6 Ways To Consume CBD Properly And Safely

For the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has been a common topic of discussion between medical professionals and recreational cannabis users. Why wouldn’t people talk about it? It has a lot of positive effects—most backed by research.

Some of the effects of consuming CBD are reducing anxiety, treating epilepsy, curbing opioid dependence, improving amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) symptoms, managing extreme pain, and a lot more. And with more states becoming more open to medical marijuana, people are starting to see how its consumption can benefit everyone.

However, the problem is that there’s still some leftover stigma and fear regarding cannabis. And you’re probably a bit anxious about safely and properly consuming cannabidiol. If you are, you may want to know the following ways how you can do that:

1. Vaping

Vaping is one of the most convenient and safe ways to consume CBD. Unlike other methods, vaping has the advantage of being discreet and portable—with the bonus of enjoying inhaling and puffing out vapor. Whenever you feel depressed or anxious, you can find a good place where it’s allowed to smoke, vape, and take a few puffs to ease the tension or depression you’re feeling.

Depending on your vape pen options, you may get a robust one with many additional features, such as temp control. Some people or organizations might argue that vaping is entirely safe; that’s understandable as the technology surrounding it is still relatively young. More years are needed to conclude if they’re safe. If you agree with them, there are other methods below.

Vaping is for you if you want to consume CBD on the go and would want to emulate the sensation of smoking actual weed.

2. Tinctures And Oil

Dropping a CBD oil tincture—or just CBD oil—under one’s tongue was the most common way people consumed cannabidiol before vaping became widely available. If you’re not familiar with tinctures, they’re concentrated oils extracted using alcohol from herbs; in this case, CBD tincture is usually acquired from marijuana.

By the way, there are multiple methods of extracting tinctures besides alcohol or a solvent. Some suppliers may get their concentrates through steam distillation and carbon dioxide extraction.

Aside from being safe, it’s also one of the most effective or potent ways to consume CBD. It can be an alternative to vaping. Cannabidiol acts fast when consumed this way. It’s also convenient, especially if you’re trying to relax, meditate, or do your yoga practice to experience its benefits while the CBD calms you.

However, while consuming CBD through digesting tincture is relatively safe, you should also ensure that the tincture you’re getting is from a reputable source. Also, don’t be surprised by the taste. Tinctures have intense flavors. Meanwhile, if you use pure oil instead, it may taste very bitter.

Consuming CBD through tinctures and oils isn’t entirely pleasant for many who can’t enjoy the taste. Nevertheless, it’s one of the fastest ways to have a quick fix, especially if you need to manage pain as soon as possible.

3. CBD Edibles, Capsules, And Pills 

If you can’t handle the taste of CBD oils and tinctures, you also have the option to eat cannabidiol edibles instead. These edibles are foodstuffs infused with CBD oil. Edibles can come in different forms. Some of the common ones are gummies, cookies, hard candies, chocolates, and cakes.

While capsules and pills filled with CBD aren’t exactly something you eat, they’re also categorized under cannabidiol edibles. They’re great if you don’t like eating, vaping, or smoking. And if you genuinely don’t want to put anything in your mouth, know there are suppositories you can buy in the market. There are even CBD vaginal suppositories that you can use to help with cramps.

One of the downsides of edibles, capsules, and pills is that they take a while before they can take effect. Typically, it takes around three hours to feel the effects, so it’s heavily advised that you don’t consume more than you should if you felt it’s not working for you.

CDB edibles, capsules, and pills are for you if you want to enjoy getting high while eating good food.

4. Topicals 

If you’re not ready to digest or force CBD into your digestive and respiratory systems, you can consume cannabidiol using your skin. CBD topicals are similar to lotions. Of course, topical CBD won’t give you a high and won’t provide you with all the benefits of cannabidiol; however, it’s still an excellent way to alleviate areas in your body that are in pain.

Topical CBD isn’t often used for recreational use. So, it’s for you if you need CBD for medical purposes like alleviating muscle aches, sore joints, swelling, and other skin conditions.

5. Transdermal Patches 

Similar to topicals, CBD patches have limited effects. Most people who prefer this often want to get dosed in a fixed amount periodically for their skin and muscle conditions.

For those unfamiliar, transdermal patches are small pieces of cloth—or patches, if you may—with adhesive on one of their sides. These patches are often steeped in medicine such as clonidine, nicotine, and fentanyl; in the CBD patch’s case, CBD.

Transdermal patches are for you if you don’t want to be bothered by applying topicals every time. The effects of these patches can last for a long time compared to topicals.

6. Dabbing 

Similar to vaping, dabbing is the process of vaporizing dabs or concentrates. The only disadvantage dabbing has against the other methods is that you’ll need a complete dabbing rig or kit.

While dabbing can be entirely safe if you’re cautious and mindful of what you’re doing, there are still many ways that it can endanger you. For example, you may get burned by a hot nail, accidentally cause a fire because of the torch you’re going to use, and many more.


Those are the top ways how you can consume your CBD. As you can see, the methods displayed here are safe. Of course, some of these may require further study as this list isn’t comprehensive enough to provide details on how to consume them properly.

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