4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

When you’re wondering how to gift an admirable hero, you’ll get inspiration or find the right direction from these challenge coins. Why are they so amazing? Let’s learn from the content.

Do You Know What The Challenge Coins Are?

What do you know about challenge coins? Actually, there are many stories about Challenge coins. In the earliest days of Rome, military commanders would give soldiers challenge coins as a reward or recognition for their outstanding contributions. It’s a badge of honor, far more meaningful than an ordinary gift.

According to the record, the first challenge coin originated during World War I, many volunteers filled some vacancies in the army and navy squadrons at that time, and when they were about to leave, a wealthy volunteer lieutenant created coins with bronze and handed the coins to his squadrons. Later, a squadron member is in danger, he successfully authenticates himself with coins and gets rescued. Since then, wearing challenge coins has become a tradition.

During World War II, challenge coins were used as a means of verifying identity during individual meetings, and they can identify people who attend the meeting with the coins, which including the type of the coins, the date of the coins, the meeting location and more to prevent spies from infiltrating the meeting.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

From a historical perspective, challenge coins were originally used for recognition, commemoration, and other purposes, but later became a symbol of status due to some special reasons. Therefore, it has become a tradition for soldiers to wear and own challenge coins.

Nowadays, challenge coins with strong historical attributes have become the most popular gifts for soldiers or someone worthy of admiration. People used custom challenge coins to express respect and gratitude on special days. What’s more, Challenge Coins have evolved into wedding gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for company anniversaries, any other anniversary gifts, etc. You can see the custom challenge coins on any memorable and significant occasion.

In addition, today’s challenge coins are not limited to a fixed size and shape, you can create a variety of styles and themes you like.

4 Kinds of Challenge Coins to Meet the Needs of Most People

GS-JJ has launched a series of challenge coins with different themes that will amaze you.

We know that the Army of the U.S  originated from the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. It is the largest military branch of the United States. As soldiers who have maintained national security for a long time, they deserve the highest respect. And each challenge coin represents glory and affirmation.

On special anniversaries such as Independence Day and Veterans Day, whether it is a soldier on duty or a veteran, they are worthy of having a challenge coin of their own. So, it is not only a surprise but also an affirmation to send challenge coins to these heroic warriors. It is an honor for these soldiers.

If family members, friends, or other relatives are serving in the military, you can customize army challenge coins for them with their information such as rank, birthday, enlistment date, and more to celebrate their days. It is a unique honor and will be worthy of the permanent collection.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

There’s also a navy-themed challenge coin, which obviously works great if the person you’re gifting is a navy. Of course, it’s definitely not just because they are called Navy Challenge Coins that they can only be given to real navies. For those who like to collect challenge coins, challenge coins with different themes are a real challenge, which will make them feel like they have discovered a new world. The Navy Challenge Coins launched by GS-JJ remind people to remember and preserve the Navy’s past achievements, as well as the tremendous efforts and contributions of the Navies today.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

Although both the police and the military maintain national order and ensure national security, they are of different nature and have different responsibilities. Soldiers are regular armed groups established to protect and war for the country, and the police department is the department to implements national laws and regulations, safeguards national security, people’s rights and interests, and protects people’s lives from illegal infringement. When there is a major incident, the government will combine the two forces to fight together.

Therefore, the policemen are also the guardians of peaceful times, guarding people’s property and safety. We are grateful for their spirit of fighting for a better life for people, so they deserve to be respected and honored. The Police Challenge Coins from GS-JJ is enough for people to express their gratitude.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

Since 1999, May 4th has been designated as International Firefighters’ Day every year to commemorate the five firefighters who lost their lives in a fire in Lynton, Victoria, Australia in December 1998.

International Fire Protection Day was established to allow the world to recognize and commemorate the great sacrifices that the firefighters make to protect people’s homes and to honor those who give their lives to protect our homes.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

And GS-JJ launched the Firefighter Challenge Coin to express high respect for the brave firefighters. Whether it is a fire station, a community group, or an individual, they can customize the firefighter challenge coins to give to the firefighters around you to express their affirmation and praise for their heroic deeds. In addition, there are many charities that will customize Firefighter Challenge Coins for charity fundraising, and use the raised funds to settle firefighters injured at work and help them recover.

So Firefighter Challenge Coins can not only be used as gifts for firefighters, awarded by leaders as a badge of honor to outstanding firefighters, and can also be used for charitable fundraising.

Final Words

We know that Challenge Coins were originally born out of military stories, but over time, people continued to innovate the uses and designs of Challenge Coins to make them widely used outside the military category.

4 Challenge Coins Best for Admirable Heroes

People not only use them to commemorate military events or figures but also extend them to company anniversaries, wedding wishes, wedding anniversaries, etc.

With the development of the production process, the custom challenge coins have new functions such as bottle openers, and there are more innovations on the way. If you like our custom challenge coins, you can go to GS-JJ to learn more. We will keep going on collecting more information to innovate our challenge coins with more themes.

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