Best Business Tools to Improve Positions of Your Website Online

The effort you make for the sake of promoting your website online is tightly associated with SEO promotion tools. Those help you to analyze how your website performs and how its positions are being changed on search rankings. In particular, this article talks about the type of SEO tools for websites called web positioning software. You will learn how web position tools assist in tracking website visibility on search engines and observe your competitors’ rankings as well.

What is web positioning software?

As it comes from the name of the software tools group, web positioning software is designed to track website positions. Those are also known as rankings on search engines for the selected keywords.

Once a user makes a search by typing a query, the list of websites appears on the search engine results pages. According to statistics, more than 90% of online users prefer observing the results only on the first page on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine. This happens because users are usually looking for fast answers to their questions and are not eager to surf dozens of websites. That is why, webmasters aim to allocate their websites on the first page of search results, and SEO promotion tools help to realize that goal.

When it comes to e-commerce online stores such as Amazon marketplace, they also have an embedded search engine that lists results based on the search query entered. However, the percentage of users who observe the results on the first page is lower – nearly 60%. As people have a determined goal to acquire an item with certain characteristics and price, they are eager to spend more time. Anyway, promoting product pages on electronic marketplaces may also bring significant success.

To reach the top ranking on searches, web position software comes in handy. It helps you to control the current ranking for your website and your competitors’ websites. Such tools are also very effective when you, for example, have used several options of subscriptions or posted an article on a guest posting service. In such cases, a web position tool indicates how your page ranking has changed.

Why is it important to use SEO tools for websites?

While the answer seems obvious, the importance of using web positioning tools in online marketing is often neglected. This either happens because of the absence of knowledge about web positioning software for business or a high concentration of the website promotion process without dedicating enough attention to performance analysis.

The importance of using web position tools is obvious as it now only shows your current performance but also allows for comparing the overall progress. For instance, you can compare your website rankings each month and derive results based on which you can also evaluate your SEO efforts.

Best SEO promotion tools in 2022

The tools for website rank tracking may come in SEO packages with dozens of different tools for optimization. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated standalone SEO promotion tool that could be exclusively used for website rank tracking.

SE Ranking

This is a comprehensive all-in-one SEO solution that includes a web position tool for improving Google ranking. It is called Keyword Rank Tracker which helps to keep an eye on the current performance of chosen keywords and corresponding rankings. This tool allows for tracking rankings depending on language, location, mobile or desktop devices, and search engines.

Besides the rank tracking, the SE Ranking suite offers extensive keyword research and suggestion, backlink analysis, and the entire website audit. Before selecting the right plan that matches your business needs, you can try this tool out for a 14-days period for free.


If you are looking for a set of necessary SEO tools, then SEMRush is something you need to consider. It offers a large platform with lots of tools aimed at providing you with the entire overview of your website performance. Based on that you can make a detailed analysis and explore the tips at to improve search rankings.

As for the position tracking tool, you can monitor your domain ranking continuously and form the report automatically. Moreover, SEMRush will provide you with keyword suggestions with which you could outrank your competitors.


Similar to SEMRush and SE Ranking, Mangools also offers an all-in-one solution for your business. Its component for the website position tracking is called SERP Watcher which is dedicated to monitoring keyword performance, estimating page visits, scheduling reports, etc. This is a free SEO tool for website performance analysis, though it allows tracking 10 keywords only on a daily basis. To track more keywords daily, you may select one of the available plans.

SEO PowerSuite

This tool allows webmasters to track any domain, use an unlimited amount of keywords, analyze SERP features, connect Google services, and other useful functions. Its particular feature is that SEO PowerSuite relies on tools for local SEO which allows to accurately track positions for any location.

Advanced Web Ranking

Unlike other SEO tools mentioned above, Advanced Web Ranking is not a part of the SEO suite but is a standalone professional web positioning tool. Advanced Web Ranking entered the market in 2002 and has gained lots of experience from the industry performance since then. That is why it provides outstanding results when it comes to website rank tracking. You can start using it by registering for a free trial and then select one of the plans depending on

the frequency and amount of keyword ranking to be tracked.

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