7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Graphic Design

With already much of the problems going on in the world due to pandemic, graphic trends haven’t changed much. In 2021, changes will not be much as compared to past years.

Graphic designs that evoke calmness, understanding are serenity will be set to become latest trends. Bold and harsh colours are becoming things of the past.

Designhill here lists some of the biggest graphic  design trends that will dominate in 2021-

1. Usage of Muted Colours

Without moving any further, let us first talk about what muted colours actually are. Basically muted colours refer to vivid colours which have been transformed with infusion of black, white or a contemporary colour.

Generally, colour trends stay for every 3 to 4 years.

Muted  colours have become widely popular in 2020 and will be popular in 2021.

Muted colours readily blend with text and using light text won’t hurt. However, darker text will stand out on such coloured background and produce a much better effect.

They have low saturation as opposed to vivid colours. Bold colours and patterns have become a thing of the past. With an already huge amount of chaos in the world, people prefer things to lighten their mood and relax. Muted colours are perfect for this situation.

Muted colours are natural and organic. They build a sense of safety, security and nostalgia. Health and wellness brands can use them very effectively.

You can use your brand colours and modify them to convert into muted colours. LinkedIn used this trend in 2020 and will continue using it in next year as well.

2. Simple Data Visualisation

If your data presentation is complex, don’t deceive yourself by thinking people are going to read what you have mentioned. Because the truth is they will not and just scroll ahead. No one wishes to use their brain unnecessarily.

So you need to make your content simple and more presentable. With simple data visualisation, communication gets easier and better.

If you have too much extra content, you will fail to explain what you are trying to. With too much data, your main point will just get lost. So, the best option is to cut the clutter and make it simple and easy to comprehend.

So here comes the best part. What to choose to avoid displaying complex content. Use pie charts to give information in an easy and simple manner. Bubble charts can be used to display comparison between two things.

Simple data visualisation can be used with muted colours and flat icons for best results.

3. Incorporation of Geometric Shapes

2020 had sites full of flowing lines and abstract shapes but that is changing. 2021 welcomes usage of Geometric shapes instead.

Geometric shapes are easy to use and create. With other trends getting popular, incorporation of Geometric Shapes to go with it makes sense.

These shapes add consistency and structure to the visuals. Also, they bring a consistent feel. Similar Geometric patterns can be used to generate similarity and build a sense of trust too.

It is great to blend such shapes with muted colour. It will build up a good contrast. You can create exactly the right amount of contrast with soft muted colours and hard geometric shapes. Moreover, this trend will be eye catching. It has texture and great depth.

4. Illustration and Flat Icons

Trends keep on changing as time passes by. Graphic designs that were popular like 5 years ago are making a comeback.  Once these designs are used much and get over played, something else makes the latest trend.

Lots of visual content can be composed into simple flat icons. Flat icons and illustrations can be used for lots of graphics like on social media, visuals or infographics.

Icons are a great source of visual communication. It cuts the use of tons of words and conveys an exact message. You can always change colours, size or orientation to make the look more exciting.

Usage of a single icon or even multiple icons on a webpage is acceptable. You do not need to add any more content into your blog posts.

5. Social Slide Decks

Slide decks were generally created to be used on social networking websites like Instagram.  These are mostly shared on Instagram and LinkedIn.

With slide decks, handling images has become even more easier than ever.

Furthermore, people are more likely to slide and read or see content rather than reading captions. You can summarise articles or recreate most important content of your blog posts into slide decks.

This allows users to make an action as they slide. Thus they get more involved and understand concepts better. Also, this can be a unique way to announce products of your brand.

With online meetings highly prevalent this year, people are reluctant in seeing any related content on sites. So you can just type your content on slide and it will make an amazing alternative.

6. Serif Fonts

Classic serif fonts are coming into fashion again. In past years, sans serif fonts were hugely being used but in 2021, classics serif fonts will be trending.

The origin of these serif fonts dates back to the 15th century and they have been used ever since. These oldest typefaces and styles are still in use.

They are classic, elegant and trustworthy. Also, they bring a sense of nostalgia and authenticity as well. Furthermore, they serve to set the tone of the whole site.

Use serif fonts in headers, titles or even short phrases. Also, usage of such fonts brings a sense that the information is coming from a real person and not a bot.

7. Text Loaded Videos

Text motions are becoming the latest trends of 2021. With easy to use and effective text loaded videos, websites are getting hugely transformed.

Brand colours, fonts and voice should be incorporated in your text loaded videos. This shows a unified effect of the brand across all marketing channels.

No addition of sound can make your content expressible to a wider set of audience. Even passive audiences can easily understand the content.

If you do not have some new content, use old content and transform it into something better with text heavy videos.

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