10 Crucial Event Management App Features To Look For

Planning, organizing, and organizing an event are difficult, period.

Even a small event like a simple meeting can involve many different moving parts, and the larger the event, the more things can go wrong.

If you’re starting to get overwhelmed in planning and organizing your event, then it’s probably the right time to invest in an event management app.

With all the different options available in the market, choosing the right event management software solution can be a daunting task, although it doesn’t have to be.

Here, we will discuss the top features to look for in your event management app of choice, and without further ado, let’s get started.

Top Event Management App Features To Look For

1. Online Event Registration

Online registration is the most crucial feature in any event management software, and there are several sub-features to consider when assessing the event registration feature:

  • Versatile ticketing module, allowing us to offer different ticket types/prices depending on our needs
  • Intuitive registration form to collect information. Must be customizable and at the same time must be easy enough to use
  • Reliable and secure online payment options. Must include popular payment options like credit card payments, bank transfer, and PayPal, among others. We’ll discuss online payment again below as a separate feature to consider.
  • Secure database for collecting attendees’ confidential information

In short, the registration feature must be easy-to-use, but at the same time, secure and reliable.

2. Check-In Management

The event management software must offer a reliable way to manage on-site check-ins.

When check-ins are not managed properly, it can result in disrupted access flow and long waiting lines, which in turn, can result in unhappy attendees.

Some tools offer intuitive on-site check-in control via its built-in mobile app, allowing seamless access flow management for the whole event.

3. Payment and Invoices

In today’s digital world when online payment is the norm for many people, your event management app must offer reliable and secure online payment functions.

It’s crucial to find the right balance between ease of use while also ensuring security when it comes to online payment.

If you also get the capability of receiving payments immediately, then it’s a valuable bonus.

4. Tiered Ticketing and Discount Coupons

A unique marketing strategy for events is offering event tickets at multiple tiered prices, and also coupon codes. Your event management app must facilitate this by allowing you to manage different ticket prices (that are customizable), as well as the capabilities of managing coupon codes campaigns.

5. Team Collaboration

Managing the internal aspect of your event planning and organization is also equally, if not even more important. Consider important team management and collaboration features like:

  • Scheduling and time tracking
  • Centralized communication and collaboration capability
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Budget management features
  • Intuitive progress update features
  • Reporting and evaluation features
  • Integration with other team collaboration tools

Also, since an event team can easily grow with new staff, volunteers, vendors, and third-party stakeholders, the event management app should also support the function to add more user permissions as you consider necessary.

6. Event Program Management

Modern events might involve a wide variety of activities in a single event: workshops, keynote sessions, conferences, and even entertainment.

Your event management app must allow you to manage these different activities, and if possible, allow different attendees to register for each of these activities separately.

7. Attendee Tracking and Management

Managing your event’s guest list is one of the most crucial aspects of planning and organizing any event, and it can grow more complex quite easily with various variables like how to facilitate the check-in, controlling access to different event activities, managing effective communications, and so on.

So, it’s crucial for a proper event management app to offer a reliable attendee management feature to help organizers manage the event guest list.

Some event management software like Eventtia offer an intuitive attendee tracking feature that allows us to easily track what the event guests are doing while attending the event so we can improve their experience.

8. Event Surveys

Both pre-event and post-event surveys are crucial for collecting information and feedback from attendees, as well as other parties involved in the event like sponsors, speakers/talents, vendors, and partners.

Pre-event surveys are crucial for identifying specific needs and concerns before the event has started, while post-event surveys can help organizers in evaluating the event after it’s finished to gain valuable insights that will be helpful in planning future events.

A proper event management app should allow us to easily set up pre-event and post-event surveys (and event during-event surveys) to effectively collect more information you’ll need to improve the guest experience.

9. Booth Management and Virtual Exhibition

Especially important for trade shows and exhibitions (including virtual exhibitions). You should have reliable features to help you easily control booth sales and booking from a single app.

Some apps also offer the feature to create a virtual exhibition space where you can easily manage different logistic processes.

10. Event Marketing Management

This includes various sub-features to help you manage various marketing campaigns for your event including email marketing, social media marketing, SMS notifications, and so on.

A capable event management app should also allow organizers to easily monitor marketing metrics through analytics and integration with popular analytics tools (Google Analytics) so we can effectively evaluate the marketing campaigns and make adjustments when necessary.

Closing Thoughts

If you need a professional event management app that is equipped with crucial and strategic event management features to manage small, medium, to large-scale events, then Eventtia can be your best solution.

Eventtia comes with a variety of important event management features that help you manage your events from start to finish from managing your team’s collaboration, organizing different activities of the event, time tracking, online registration, attendee management, and others.

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