5 Incentives That Will Keep B2B Clients Coming Back For More

So you’ve created a B2B company – check. You’ve attained employees who are engaged and hard-working – check. You have customers – check. What’s left to achieve?

Well, plenty. Despite having ticked the checkbox for all of these things, you actually haven’t done anything that will keep your business from failing in the long run. When it comes to B2B, you can offer a perfectly good service with a number of happy employees and customers, but if you do not attain customer loyalty, then you’re going to struggle to survive through the years.

Customer loyalty is going to amount to a revenue increase of anywhere between 25% to 95%. With the acquisition of new customers also costing five times more than retaining current ones, it is one of the most important jobs for any B2B owner to focus on and ensure they get right.

But how do you incentivise B2B clients to keep coming back for more? Here are a few ways to reward your customer base and motivate them to make that next purchase:

Start With A Rewards Programme

A B2B incentive programme is the number one thing you should be looking for. This will help you to form a points-based rewards system that is aligned with your brand and your values. With a good incentive programme, you can also learn more about your customers and keep track of their engagement in the business as a whole.

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Form A Personality

Apart from a rewards programme, you should also ensure you have formed a strong personality that they can relate to. For the most part, consumers today respond better to emotional connection; they need to like you as a company and feel the personality behind the brand.

Then, when it’s the choice between you and another company, you have a strong chance of maintaining their loyalty, as they’d far rather do business with a personable brand than an anonymous brand that they have no experience with.

Become Experts In Your Field

Your clients will also respect professionalism. They want to know that you are an expert in the field, you know your terminologies, and understand exactly what they are looking for. This alone can be a great incentive for them to stick around. Why look elsewhere when you are already connected with an expert who not only offers a good service but rewards you just for using it?

Keep Up Strong Communication

Communication is also essential. You can have a great B2B incentive programme, but if you turn your nose up at marketing it, then you’re not going to garner the full results. You need to be in constant communication with your clients, letting them know exactly what your programme entails and why you are the right business for them. This can be done via emails, in-person events or even regular social media posts that lead them through to your website.

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Make Sure You’re Rocking The Online Space

Speaking of your website, you also need to have a foolproof online space. On average, members of the Nike loyalty programme spend three times more than guest customers on their website. This is not only down to a stellar rewards strategy but because the website is user-friendly and ultra-efficient.

You need to work out how to build a great website that is easy to use, with content that can engage and persuade clients to buy more. A badly made, poorly managed site can immediately put customers off, especially if it gives an amateur image of your company. Incentivise your customers to stick with you with a strong online presence, and you’re sure to reap the rewards.

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