4 Ways to Create Passive & Active forms of Income in 2022

4 Ways to Create Passive & Active forms of Income in 2022

The constantly growing eCommerce market has given the world much wider possibilities to either work and travel or build multiple forms of passive and active forms of income online.

Currently, if you want to build an additional flow of income, you do not necessarily need to find a second job in order to earn more. You could simply start a side hustle. And the most effective way to earn money online is to mix both forms of income.

Therefore, in this article, we are about to share some examples of passive and active forms of income that you can create online. Choose the ones that fit your lifestyle and skillset the best and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Passive Forms Of Income You Can Create Online:

  1. Sell Prints With Your Designs

You can register for a print on demand platform online and start selling prints with your own designs. For example, if you are a graphic designer, a painter, or an illustrator, you just need to create a few modern designs and start selling them on platforms like Etsy.

This will create an efficient form of passive income because you will only need to create these designs once but you can sell them to multiple people. More to it, the print on demand platform will take care of all the producing, storing, and shipping of the posters.

  1. Launch Your Own Course

For those of you who have skills in certain fields, such as graphic design, content writing, math, chemistry, even yoga, or pilates, now is the best time to create and launch your own course. Currently, a lot of people know that online teaching jobs are becoming more popular and their interest in learning online is growing too.

Of course, it will take time for you to plan, film, and edit the online course, though, when you are done, you can sell the same course to multiple people.

However, you will need to decide if you want to make more money but take care of your own marketing (so you will need to be more involved in the process) or if you want to earn a little less and launch the course on an online learning platform.

Active Forms Of Income You Can Create Online:

  1. Become A Tutor Online

If filming a course and then selling it to multiple customers is not really your thing because you enjoy connecting with people and building a higher-quality, more engaging experience for your students, you should start teaching online. If you are into languages, you can easily find lots of options for English teaching jobs.

During the times of the worldwide pandemic, the number of people who are willing to gain new skills by learning online has increased significantly. Thus, so did the availability of online teaching jobs. Thus, if it has always been your dream to teach, try your luck and become a half-time or full-time online tutor.

  1. Open a Virtual Graphic Design Agency

Visual content is king nowadays. Thus the ones that have skills in such fields as filming, editing, photography, or graphic design, are very much in high demand in the hiring market.

Talking specifically about graphic design, if you have the right skill set, you can open up your own virtual agency. To do that, you will need to choose a domain, use a website builder tool to create a website, and create a portfolio so your potential clients can see your work.

Then, to land your first projects, check out websites that offer jobs for freelancers. Also, if you go to Facebook search, you can find specialized Facebook groups for that as well. Another way to earn more as a graphic designer is to register for online logo contests and make yourself more visible by creating profiles on such sites as Behance and Dribbble.

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