30 Top Free Apple Watch Apps in 2024

Apple Watch Apps

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is that it allows you to run apps on your wrist. It might be difficult to decide which applications to use when there are so many accessible. This post highlights the top free Apple Watch apps for productivity and fitness.

Top Free Apple Watch Apps

Many people own an Apple Watch. Since we will be talking about the top free Apple Watch apps in this article, this guide will be very helpful for those who own Apple watches. The apps covered in this article will make your life somewhat easier. These are valuable applications that you can try. Follow us to learn more about these apps.

1) Twilio Authy

Apple Watch Apps

You can get Twilio Authy on your Apple Watch for free. By generating a two-step verification token on the user’s smartphone, this program ensures that the device is protected from hackers. We have discussed the features of Othi below.

  • It provides secure cloud-encrypted backups to ensure users never lose access to their tokens.
  • Accounts that use multiple authentication factors, such as Gmail, Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox, and others, are compatible with it.
  • This is one of the largest free Apple Watch apps available.
  • The Twilio Authy interface is easy to use.

2) CALC Smart

Apple Watch Apps

Among the top Apple Watch apps for students is CALC Smart. It is a smart app with many special features. To familiarize yourself with the features of CALC Smart, you should read the following points:

  • As the user types, it displays the results.
  • It provides time and space-generated widgets.
  • About sixty advanced math functions, symbols, and constants are available with CALC Smart.
  • In addition, users have access to their previous accounts.
  • Its user interface is robust and easy to use.

3) Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Apple Watch Apps

The excellent app Headspace: Mindful Meditation is definitely worth a try. This is one of the fitness-related Apple Watch apps. People should practice meditation to de-stress and maintain peace of mind in this day and age when everyone is so anxious and worried. Check out Headspace : Mindful Meditation features below;

  • For physical and mental relaxation, this app provides mindfulness exercises and meditation.
  • Users can also keep track of how much time they have spent meditating.
  • Headspace: Mindful meditation software helps users improve their meditation skills.
  • In addition, it offers soothing sleep sounds that promote relaxation.
  • Additionally, with the help of meditation exercises, users can learn how to control emotions such as sadness and anger.
  • It’s among the best fitness-related Apple Watch apps because it boosts focus and productivity while maintaining mental well-being.

4) Lifesum: Healthy Eating

Apple Watch Apps

An app like Lifesum: Healthy Eating, which emphasizes healthy eating, is very important in this day and age when everyone has started consuming junk food without a second thought. Here is one of the top free fitness apps for the Apple Watch. Let’s discuss the main features of this app:

  • It helps consumers adopt a healthy diet that suits their preferences and lifestyles.
  • Lifesum: The healthy eating app makes a healthy lifestyle easy and makes losing weight easy.
  • You may monitor the calories you consume as well.
  • You can also monitor how much water, protein, fat and carbohydrates you eat.
  • Diet and intermittent fasting plans are also provided for safe weight loss.
  • Lifesom offers a variety of diet regimens, including keto, high protein, and Scandinavian diets.

5) 1Password 8 – Password Manager

Apple Watch Apps

User passwords are safely saved and can be recovered with 1 Password 8 – Password Manager. You can rapidly unlock the 1Password app with your Touch ID or Face ID. It offers several characteristics, such as:

  • It helps users create strong, secure, and unique passwords for their online accounts.
  • Users can exchange passwords with others using 1Password8 – Password Manager software.
  • Plus, all your data is easily accessible across your devices.
  • With this program, you can store data other than passwords, such as addresses, licenses, credit card numbers, bank accounts, and passports.
  • This software is safe to use because any data the user puts inside is protected by a password that only they know.

6) Find Near Me – Nearby & Around

Apple Watch Apps

With the Find Near Me – Nearby & Around app, you can now find nearby places from your wrist. This is one of the most productive Apple Watch apps. With Find Near Me, you can now find a bar, hotel, bank, restaurant, or any other place you want to visit. Read the following points to know more about its features:

  • By using Find Near Me, you can quickly find the distance between your current position and the places you want to go.
  • This application automatically detects the current location of the user and plots it on the map.
  • Its UI is easy to use.
  • It’s also among the top free Apple Watch apps.

7) ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

Apple Watch Apps

You can stream television programs and live events with the ESPN: Live Sports & Scores app. If you enjoy sports, then you must try this app. Below is a discussion of ESPN’s notable features:

  • In addition to highlights and scores, ESPN: Live Sports & Scores offers on-demand news, articles and more.
  • On ESPN, users can also access studio shows, college sports, tennis, soccer and other sports.
  • Additionally, ESPN+ subscribers can watch live events in a variety of sports, including basketball, La Liga, Bundesliga, UFC, NHL, and college football.
  • With ESPN, you can also watch the scores of your favorite teams and leagues.

8) Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Apple Watch Apps

Use your Apple Watch to track the weather with Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live. This is one of the most productive Apple Watch apps. It’s important to check the weather before you leave home so you can pack properly and remember what’s essential. For example, if you know it will rain in the next hour, you can take an umbrella. Now let’s talk about the features of this app:

  • It offers accurate weather forecasts, current radar imagery, and weather advisories.
  • Moreover, push alerts are available when there is a weather alarm.
  • Weather: NOAA Weather Radar Live offers a variety of maps, such as a satellite map that shows cloud cover and a precipitation map for predicting precipitation.
  • This is one of the largest free Apple Watch apps available.
  • Also, you can know details like humidity, pressure, wind speed, dew point, sunrise and sunset times, etc.

9) GoPoop

Apple Watch Apps

GoPoop helps users learn what their poop is trying to tell them. It is also among the Apple Watch apps related to fitness. GoPoop is a great app to test because your bowel movements are also a good sign of your overall health. Daily bowel movements are a necessity, so if you are constipated, you should take it seriously. Some of its attributes are:

  • It has an easy-to-use UI.
  • Here is one of the best fitness apps for the Apple Watch.
  • GoPoop analyzes user poop in a number of ways.
  • It also offers health recommendations and tips.

10) Spotify – Music and Podcasts

Apple Watch Apps

Spotify Music and Podcasts app is one of the best free apps for Apple Watch. Spotify allows you to search playlists, albums, podcasts and stream your favorite music for free. People all over the world love this software. It provides incredible features like:

  • Spotify users have the ability to create and share custom playlists.
  • The music and podcasts on this app have incredible sound quality.
  • In addition, the lyrics are displayed so users can join the chorus.
  • Additionally, users can search for music by simply typing in the lyrics.
  • Users can listen to the songs of famous musicians.

11) Just Press Record

Apple Watch Apps

An audio recording app is called Just Press Record. With Just Press Record, you can start a fresh recording and edit audio files. Check out the features below to learn more about this app:

  • Using Just Press Record, users only need to tap to start, stop, and end recording.
  • After recording, you can change the playback speed.
  • More than 30 languages can be used with this application.
  • Users can also alter the audio by cutting out any parts that they think are superfluous.
  • Users can share audio files and texts with other apps.
  • Users can browse recordings by date and time using its date and time capability.

12) Todoist: To-Do List & Planner

Apple Watch Apps

Around 30 million people use the Todoist: To-do List & Planner app on a global basis. You’ll become more effective and productive if you keep your tasks and activities structured. Among the most useful Apple Watch apps is this one. To grasp the functionality of this app, read the following:

  • It is a to-do list application that helps with life and work organization.
  • Todoist’s user interface is fantastic.
  • To manage everything, the Todoist: To-do List & Planner app provides project templates.
  • Additionally, users can link the app to their voice assistant, calendar, and several other apps, such as Outlook and Gmail.

13) Tiny Armies

Apple Watch Apps

One of the biggest games on the Apple Watch is Tiny Armies. This is a game of conquest. As you encounter lakes, mountains, and forests, you must defeat opponents and create plans of action. Features of Tiny Armies are as follows:

  • It is a simple, light game to play.
  • Tiny Armies’ UI is easy to use.

14) Snappy Word – Word Puzzle Game

Apple Watch Apps

You can use your Apple Watch to play Snappy Word – Word Puzzle Game. It is worth trying. You must link letters in this game to find words. What it contains is listed below:

  • It has 400 challenging levels.
  • Snappy Word: Word Puzzle Game helps users train their brains and develop their vocabulary.
  • This game also has four character game modes.

15) Night Sky

Apple Watch Apps

Use the Night Sky app if you enjoy stargazing and constellation research. With this software, you can use your Apple Watch to view stars, planets, and satellites on a full sky map. The following night sky features are included for your viewing pleasure:

  • Users can annotate the map with sky tags.
  • Here are the best free Apple Watch apps.

16) Deliveries: a package tracker

Apple Watch Apps

Users can follow their packages with the help of Delivery: parcel tracker. You can now get updates on the arrival time of your ordered items. Some of its attributes are:

  • Customers can view their delivery details with it.
  • Also, you can check the websites of shipping firms.
  • Additionally, by going to the archives, you can view your previous deliveries.
  • Services including Canada Post, UPS, DHL, US Postal Service, TNT, and more are compatible with this software.

17) FlickType – Watch Keyboard

Apple Watch Apps

One of the greatest free Apple Watch apps is FlickType – Watch Keyboard. This is one of the most productive Apple Watch apps. It has tons of incredible features that change the way you use your watch. To know more about the features, continue reading below:

  • This is one of the fastest keyboards for Apple Watch, which facilitates the completion of tasks.
  • With the FlickType – Watch Keyboard app, typing is fast, fun, and easy.
  • Moreover, editing or deleting words with the help of this software is just a click of the finger.
  • Using a special algorithm, it determines the proper word by analyzing the user’s tapping rhythm.
  • Additionally, users can type three times faster with the help of this keyboard.
  • It has great graphics, big keys, vivid colors, text shortcuts, emoticons and more.

18) WatchChat 2: Chat on Watch

Apple Watch Apps

Users can send and receive WhatsApp messages on their Apple Watch with the WatchChat 2: Chat on Watch app. You can view status updates, edit quick replies, and do a lot more with it. Users must scan the QR code to access features such as:

  • Users can access their WhatsApp conversations through this software.
  • Easy to use keyboard, dictation and quick replies in chats.
  • WatchChat 2: Chat on Watch provides different keyboard configurations.
  • Additionally, users can start a new chat right from the Apple Watch.
  • No personal information of users is collected by this program.
  • In addition, voice messages can be sent and received.

19) Pillow – Auto Sleep Tracker

Apple Watch Apps

One of the best Apple Watch apps for fitness and productivity is Pillow – Auto Sleep Tracker. If you have a healthy sleep schedule, your productivity will increase. This program automatically analyzes your sleep cycles. Some of its attributes are:

  • A sleep stage diagram and sleep score are provided.
  • The app analyzes users’ sleep cycles to determine the best time to sleep.
  • Pillow – Auto Sleep Tracker app users can monitor snoring, sleep talking and other related issues.
  • This software also provides detailed heart rate analysis.
  • Users can also sync and backup their sleep data between multiple devices.
  • It also provides a variety of music and wake-up tunes to promote sleep.

20) Overcast

Apple Watch Apps

Overcast is one of the top free Apple Watch apps. Its UI is simple and straightforward to use. To know more about the features of this app, check out the following points:

  • This is an app for audio podcasts with intelligent speed.
  • Notifications about the release of new episodes are also optional.
  • In addition to offering personalized recommendations, Overcast lets you find the latest podcasts.
  • Podcasts can also be downloaded for offline listening.
  • With this software, you can use smart filters to create personalized playlists.

21) Lens for Watch

Apple Watch Apps

Users can browse Instagram on their Apple Watch using the Lens for Watch app. It is among the top educational Apple Watch apps. We consider its features below:

  • Users can browse comments, like posts, search for people, view direct messages, watch videos and more.
  • People can now view their feed, stories, activities, user profiles and more using the Lens for Watch app.
  • It is easy to use and adds value to the user experience.

22) Fantastical Calendar

Apple Watch Apps

An Apple Watch app called Fantastical Calendar is available for users to use. A number of fantastic features are available, including full calendar year, month, week, day and more. Other features of the Fantastical Calendar application are listed below:

  • This app provides users with a beautiful and organized calendar to manage their daily schedule.
  • It provides task support, including Google tasks and to-do lists.
  • The Fantastical Calendar app has an intuitive UI that makes it easy to use.
  • You can also create notifications with it, such as a 6 pm alarm or remind me tomorrow at 7 am, among other things.

23) Noted

Apple Watch Apps

If you’re looking for the top Apple Watch apps for students, consider giving the Noted app a try. This is one of the best productivity apps for Apple Watch. It allows users to record, and within the recording, they can annotate important details. With iCloud, user notes and recordings are automatically synced between Mac and iOS devices. Its other features are:

  • This is an app for text notepads and voice memos.
  • Users of the Noted app can voice record their thoughts and opinions.
  • Additionally, when listening to their audio notes, people may not notice pauses and quiet moments.
  • Also, it ensures that users can read properly by automatically adjusting to the light or dark mode of the device.

24) Chirp for Twitter

Apple Watch Apps

With the Chirp for Twitter app, Twitter enthusiasts can now access the platform on their Apple Watch. The following features of this app are available to view.

  • Users of this app can read and reply to messages directly.
  • Additionally, you can browse your timeline, see what’s trending, view notifications, and more with the Chirp for Twitter app.
  • Users are free to search for anything they want.
  • This is one of the largest free Apple Watch apps available.

25) iTranslate Translator

Apple Watch Apps

The iTranslate Translator app does exactly what its name says — it can translate text into over 100 languages. This app is a dictionary and translator with multiple functions, including:

  • With this software, translations can be heard in a male or female voice.
  • It also includes dictionaries with a wide range of synonyms and definitions.
  • It provides a phrasebook, keyboard extension, flashcards, widgets, etc.
  • iTranslate translator app allows the translation of multiple dialects.
  • Yoruba, Hmong, Albanian, Georgian, Nepali, Macedonian, Javanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Polish, English, Hindi, and other languages and dialects supported by this software.

26) Parrity

You may test out a web browser on your Apple Watch by using the Parrity app. The following are this app’s primary features:

  • Parrity enables users to access websites with Siri or Scribble.
  • Its history management feature also allows you to view the pages you have navigated to.
  • Users of this application can also move back and forth between pages that they have not yet closed.
  • This is one of the largest free Apple Watch apps available.
  • Popular search engines Parrity supports include Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and others.

27) Significant Otter

The Significant Otter Apple Watch tops fitness apps. Couples will find it interesting to use this app. It has the ability to elevate the connection. This app allows you to keep in touch with your lover. The best Apple Watch app for fitness has the following features:

  • Specifically, Significant Otter uses users’ heart rates from their health apps to gauge their emotional state.
  • Also, you can use the biosignals feature of this app to send your spouse the feelings he or she senses with a simple tap on your watch.
  • Additionally, you can use it to find out how your partner is feeling.
  • This is easy to do. To chat with your spouse, just tap.

28) Brushout

Brushout is one of the greatest free Apple Watch apps. You don’t have to worry about your dental health anymore as this app will help you maintain good oral hygiene. To know more about these features, read the description below:

  • Users can maintain a bright smile by using its dental timer.
  • To make sure you remember to brush your teeth, Brush Out offers a calendar and reminders.
  • This app offers brushing techniques, interesting articles and more.

29) Weathergraph weather widget

The weather forecast is provided by the Weathergraph weather widget. This is one of the most productive Apple Watch apps. Its UI is easy to use and attractively designed. Following are some of the amazing features of this app:

  • It offers hourly data on temperature, sunlight, cloud cover, and precipitation.
  • The weathergraph widget also provides information about wind pressure, UV index, dew point, wind speed and direction.
  • Weathergraph weather widget app protects user privacy.
  • Additional capabilities include zoom, full-screen view, lock screen widgets, and a vertical layout option.

30) Shazam: Music Discovery

Shazam: Music Discovery app quickly finds artists, songs, playlists, lyrics and videos. Its salient features are described below:

  • You can use the Shazam: Music Discovery app offline.
  • With this software, users can quickly find music to add to their Apple Music playlist later.
  • Additionally, Shazam charts can be used to find out what is popular in your nation.
  • On other social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and so on, you can also share songs with your pals.
  • You can also get music and playlist recommendations using this app.


Our post on the top free Apple Watch apps is now complete. We hope you can learn more about them after going through our guide. Tell us which Apple Watch app you think is the greatest. You can use the comment area below to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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