Around The World On Four Paws: How To Fly With Animals

Are you thinking of traveling with your beloved pet or changing your place of residence? Here we will describe how to prepare both you and an animal for the flight and how to fly with the calmness of a cat and the enthusiasm of a dog.

Of course, it is much easier and more convenient to transport pets using regular transport. Even if you don’t have a car, you can rent one. Not every hiring service will allow you to travel with a pet, but for sure it’s possible. No matter if you want to rent a luxury car or economy, competent rental specialists will recommend which option to choose and how to hire the best one.

General conditions

  • Usually planes can carry cats, dogs and birds if their weight does not exceed 50 kg (and 32 kg for EU countries).
  • Puppies and kittens are allowed to be taken on board if they are already 8 weeks old, and only with the permission of the veterinarian. Very small pets cannot fly because of the risk of dehydration.
  • Guide dogs fly in the cabin for free, regardless of size. They should be wearing a collar, a leash and a muzzle.
  • The animal can be transported only with documents and in a special carrier.

Fly with an Animal in the Cabin

You can not take small dogs and cats to the luggage compartment, but take them with you to the salon: you can take a container with a pet under the chair in front or on the chair next to it. Carrier has to be compact – the sum of 3 dimensions has to be less than 115 cm and lower than 25 cm. It’s obligatory to have a secure lock so that the pet will not get out of the carrier during the flight, air holes and waterproof bottom.

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Fly with an animal in the cabin

It makes sense to carefully prepare for joint trips and get used to carrying in advance. Put it at home, open the doors and put some sweets there so that the pet can go there when he wants, he can sleep or play there. It is important not to push the animal by force, then the carrier will be perceived as a cozy shelter.

Transportation of Large Animals

Don’t worry if they ask you to put your pet in your luggage. The carrier will be securely fixed in one place, as well as the rest of the luggage nearby, so that nothing moves on it. That is why it is so important that the cage is made of rigid materials.

The compartment in which the animals are transported is well heated. The temperature in it may differ by a couple of degrees from the temperature in the cabin, but in general it is very comfortable.

A few tips if you’re taking an animal

  • Check with the veterinarian if your pet has any contraindications to the flight: there may be special recommendations for some breeds.
  • Many owners prefer not to feed the animal before the flight. Others give a treat before the flight.
  • It is not recommended to give the animal a sedative before the flight in the luggage compartment. If you do not calculate the dose of the medicine, it may wake up during the flight. It will frighten even more.
  • If the pet is flying in the luggage compartment, ask the airport cafe for some ice and put it in a bowl before shipping. The ice will melt, and the animal will definitely have enough to drink.
  • Put waterproof diapers on the bottom of the cage and secure them with tape. Put a soft bedding or a blanket on top.
  • Stick a sticker on the container on which you write the pet’s name, your name and your phone number.
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Transportation of large animals

Flying with an animal is not difficult at all if you know what to do and prepare for the flight in advance. Many travelers can no longer imagine their journey without their beloved dog or cat. Maybe your pet will be pleased to accompany you in all your adventures? And one day you will travel around the world together!

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