15 Clever Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

15 Clever Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

Everyone wants a wedding that is just as unique as they are, and you are most probably the same. From the all essential bride to be box, to fun wedding themes and entertainment ideas, there are so many ways to create the most memorable experience.

Wow your wedding guests with inspirational wedding ideas that would make your big day truly special. Our list of different wedding ideas are ideal for a range of wedding types. Find the one with all the right wedding details to captivate your guests and give them the time of their lives.

1. Bridal Boxes

Bridal boxes are born from this genius idea of a single subscription that can support a bride to be throughout her wedding planning, to the wedding, and even beyond. With the right bridal box subscriptions, you are sure to experience less stress and anxiety from planning as you are provided with tools and bridal items to help you through. The miss to mrs bridal box especially, can be curated to fit with any type of bridal or wedding theme. A subscription provides you with unique wedding planning books and journals, all the necessary checklists and even personalized wedding décor. The wedding subscription boxes can be customized to also provide items for the bridal shower and other pre wedding events. The misstomrs bride subscription box is simply every bride’s dream come true, one that can help you make a statement on your big day.

15 Clever Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

2. Night food truck

Are your guests most likely to stay till it’s late? Surprise them with a food truck to keep them fed, and keep the party going. Something different from all the formal dinner food. Options like burgers, pizza slices, sandwiches and even ice cream would be fun and a memorable way to end the night.

3. Creative backdrop

For some more cool wedding ideas to make your wedding stand out, pick the most unlikely backdrop for your wedding reception. It could be from a movie that you like or even a photo of the both of you, a hilarious one. It could also be a life sized painting, something that would keep your guests in awe.

4. Pop-up wedding

Completely remove all of the stress of traditional wedding planning and wow your friends and family at the same time with a pop up wedding. This unique wedding elopement that can take place at a bar, fast food joint or even a furniture store is an ideal choice for a fun and adventurous couple.

5. Ceiling decor

It’s great to decorate tables and aisles, but what about the ceiling? Make your big day stand out with gorgeous and elaborate floral arrangements suspended from the ceiling. Make your dance floor a focal point with a unique ceiling arrangement that captivates your wedding guests.

6. A cappella music

Another on our list of offbeat wedding ideas, get an a cappella group that you love to sing at your wedding. This type of comforting music and the entertainment would be something to keep your guests engaged. It would also make your wedding a most memorable celebration, to be remembered fondly for years to come.

7. More creative decor

While it is great to decorate walls and table tops and aisles as well with florals, you could add some interesting items to the mix. In creating unique wedding reception ideas, you could hang floral arrangements on bicycles instead of vases and have them litter your reception area.

8. Comical table numbers

Mix things up with memorable wedding ideas such as replacing table numbers with some comedic genius. If you are unsure about how to make your wedding unique, this might do the trick. While making your guest list and working the sitting arrangement, find the fun phrases that would apply to each table.

9. Get a live painter.

Live paintings at weddings is getting increasingly popular and is definitely something that your guests will enjoy. As far as creative wedding ideas go, this one would surely be fun to watch.

10. Hometown meals

There are no hard and fast rules for wedding menus, and if you are thinking about mixing things up, then this is one way for sure. Create menus with the foods from your hometown in mind as a wedding surprise idea. Those among your guests who grew up with you would definitely enjoy the nostalgia. Those that did not, would learn something new.

11. Themed uniforms for servers

Give up the standard formal wear for wedding reception servers and try fun themed wear instead. From cartoon characters to tropical shirts and shorts, you are free to dictate the style.

12. Say rompers?

If you have ever wanted to get married in anything other than the standard attires, then this is your time to truly stand out. Dress you and your bridesmaids in fun, stylish and comfortable rompers and you can have the time of your lives.

13. Wild flowers

Add a relaxed and loose feel to your wedding with wild flower bouquets. Depart from the traditional choices in an elegant way. Options include but are not limited to, ferns, jasmine vines, wild roses, sunflowers and more.

14. Customize your cake.

Another on our list of great wedding ideas that can make your wedding shine is a truly out of the ordinary wedding cake. From a completely black dessert cake, to a cake in the shape of your favorite building or person, the options are limitless.

15. Special photo booth 

Whether it be on a boat or in a pogoda, you don’t have to bring in the standard photo booth. Create one of your own that your guests will enjoy.

With so many cute wedding ideas to choose from, it can be confusing to decide on a few. Find the one that speaks to you and watch your wedding day truly shine.

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