Basic Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

Every season comes with different requirements. Your home needs to be Home Maintenance according to the season. We shall give you a few tips for maintaining your home with the advent of the summer season.


First of all, check the doorbell of your home. If it is broken or not working, then replace it with a new one.

Deep Cleaning:

The changing weather brings a lot of dust. Summer is the best time to wash your house deeply. Dust and dirty air get accumulated in winter spaces, so it is better to wash your house in the summer season. You can wash the home by closing all the doors and windows of your home. It is difficult for a single person to clean the entire home so ask your family members to clean the house. Use environment-friendly products while cleaning the house. Avoid interaction with power supply and do not splash excessive water.

Drainage System:

The most important thing to do in summers is to check the drainage system of bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Identify the loopholes and fix them by yourself. If you cannot fix it by yourself, then call a professional plumber and fix it as soon as possible.

AC/Fan Service:

Check all the cooling appliances in your home and service them if needed. Usually, during winter, cooling appliances get stuck because of no use. So it is better to service the oscillating pedestal fans and ACs before operating them in summer.

House Pests:

Watch out for house pests in your home. They can damage your health as well as your property. Avoid their hostage in your home by taking necessary precautions of regular dusting and deep cleaning.

House Paint:

Check the entire outlook of the house. Look for the paint of the house if it needed to be done again. Identify any cracks in the walls of the house. Fix all the errors by yourself or call a professional to fix them.


With the advent of summer, trim the grass to make it even and wash out the real grass. Plant new seeds in the garden. Use the fertilizers for the growth of the seeds.

Power Sources:

It is recommended to give a detailed check to the power sources of your home annually. If the power outlets are dead or broken, then call the electrician to make them function.

The Direction of Ceiling Fans:

In order to increase energy efficiency, change the direction of your ceiling fans twice a year. As a result, there will be no additional pressure on the heating and cooling systems of your home. Changing the direction of the ceiling fan means to change the direction of airflow. Mostly, people want their fans to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction in the summer while in the clockwise direction in the winter.

Cleaning of Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are used to remove the moisture, dust particles, and unclean air out of your home. If the exhaust fan is running and there is still moisture in your home, then it is recommended to clean out the exhaust fans present in your home. You can follow this practice once a year.

Fix Bathrooms:

It is recommended to fix the bathrooms, showers, and tub either by regrout or recaulk. Otherwise, your bathroom will get dirty over time.


While maintaining your home, it is mandatory to check the downspout of your home. The downspout is also called as the downpipe. If you find the downspout of your home detached or faulty, then rectify it. Otherwise, this minor fault will cause the water to stay in your home and lead to water blockage. So double-check the downspout of your home.

Evidence of Water Damage:

When you fix the water damage issue in your home, it is often observed that stains of water damage are still left behind. It is important to not only fix the issue but also remove the evidence of damage during Home Maintenance. It does not portray a good image if the stains of damage are still there after the solution of the real issue.

Window and Door Seals:

It is important to check the doors and window seals of your home once or twice a year. If there is a crack in the seal of the door or window, it can lead to a more heated or cooled home. So seal it quickly.

Fire Extinguisher:

Check the fire extinguisher of your home annually. If it is not able to work in a time of emergency, then it is not worth having. Check for physical damages or pressure. Please keep it clean for the smooth functioning of the fire extinguisher.

Washing Machine:

The washing machine is used for washing the clothes. But for washing the clothes, the washing machine itself should be neat and clean. If you feel any smell or see the dust on the washing machine, wash it with water. You can follow this practice every month because clothes are washed frequently, and the washing machine is not clean, then it would not wash the clothes.

Refrigerator Coils:

The refrigerator is the most appliance of the home. For the smooth functioning of your refrigerator, keep checking the refrigerator coils placed at the bottom of the fridge. Clean it by removing the cover and wash out dust from it.


If you have long trees closely associated with the home window, then trim them regularly. Untrimmed trees can cause havoc and pose a dirty look.


Maintain the roof of your home instead of replacing it. If you maintain the roof, it will cause a long life-span. A good and maintained roof will make the cooling and heating system of your home more efficient.


You should maintain the gutters of your home twice a year. It is important to do because a clogged gutter can lead to water blockage. You can try this practice with every season change. You can consult the plumber to fix the issue. There are many plumbing services company in Dubai which effectively manage the Home Maintenance issues.


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