3 Marketing Strategies for Social Networks that you should Apply Right Now

3 Marketing Strategies for Social Networks that you should Apply Right Now

In marketing everything must be done with strategy. After years in the game (literally decades), the best actions are realized based on the implementation of different tactics that can help you stand out.

However, there are some movements that tend to go unnoticed and that it is always beneficial to apply, especially on social networks. After all, professionals in the field are constantly looking to improve interaction with the public. Especially now, where all kinds of content overflow on digital platforms, by different profiles that already have a large group of followers.

In this way, you can come to think that the strategy of making content could be a mistake. Especially for startups and their foray into the digital world. But this is a mistake: the content still has many interactions. The idea is to do a specific action that can highlight a brand.

How to stand out if the publications of the competition receive 2 times more participation?

First of all, although the number of reactions and the level of engagement that a publication is receiving can be an indicator to know what the competition is doing and why it is winning, this type of information has to be obtained more analytically and in a specialized way. This task becomes daunting and impossible without competitive analysis tools, so the idea is to have them on hand and start executing them as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the comparison of the level of performance that an implemented content strategy has with what the main rivals do within the same industry can be a point that underestimates the participation of a firm in the market.

Working in social networks means being on the edge of immediacy since specialized platforms always present changes. At the same time, being two-way communication, users present and obtain new content consumption preferences, not to say that they always adjust to the trends of the day.

Success lies in creating a strategy that allows action based on these concerns and the needs of users. And to support the previous point, we have as proof the number of users that there are within the most used social platforms.

Social media in action

Together, the most used social networks have just over 3.5 billion users, according to Social Bakers estimates. Data from Expanded Ramblings indicate that 65 percent of Internet users make active use of social networks.

The problem is that brands have not acted effectively to serve this field. Until 2009, Facebook started with the model of commercial pages (business/business) within its platform.

Little by little, the trend began to follow and spread rapidly through other channels, and to this day, we can find accounts and profiles of brands with a commercial nature on multiple platforms: From Facebook to YouTube, in different media, there is a way to that companies can reach the audience, regardless of the type of business, brand or medium.

In this way, highlighting is the most difficult, right? Particularly on platforms such as Facebook, where there are billions of daily publications, and each one of them focuses on different types of content, the video format being the one with the greatest projection.

For Search Engine Journal, before time is invested in strategies and tactics that seek to stand out above the competition, you have to look at the basics of how to get results.

3 marketing strategies for social networks that you should always apply 

Social Listening/sentiment

It is ideal to implement a social listening/sentiment strategy to understand the impact of digital campaigns and how they influence to improve the perception of a brand.

Sentiment analysis is a very effective method of analysis in which the opinion of users can be known effectively. In addition, when some analysis tools are used, this work can be done in a more particular way, since the fact of collecting data on a product or services must take into account emotions and attitudes around brands.

Influencer marketing

Although there is a kind of “stigma”, brands can get a better response from the public and greater performance by obtaining an engagement with influencers. However, they should be excluded from joint participation by users who have a negative track record, such as artificially “inflated” followers.

This is essential to fine-tune the strategy and take it in a better direction, one that truly expands reach, engagement, and increases conversions.

Search Engine Marketing / SEM

Search engine optimization is a popular marketing technique that relies heavily on Big Data. In this search engine strategy, the data is initially used to identify keywords. Professionals in this segment can access general descriptions using tools and selecting the most relevant ones to include in their content.

These were the tips for a better strategy on social networks. Remember to have a constant presence and produce quality and relevant content, so that you will be closer to your followers, generating new connections.

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