5 Facts About Construction Logistics

The cities that we reside in require must be both economically viable and sustainable. How is that being possible to create modern cities, commercial areas, medical and entertainment facilities? Of course, it’s construction. Construction, however, takes a substantial amount of time and disrupts the flow of city dwellers. Besides, vehicles delivering materials to the construction places, piling up at the site can cause extreme traffic and represent obstacles if not removed immediately. Workers, on the contrary need to get hold of the essential materials on time to keep up with the tasks. This forces them to have enough construction materials on the respective site.

Sigh! That’s a nightmare for the people living around the construction sites. Activities are disrupted, no parking spaces and the deadliest of all is the noise and emission carrying away the peace and harmony of life. This is where construction logistics comes into action.

How does Construction Logistics Help?

Construction logistics enables smooth construction works by implementing consolidated construction outside the city. The materials and supplies are bundled here and transported to several construction sites using single vehicles. A cooperative real-time data logistics software assists in coordinating delivery timings and get the right materials at the right place. This surely helps get rid of the added congestion and unproductive time of workers.

Facts about Constructions Logistics You Didn’t Know

  1. Have you ever wondered why the cranes on construction sites carry a box 24/7? Why can’t the engineers just lay them down before leaving? There’s a fun fact here. The box hanging on the box is a storage box carrying necessary tool and equipment and are kept floating to prevent theft.
  2. Did you notice the size of a crane is almost the size of the constructed building? Or, maybe the crane increases its height to match the building? The interesting fact is the crane is constructed along with the building. Genius, right? A second crane is installed on top of the previous ones to ease construction projects.
  3. For construction projects to fail, or fall back by months it only takes one delayed shipment. This raises the cost by paying for the equipment, crew-members who aren’t working due to delayed logistics. Isn’t that too much extra cost?
  4. One interesting fact about construction logistics is the drone use on the sites. The utilization of drones has been growing at a rate of 239%. Isn’t that huge? Drones have been of great interest to construction sites for their aerial maneuverability and photo clicking options.
  5. Did you know China built one and a half thousand room hospital in just 5 days? Using advanced technology, machines, and logistics software China has been progressing faster than the developed countries.

Bottom Line:

Construction projects are productive when real-time logistic software is incorporated to track down the flow of goods, utilize effective transportation modes, and avoid potential disruptions. Logistic management software has opened the door of opportunities to advanced data, cost-saving techniques, data security, and accelerate the movement of equipment.

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