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Among Us Character

Among Us has gained popularity in recent years. It is an extremely addicting game in which you must collaborate with other players to identify the imposter. Imposters undermine your mission by murdering crewmates or creating issues on the spacecraft. The makers of Among Us, Innersloth, said that the gameplay of Among Us was inspired by the alleged game Mafia. On the other hand, the atmosphere and the imposter are references to John Carpenter’s The Thing. Each character in Among Us is given a distinct hue to help players recognize them from one another. It’s a simple game to learn and fun to play, particularly with a small group of friends. Even though it is a little game, the developers add new features, areas, and roles over time. Here are the many roles and colors in Among Us.

Different Color Schemes For Among Us Character

Among Us is available in 18 different colors. They are all unique. These colors, however, do not affect your gameplay. They serve to distinguish you from other players. As a result, while choosing your avatar, choose the color you like most and ignore any specific differences between them – except for aesthetics. Here are the color IDs for all 18 colors.

Color Color ID
Red 0
Blue 1
Green 2
Pink 3
Orange 4
Black 6
White 7
Purple 8
Brown 9
Cyan 10
Lime 11
Maroon 12
Rose 13
Banana 14
Gray 15
Tan 16
Coral 17

Different Roles In Among Us

In Among Us, you may be randomly allocated to one of seven possible roles. The game is really enjoyable because of the varied roles. In this game of deceit, these roles play critical roles. You may have a one-of-a-kind experience playing any role, but some are much more enjoyable than others. These roles may truly mix up your approach, but they only have a fixed chance of appearing in each game you play. These are the many roles.


Among Us Character

This Among Us character is the primary role you will play most of the time. Playing as a crewmate may seem tedious, but it is crucial. Crewmates have no unique abilities. As a crewmate, your only option is to use your deductive abilities. It’s quite rewarding when you discover who the Impostor is. You’ll sprint to the Emergency Meeting button, praying you won’t be killed before you can reveal your findings.


Among Us Character

Impostor is the most fun Among Us character, unlike the crewmates. The whole narrative of the game revolves around detecting the imposter. The thrill and tension of playing this dishonest Among Us character are palpable. It requires a lot of fast thinking and deception to succeed as the Impostor. You can kill other players as well as travel via vents. It would be best to lay easily so that no one suspects you of being an imposter. Being the Impostor and successfully persuading everyone else that you are innocent is one of the most enjoyable experiences in Among Us.


Among Us Character

It’s a lot of fun to play this role, and it offers you access to a simple but important talent in Among Us. It is yet another role that allows you to travel via vents. They must, however, wait until their venting ability has been recharged before venting again. It allows you to move quickly and may also assist you in avoiding imposters. However, some players may suspect you of being an imposter if you vent, which may be inconvenient. Furthermore, impostors might just as well claim to be the engineer, causing significant uncertainty.


The Scientist is a highly fascinating character to play in Among Us. After being assigned the role of Scientist, you will have access to all of your other Crewmates’ vital indicators. This is particularly useful if the Impostor has killed someone at a faraway location. Checking vital signs might help you decide who is still alive and who is not. The Scientist carries a portable replica of the vitals panel, so they don’t have to return to a certain location to examine this information. This ability, however, cannot be used indefinitely. They are often the prime target of imposters.


Shapeshifters are a subset of imposters who have special talents. They are the game’s most recent addition, arriving in late 2021. You can morph into any of the players, as the name implies. This is great for concealing your nefarious deeds. You can kill someone, morph in seconds, and vent to another location in the ship. To play this role well, you must alter your standard imposter methods. This role enhances the game by throwing several mind-game antics into the mix. It also ties in with the alien premise of the game, creating the feeling that you are playing your version of “The Thing” while you play Among Us.

Guardian Angel

This role takes effect once a shapeshifter or an imposter kills you. The role is excellent for helping those who are swiftly dismissed feel more engaged. You may provide a shield to any Crewmate as a Guardian Angel. As a result, dying first offers benefits, particularly if you’re a team player, since it shields your Crewmates from any Imposters on the lookout. It’s an excellent approach to sway imposters. However, it might not be easy to time your defense to save against imposters correctly.


If you thought crewmate was the most boring role, you were mistaken. After being eliminated, whether by an Impostor kill or being voted out of the airlock, you will play the rest of the game as a Ghost. You have two choices: continue your normal routines or take a break and let the mayhem unfold without you. Even if you love observing the action and debating theories with other ghosts, it’s less fun than playing any other role in the game.

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