10 Best Alternatives to Camscanner for Android & iOS


Among the most popular and extensively used apps for scanning physical documents is CamScanner. Nevertheless, it has been in the news due to the wrong factors. Around mid-2019, it was gotten rid of from Google Play Shop for not abiding by their policies. It was reinstated after CamScanner made substantial changes and met all the Play Store requirements.

Just recently, CamScanner was prohibited by the Ministry of Infotech of India together with 58 other applications that were found consisting of user’s information leading to Security & Privacy breaches. These sorts of controversies impact the users, and people start searching for the best alternatives to Camscanner.


10 Best Alternatives to Camscanner for Android & iOS

Here is a selected list of 10 best alternatives to CamScanner that have almost the same features, and others are even better. Rest assured that these apps are from well-known publishers and developers, which means you can select one and relax without looking for another substitute.

Microsoft Office Lens (Free)


After Adobe, the next most advised CamScanner Alternative is from the Software application giant Microsoft. It is well-known as Microsoft Office Lens and offers an ultimate experience, specifically for those who utilize Microsoft products. In more descriptive words, you can utilize Microsoft Workplace Lens to scan whiteboards tables, diagrams, and even handwritten notes and import them directly into MS Word or other Office items.

Other features of this most excellent option to CamScanner consist of OCR, scanning ID cards, auto edge cropping, etc. Microsoft products’ total combination permits the users to access previously scanned documents through OneNote and export the brand-new documents either to the cloud directly or minimize a regional drive as PDF or image.

Adobe Scan – Free, Offers in-app purchases


Adobe, the developer of PDF file type, is the best-known brand name for anything with files. This application has many features like scanning documents, ID cards, notes & receipts with our smart device. Adobe Scan likewise recognized the type of data and eliminated the unimportant part, providing the needed image only with improved quality.

Among the crucial reasons why Adobe scan is the ideal alternative to CamScanner is that it can scan texts from files and convert them in an editable format. Also, it can scan documents as JPEG or PDF. Also, this Camscanner alternative does not use any watermark, which makes a tidy scan.

Google Drive – Free, Offers in-app purchases


The Google Drive app integrated scanner is not overpowering or feature-packed. However, it can act as a Camscanner alternative. Those looking to scan any file and practical Google Drive are merely the most excellent alternative to CamScanner.

Fast Scanner – Free, Offers in-app purchases


Another one on the list of most beautiful alternatives to CamScanner is Fast Scanner, capable of scanning several pages at once. Plus, with that, this is the fastest CamScanner alternative in this list without jeopardizing quality.

The car edge detection does not work effectively; however, it can be managed by hand. Quick Scanner supports cloud services like Google Drive and Evernote and local disk storage as a JPG or PDF file. Apart from other necessary functions, the speed of scanning is genuinely exceptional.

TurboScan – Free with in-app purchases for Android & Paid for iOS


TurboScan is a scanner application that can scan different files like printed pages, whiteboards, handwritten notes, etc. The scanned documents can be conserved in PNG, jpg, and pdf and sent directly with your email or kept in Dropbox.

TapScanner – Free, Offers in-app purchases


The next app in the list of CamScanner alternatives is TapScanner that includes a unique feature of taking three synchronized pictures with one click and create a single image with the best information. Users can utilize filters and modify copies right away after scanning them if needed as the auto-detection of borders and car trimming of edges fix the image by itself.

TapScanner supports OCR, cloud backup, and conserves scanned files like JPG, png, and pdf. Another function distinct to TapScanner is that it enables users to digitally sign a PDF file like DocuSign, which is another 3rd party application.

ScanPro App – Free, Offers in-app purchases


Although CamScanner is a popular software, the ScanPro App is a CamScanner option that has been underrated although it had a distinct feature of searching the scanned files by a text written in the file. In this manner, you could simply type in a phrase or sentence you kept in mind reading in the document, and the ScanPro Application would locate them for you in the scanned document.

Other power-packed functions consist of scan all kinds of documents like invoices, ID cards, QR codes, Whiteboards, and lots of different documents types. Automobile crop and Edge detection are similar to that of the Camscanner. However, the document modifying function is better as you can include annotations too.

The typical scanning app functions present in other applications are also present in ScanPro Application like OCR text scanning, and multipage scan in batch mode. This scanned files can be saved inPDF or JPG file formats, and the scanned output can be straight uploaded to cloud services.

Notebloc – Free, Offers in-app purchases


If you are trying to find an identical best option for CamScanner, then Notebloc is the ideal application for you. All the features resemble CamScanner like smart edge detection, auto trimming of borders, and support for all document types with the best-scanned images.

Aside from that, it allows users to browse with OCR functions, upload and share straight through the cloud and even edit the documents. The only distinction, which is a favorable one, is that it does not leave a watermark like CamScanner.



The last one on the list of the most excellent alternatives to CamScanner is PhotoScan by Google. This app is various from all the other apps noted here but does share specific abilities that Camscanner had and was frequently used for. I am talking about this scanning photos printed on paper & that too with accurate color and astonishing clarity.

Evernote Scannable (Free)


For a great user experience on Apple gadgets like iPhone or iPad, Evernote Scannable is the very best suggested CamScanner alternative that you can use. This app is also offered on Android as a built-in feature with the Evernote app that id usually preinstalled. On iOS, so, you can click the link given below & install it free. Evernote Scannable permits the users to scan any files from simple notes to business cards, from receipts to ID cards and any other document type.

Smart edge and vehicle cutting functions exist in addition to assistance for saving files as PDF or JPG. Users can email the scanned documents from within the app or store them on cloud service after integrating it with Evernote. Nevertheless, there is no OCR support, which undoubtedly acts as a disadvantage if you wish to modify the documents you scanned.

Final Word:

These were the ten finest alternatives to CamScanner that have the same features or even more to provide. Amongst others, TapScanner and Scanbot were somewhat similar and can be called as closest Camscanner alternatives.

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