12+ Best Applicant Tracking System Or ATS Tools To Try

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system (ATS) tools assist HR managers, recruiters, and recruiting agencies in managing the whole recruiting workflow for any organization. In addition to employee recruitment, most HR departments must deal with corporate and payment issues. Similarly, recruitment agencies must deal with hundreds of candidates since they serve different companies and job vacancies. To track the whole recruitment process, both parties employ an automated tool. It is widely referred to as the applicant tracking system or software. This post will help you learn more about this tool and the top options available in the industry if you need an ATS. Job candidates must study the complete article to get the necessary information to create the ideal resume to pass an ATS.

What Exactly Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Human resources and recruiters use applicant tracking software (ATS) to track job applicants during the recruitment drive. An ATS includes automated features such as a candidate database, applicant screening, resume formatting, assessing the candidate, analyzing applicant behavior, doing background checks, and so forth.

Why Do Companies Use An ATS Tool For Hiring?

The usage of ATS tools is increasing, as seen by the hundreds of ATS tools accessible online. The following are the primary reasons why companies use ATS software:

1 – It can collect candidate profiles from job boards to make a comprehensive database.

2 – Reduce the cost of talent acquisition.

3 – With the clever automation of an ATS tool, even the busiest HR executive or manager can interview the perfect candidate effortlessly.

4 – Keeps candidates interested and up to date on their job applications.

5 – Digitally prepares the candidate for onboarding so that the new employee understands all they need to know from day one.

As a result, ATS tools are equally useful to candidates since they are given a fair chance because the system is digital and transparent. However, finding the perfect ATS may take a lot of work for any business. Here are some popular ATS tools to try if you want to save time and money:

12+ Best Applicant Tracking System Or ATS Tools To Try

Applicant Tracking System or ATS Tools to try in 2022.

1. Manatal

Applicant Tracking System

Manatal is a fully-featured applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM designed to make all recruiting operations simpler and more efficient for agencies and corporate HR departments of all sizes. In addition to being the industry’s lowest pricing, Manatal provides a 14-day free trial with no credit card necessary to start.


1 – A platform that can be entirely customized to meet your company’s procedures, such as recruitment pipelines.

2 – Posting on over 2500 job boards.

3 – AI-powered candidate evaluation and recommendations. 

4 – Improved candidate profiles and social media recruitment.

5 – Email blasts, candidate evaluations, and scorecards

6 – Create a completely personalized and branded career page in minutes.

7 – A full-service recruitment CRM for managing leads and customers.

Manatal’s pricing options are straightforward, with no hidden fees. There are only two options, each beginning at $15 per user per month or $35 per user per month. It is simple to start, and you may cancel anytime.

2. Oracle Taleo

Applicant Tracking System

Oracle Taleo is the best software to use when you require a stand-alone hiring solution. One software automates several stages of talent acquisition, such as candidate recruiting, candidate profile sourcing, and new employee onboarding. Oracle’s ATS tool is available in three solution packages: Taleo Business Edition, Taleo Business Edition Talent Management, and Taleo Enterprise Edition. If you require a sophisticated hiring system, Taleo Enterprise Edition is the greatest option in terms of features and functionality. With Taleo, you are open to more than a small number of candidate profiles. Instead, examine the greatest amount of applicants to find the best talent. Taleo is well-suited to data-driven decision-making. It improves your recruiting efforts by automatically monitoring sourcing channels, assessing the talent of filtered applicants, and interacting with qualified candidates.

3. Hirebeat

Applicant Tracking System

Hirebeat is a web-based tool that assists organizations of all sizes to replace manual hiring with an AI-based automated platform. This AI-powered platform provides the tools to locate the best individuals, including advertising open jobs to hundreds of job boards, finding the perfect talent using AI resume analysis, and onboarding them more rapidly. In addition, it aids in meeting applicants’ urgent requirements. The tool provides several resources, such as a candidate rating system and a wage benchmarking tool, to improve the hiring process and aid organizations in finding the top applicants. The hiring process is sped up by automating time-consuming operations like organizing interviews and reviewing applicants. To speed up the process, one-way videos, ATS tools, and HR workflows are merged. Hirebeat technology automates and optimizes the time-consuming hiring process, decreasing business expenses. Hirebeat offers a mobile app in addition to its web-based platform. The tool’s centralized console is seen below:


1 – AI Sourcing tool filters the best suitable candidates from many job boards.

2 – Candidate management is now centralized.

3 – Interview question bank for quick shortlisting.

4 – Data-Driven Reporting and Decision-Making.

Hirebeat is an excellent solution for a hiring agency, SMB, or big business wishing to adopt an AI-based platform to automate the hiring process for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They provide various configurable price options, ranging from premium for major corporations to pay per work for smaller organizations. In addition, the platform is free for 14 days of testing.

4. monday.com

Applicant Tracking System

Monday.com is a dependable solution for managing the candidate interaction and recruitment process. In addition to a fully functioning application tracking system, it acts as the core workplace for human resources executives and managers. The tool includes interactive templates for individual recruitment drives. These ready-to-use formATS need little to no tweaking before your recruiter can start the real talent quest. The complete recruitment pipeline, candidate sorting, applicant tracker, candidate engagement, applicant feedback tracker, and recruitment tracker are some of the most widely used templates. In addition, Monday.com has advanced integrations with third-party tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Slack, Google Sheets, and others.

5. TurboHire

Applicant Tracking System

TurboHire is a good option if you want an AI to make recruitment decisions for you. It allows you to hire the correct and dependable talent by using AI-based forecasting that is 98% accurate. In addition, TurboHire ATS enhances the applicant screening and interviewing process to find the best developer, data scientist, or digital marketer for your expanding business. TurboHire has eleven modules to help you create the ideal ATS tool for your recruitment agency or hiring manager. Job marketing, AI-Screening, Automated Feedback, Analytics Dashboards, Interview Scheduling, Address Applicant Inquiries, Candidate Engagement, Resume Screening, Reports, and Referrals are a few prominent modules.

6. Workday

Applicant Tracking System

Workday is a well-known tool brand that provides automated solutions for the plan-to-hire life cycle. It provides precise budgeting, forecasting, and resourcing analytics to help you effectively plan your recruiting or onboarding procedures. Workday is the ideal applicant tracking system for medium to big businesses that need to manage a diverse pool of talent. Its features include the following activities:

1 – Appropriate candidate sourcing and job marketing.

2 – Keeping candidates involved in the application workflow.

3 – A pleasant experience for the applicant and the recruiter during the recruitment drive.

4 – A platform for seamless coordination for the recruitment team.

5 – Management of interviews, applicant analytics, and reporting.

6 – Data privacy and stringent regulatory compliance.

So, the next time you need to run a huge hiring drive for a large number of candidates, make the proper decision by including Workday ATS in your HR tech stack.

7. JazzHR

JazzHR is a one-stop shop for all of a company’s human resource requirements. It has three tool subscription options: Hero, Plus, and Pro. Its capabilities vary depending on the subscription bundle you choose. Because the Hero subscription focuses on job posting and dissemination, the applicant tracking system is not accessible. If you pick Plus, you will get an ATS and additional services such as job posting, syndication, evaluations, and interviews. The Pro package provides your company with enterprise-level recruitment modules such as eSignatures, job offers, compliance, reporting, and a comprehensive ATS. JazzHR ATS guarantees that your recruiting workflow runs efficiently and that your whole team receives automated duties without going through redundant or duplicate jobs.

8. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking Software is a worldwide recognized cloud-based recruitment and on-the-go hiring solution. It provides mobile-friendly cloud apps for desktops, laptops, Android, and iOS devices. As a result, if you run a recruitment agency with remote and on-site agents, your staff may always work on hiring online tasks. Small, medium, and big businesses may all benefit from the tool if they choose to run their recruitment drives. Its AI system carefully manages your recruitment initiatives to ensure that you are neither understaffed nor overstaffed. The AI precisely synchronizes the hiring steps such as applicant sourcing, assessing the ideal candidate, doing background checks, and only interviewing the qualified candidates.

9. UKG Pro Recruiting

UKG Pro Recruiting, formerly UltiPro Recruiting, assists you in attracting a big pool of excellent applicants so that you may choose the finest of the best in your profession. The tool allows you to overcome offline recruitment hurdles through digital tools for both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, professional social media networks such as LinkedIn can make it simple for prospective candidates to apply. The tool allows you to evaluate your possible employee’s behavior, motivation, long-term involvement, and professional competence. The major ATS program driven by iCIMS is this tool’s UKG Pro Onboarding Integration module. It is a cloud-based integration of UKG Pro with iCIMS that provides customers with advanced applicant tracking software for the always-changing job market.

10. Jobvite

Jobvite specializes in end-to-end talent recruiting and sophisticated and cloud-based applicant tracking software. A recruiting AI program runs all ATS and hiring modules for maximum efficiency and cost savings. The tool is effective across various industries, including government, business services, healthcare, financial services, media, education, etc. As a result, if you run a thriving recruiting agency, this is the appropriate tool for you. Jobvite ATS allows you to automate manual operations in a recruiting workflow. In addition, it offers data analytics and high-quality candidate profiles from several sources to help you find the best candidate for your company.

11. Trakstar

Trakstar’s partner job boards make it simple to reach out to a large number of candidates. As a result, you can set aside funds for job post-marketing for small or in-house hiring operations. In addition, if you work for a recruiting agency, you may access a large database of top talent in various sectors and crafts. This ATS tool also has the following features:

1 – A Fair and professional hiring workflow. 

2 – Engaging candidate communication. 

3 – Data analytics, reporting, and compliance with data.

4 – Increase hiring speed without selecting the incorrect applicant.

Trakstar ATS provides cutting-edge candidate management tools such as email automation, offer management, and careers page widgets.

12. ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is an industry-leading recruitment software that includes an ATS. It’s a cloud-based web app that can be used on any computer, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. ApplicantStack is now accessible as a mobile app. Its ATS program includes an advanced algorithm for recruitment duties such as job generation, job posting, applicant pre-screening, resume sorting, and so on. For example, use ATS’s Optimize tool to locate industry-related keywords on an applicant’s resume. Set Rules and Score may rate possible candidates for your job posting using resume scanning. As a result, you may confidently interview top talent from a vast pool of candidates.

13. Teamtailor

Teamtailor is a data-driven applicant tracking system that may help you save cost and time on your next recruitment operation. As a result, the tool is equally useful for recruitment agencies and independent businesses. You may run your recruitment initiatives from an Android or iOS mobile app in addition to a cloud-based web app. The basic software is divided into two modules: Manage and Collaborate. The Manage module contains ATS features such as recruiting funnel stage tracking, extracting candidate data, rating applicants based on resumes, automated communications, filtering, keyword extraction, and data analytics.

FAQs: Applicant Tracking Software Or ATS Tools

Because ATS tools are here to stay, job applicants should learn the following to be successful in their job applications:

Can I Run My Resume To An ATS?

If you use a conventional resume structure and add pertinent information about the job, the company’s HR department will review it. You may run your resume through an applicant tracking system if you have access to such tools. You may need help to get the specific algorithm used by the target company’s ATS tool. Online ATS resume scan tools are available from an online resume or cover letter producers.

Do All Companies Make Use Of ATS?

Most medium and big businesses use applicant tracking software (ATS). According to a Jobscan survey, more than 98% of Fortune 500 corporations use an ATS tool to assess job candidates.

How To Get Past The ATS?

If you follow basic business resume writing rules and use the following pointers, your resume should be able to pass the ATS tool:

1 – A resume in Microsoft Word format.

2 – There are no abbreviations.

3 – There are no images or charts. 

4 – Only position-specific data.

5 – Industry-specific keywords.


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a critical invention for the human resources industry. In addition to automating the recruitment process, it searches for the best candidate at the lowest possible operational cost for the recruitment drive. If you own a business and are searching for a cheap ATS tool, you may try any or all of the options listed above. On the other hand, if you are a job seeker, you may learn more about the greatest ATS tools to help you write an ATS-friendly resume. One thing is certain: you must submit a Microsoft Word document since ATS tools read these files quite well.

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