a few more extra moves or a candy hammer. Buying stuff makes it easier to play the game, but it also takes away some of the fun. In case you want to enjoy Candy Crush Soda Saga, use JUST what it gives you for free.

Sometimes you might have to stop before the game allows you to replay a failed level. Not leaving your chair for a while to return and try again later might be great.

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Final Words :

This is just our collection with some of the Best Free PC Games that we have discovered in the Microsoft Store. However, you can find many other exciting titles though you should also be provided for ads and in-app purchases. After all, nothing is free, is there? Do you know other Free PC Games from the Microsoft Store that deserve to be on this list?

If you canister see your favorite game introduced anywhere in this article, feel free to suggest it using the comments section below


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